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  1. They're just copying their big bro WoT. :3
  2. There to set fires and good secondaries begin at Tier 7, there are a few outliers that have good secondaries at Tier 6 (Warspite) and Tier 3 (Konig Albert).
  3. Arms are heavy, Mom's spaghetti.
  4. The only person who's opinion I put any stock in is LWM, frankly.
  5. I finally stopped messing around with my frankly digustingly huge stable of premium ships and finished a tech tree line! Huzzah!
  6. AI ships are magnetically attracted to my torpedo aircraft launch points.
  7. Anybody else manage to see similar pillars in any other maps? 2spooky4me.
  8. I'm elitist towards people who's job is to report the facts with accurate terminology, not what Billy Joe on the street calls them.
  9. It's not elitist to want the best people for the job running the country, not who's the most photogenic or who is the most shallowly populist. It just amazes me how people are so easily willing to be so stupid for politicians while demanding only the best people be in emergency services or the military.
  10. Regular people drive the narrative of political discourse in the state, what information they consume and how they consume it can radically alter the political landscape of a country in very little time. (And not always for the benefit of those that drove the change, funnily enough.) Hence the reason why the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College among other checks on populist surges. The issue being that modern politics in this global era is incredibly complicated and people who's LIVES it is to understand the stuff still don't get most of it, and you want people who's entire political standing is based on pre-election month media feeding frenzies and what party their parents were a part of to decide policy? NO THANK YOU.
  11. She's the half-way point between the Gneisenau and the Scharnhorst in terms of guns with decent mobility and strong AA. Her secondaries are decent fire starters against BBs and CAs but won't be racking up pure damage and have issues with CLs and DDs unless you dump 4 points into Manual Secondaries when you should be putting it in Concealment Expert. The biggest strike against her is that 1/3rd of her firepower is stuck in the rear turret with frankly terrible unmasking angles.
  12. I suppose an Idiocracy is better, because that's where we are right now. Anyways, what I'm actually suggesting is a Technocracy.
  13. Frankly, average people shouldn't be in the same county as policy making and defense decisions. The only thing they should worry about is their conspicuous consumption, keeping up with the Joneses and leaving the important stuff to actual experts.
  14. Enterprise has flexibilty, a very deep hanger and the ability to seize air superiority at will. The issue with her is that she's a tier 8 CV and will spend most of her time in Tier 9 and 10 games. :(
  15. They aren't even remotely the same in terms of capability and performance, it builds an untrue public image of DRPK capability. That can be more damaging to policy then anything the DRPK can actually do. Same thing happened with Cronkite when he reported on the aftermath of the Tet Offensive.