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  1. Cesare changes?

    A post-war AA refit Edinburgh would have torpedoes...why, again exactly?
  2. Musashi comes out tomorrow?

    You've obviously never really paid attention at Tier 10 play in World of Warships or World of Tanks. (And WoWS has a much more lenient economy then WoT does.)
  3. Questions About The USS Zumwalt

    Surface support has been a major impetus of large ship design since the multi-deck Frigates during the Age of Sail. Unlike World of Warships would have you believe, ships don't carry HE shells in large quantities and they certainly didn't carry them around for dealing with small ships. That was the job of the anti-torpedo(boat) guns. (AKA : Secondaries)
  4. Germany still makes bad ships

    Bizmarck/Tirpitz don't exactly have small machinery spaces, so I can't figure why the screws are so cramped, placement wise.
  5. Musashi comes out tomorrow?

    So I trust that the Mighty Mo will still be purchaseable until 7.2 or do I have to run out and buy doubloons now?
  6. It gave me a reason to use one of my many Hydro super mods that Supercontainers have vomitted on me over the past year or so. Is that a good or bad thing?
  7. Questions About The USS Zumwalt

    The NJ was so effective in her role that during one of the many peace talks between the NVA and USA, one of the NVA's stipulations of attendence was the removal of the NJ from her current station off the coast of Vietnam. I think they sent her to Guam for a month or two.
  8. Questions About The USS Zumwalt

    Calling the Battleship ineffective for surface support fire, LOL, okay. We're obviously looking at two different World War 1s and 2s (and Korea and Vietnam)
  9. Germany still makes bad ships

    Steering with just the screws? Oh man, that'd take forever.
  10. The US Navy has a problem

    The Vietnam War was the first major deployment of Hearts & Minds operations by the US military instead of something carried out pro bono by supply battalions after the frontline had moved on. Unsurprisingly, the Green Berets and LRP groups were major proponents and supporters of said operations.
  11. Is it a decent WW1 movie? Those are extremely hard to find these days.
  12. A more in depth talk about fire.

    Fires are obviously seen as a balancing problem to the Devs, otherwise they wouldn't have slashed the burn time for a fire on the DDs and CL/CAs in half and gave all CVs a 30 second active peroid for their DCPs.
  13. mk110 and it's role

    The Arsenal Ship was meant as a support ship that sailed with the fleet and was directly tied into the AEGIS network so that manned ships could offload some of their missile payload for other capabilities. It died for the same reason a lot of other Navy programs died, the Pentagon believed that there wasn't a need for systems meant to fight near-peer or peer naval forces anymore. As for the Mk.110, I think it would make a great main gun for FACs/FIACs like the Cyclone and old Pegasus.
  14. The US Navy has a problem

    You misunderstand me, the companies themselves doing business in China through the required front companies see a lower return on investment because of said front companies always skimming off the top (More like taking half the damn bucket). But the huge consumer market is seen as worth it with pure volume potential.
  15. Because it gets a useless hydro that just lets you know you're farked earlier then normal.