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  1. TornadoADV

    ST, British heavy cruisers

    Ah London, the Tier 6 Exeter.
  2. TornadoADV

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Woooo, Embargo time?
  3. TornadoADV

    No halloween this year?

    When you actively have to not be a human to stay sane. This is the worst timeline.
  4. Cruisers need ASW gear and any ship that can launch aircraft needs to be given an ASW aircraft consumable choice that will fly out and drop a limited amount of depth charges on an enroaching Subs.
  5. TornadoADV

    Yahagi or Viribus Unitus

    An underpowered Tier 4 BB is forced to be a Tier 5 because reasons. Stay away!
  6. TornadoADV

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Because they have no functional aircraft that can take them up to flight altitude and speed for a ramjet/scramjet system to work. (Even then the D-21 used an external rocket booster to get it the rest of the way for speed when deployed from the B-52.) As for the "crashing", it was 1 and then 1 crashed in the USSR because it forgot to turn around. It only took the Chinese more then 2/3rds the existance of their state to finally be able to make a knock off copy of it too.
  7. TornadoADV

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    "Supersonic Stealth Drones" that are literal monkey model knock offs of the CIA's D-21 from the 60s. GG, China.
  8. TornadoADV

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    The Navy, more then any other branch, suffered the most from the draw-down after the USSR collapsed.
  9. TornadoADV

    Help my Ship is Full of Dirt

    Nobody should be on deck during an active engagment, it's literally in the rulebook.
  10. TornadoADV

    Help my Ship is Full of Dirt

    Ship to ship combat will see the AA mounts unmanned.
  11. TornadoADV

    Ark Royal - I don't get some of these decisions.

    Carpet bombers are for saturating decks with fires, direct HE damage is a bonus. You should be getting 2-3 fires per FLIGHT much less the entire squadron. Her only soft spot is her Skuas, but that has more to do with the paltry rockets per plane count of four.
  12. TornadoADV

    Help my Ship is Full of Dirt

    Nobody should be on-deck to be blown up except open air turret DDs.
  13. TornadoADV

    Which Nation Has Guns That Hit Where I Aim?

    They put in RNG just so the terrible players (which is around most of the people that play WoT/WoWS/WoWP) had a chance against people that are actually good.
  14. TornadoADV

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    I can solve that for ya. Massively underhull and understrength.
  15. TornadoADV

    USS Missouri - Most people's favorite battleship

    Musashi? That's a weird way to spell Alaska.