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  1. The Type 055 Collection

    Hopefully this motivates the USN to get that Tico replacement built.
  2. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Thanks China, we were already on the cusp of a sub-continental nuclear war back in the 70s, didn't need it to be further encouraged today.
  3. Nuclear propulsion question

    What are you two on about? Far be it from me to say otherwise, but we don't have the Super Hornet in the Air Force inventory.
  4. I love when flooding takes away the last bit of my health and my ship's ammunition stores all simultaneously explode. /s
  5. Nuclear propulsion question

    Your graph proves my point, unless you were living directly on the facility grounds, there was no need for evacuation. They were "feel good" evacuations that accomplished nothing. If you lived outside the grounds for the entire measure of time (March 11th to March 30th) at the maximum rate of 0.12 mSv/h (Or 12.5 mR/hr), your body would absorb less then half of the yearly allotment for western nuclear power plant workers and that in itself is an overly cautious amount to avoid litigation. (My job gave me cancer! etc.)
  6. Nuclear propulsion question

    You refuse to acknowledge how radiation works, if a reactor failure really is so bad that it's projecting radiated particulate matter into the air currents, it's already too late to run. But people can't be told, "Stay in your house, you're already going to die.", so nobody says anything if it really is that bad. It really is that binary of a disaster, either you're effected and going to die or you're not and you don't need to move. That doesn't register in the herd, so you have the unaffected stampeding trying to escape from nothing or irradiated victims making it harder to quarantine and treat them.
  7. Nuclear propulsion question

    Panties are too expensive, everybody wears briefs, even the women.
  8. Nuclear propulsion question

    Panic IS worse then radiation. Unlike the other disasters you mentioned, radiation can only travel so far from it's source before it becomes harmless and it also travels at the speed of light. So the people that will be effected already are and there's nothing you can do about it besides treat them and decom the area. But if you make an announcement about the leak you have the entire county running away in a panic that causes nothing but destruction, economic loss and displacement. The only time a full scale evacuation is warranted is a Chernobyl situation because the melted particles of the plant from the reactor are being carried by the wind. No evacuation was needed for a contained meltdown like in Three Mile.
  9. Nuclear propulsion question

    Trust can never exist if the citizenry are fundamentally compromised with lies about nuclear power, full stop.
  10. Nuclear propulsion question

    The pool is tainted by intentional or well intentioned (non-hostile) disinformation that no amount of good faith and openness will be able to dispel by the experts and government. So the only option remaining to them is to lie as long as possible, beg Mea culpa if discovered and then wait for the citizenry to go back to their social media.
  11. Is République a must have?

    And set fires better then DD main guns.
  12. Is République a must have?

    "Decent" Secondaries? She has the best secondaries in the game, fam.
  13. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    That's a nice copy of the STRB 90.
  14. Need some help

    Perhaps the Gorgas Machine Gun? It used 1.25 caliber rounds which puts it at 31.75 mms.
  15. FFG-500 A proper Frigate for the US Navy

    This all sounds nice until an actual shooting war starts, then it all goes to sh*t because your ship design is completely incapable of operating without an umbilical.