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  1. So...just buy the Indianapolis?
  2. I wish I could get a Kraken with only 66K damage, lol.
  3. So...what you're saying is...she's the perfect picket ship. Just like she was in real life? Imagine that.
  4. What movie is that? Lol.
  5. When it comes to musuem ships, compared to the rest of the world, you could say we are pack rats with seperation issues fit for a tv series.
  6. As opposed to yolo, die, repeat ship grinding? I fail to see how the former is worse then the latter.
  7. Just add the anti-clubber MM they have in WoT. I think there is a 1K game cut off below Tier 5 and then the game switches you to the experienced/seal clubber bracket so you can all club each other and leave the fresh ones alone.
  8. The faster the USN cruiser tree split happens, the faster it's crusiers can be put in their proper tier.
  9. Well, the ship is now garbage. No buy.
  10. Make it so strike flight groups of USN carriers isn't utter trash first.
  11. Use the torps on the pass, not on the clinch and you'll be a lot more successful using the torps.
  12. The only time she's squishy is if she's trying to use her torps on a forward target and if that's the case, then you're talking about every IJN BB in the line.
  13. They're just copying their big bro WoT. :3
  14. There to set fires and good secondaries begin at Tier 7, there are a few outliers that have good secondaries at Tier 6 (Warspite) and Tier 3 (Konig Albert).
  15. Arms are heavy, Mom's spaghetti.