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  1. The secondaries are good on it, also Yamato has a large number of secondaries. The problem is that to get your secs firing, you gotta angle towards your target. But angling you expose your famous cheeks which is very vulnerable and even cruisers can citadel you easily.
  2. Ranked is gone. Now it is a test server where you are rewarded with steel to play.
  3. This morning I saw a update prompt to pre-download 10.11 for when it goes live you already have everything setup. I've done this multiple times before and never had any problems. When it finished the download, a message appeared saying the game files were corrupted. Tried several things but nothing worked so I had to uninstall and do a full install. Tried to play a game and the screen froze and got that message from Windows saying "Application is not responding". If I try to switch ports also the game freezes.
  4. XVirtusX

    Did Petro make Stalingrad obsolete?

    I think you covered all. Thanks for the thorough explanation. My main point is: Stalingrad was quite unique and powerful back in the day but now with Petro, she just doesn't have enough uniqueness to be worth this much steel. In fact, it should be sold for coal.
  5. So, I'm very close to get my very first steel ship. Just waiting for the coupon to be available in 18 days. I was thinking about getting Stalingrad but now I'm not so sure anymore. It seems Petro (a ship I already have) is superior in every way. It doesn't have a exposed citadel like Stalin. Can stealth radar, much better AA. Stalin has better AP performance but this alone is not enough to justify.
  6. XVirtusX

    How to Deal with One-Sided Losses

    According to WeeGee, blowouts are fun and engaging. Even matches are boring. And I'm not even kidding, they said that!
  7. Yo Boggzy, ISE still don't have AWS, are you guys aware of this?

    1. Boggzy


      Hybrids and Dutch cruisers do not have ASW by design :)

  8. XVirtusX

    What ships do you hate fighting against?

    Man, Alaska is super tough. I remember Flamu calling it a ship tier 9.5 and he is right. He just parks bow in and wrecks havoc. And if it was not enough still have that long duration U.S radar. This thing deserves the nerf bat. Thunderer has long range guns, insane fire chance, extreme accuracy making it easy to land shots over 20km and last but not least, the guy can play with its acceleration going back and forward making it impossible to hit. Marceau also can play with its accelaration but at ridiculous levels. He can get as close as 8km or even closer and just keep going back and forward making almost impossible for a battleship to land a decent salvo on it. Also, insane DPM. If you are playing a BB and u dont have support from your team mates you are doomed.
  9. XVirtusX

    What ships do you hate fighting against?

    Thunderer, Alaska, FdR, Smolensk, Mogador/Kleber/Marceau... a guy minimally decent can be a pain to deal with
  10. XVirtusX

    kearsarge is stupid

    It is OP in capable hands. But to your average potato, is just another ship. Played a lot against Kearsarges this past weekend and didn't have any troubles with them. Also don't remember seeing one doing absurdly well with it.
  11. XVirtusX

    Leone (Again)

    Is Leone a good DD?
  12. XVirtusX

    Light House

    Yeah, they are taking so long to release more info on this. I'm interested in Belfast and Musashi. Let's see if its possible to get these ladies.
  13. WG thought the meta was not passive enough with tons of DDs, torpedoes, self smoking HE Spammers and CVs. So, why not add a class that's totally invisible most of time and that can survive multiple rounds of depth charges? That will improve overall gameplay comrade!
  14. Well, during the super ships grand battles I didn't play one single game in them. That's how curious I was to see these ships.