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  1. We would have, but since EU won almost all the previous server clashes prior to KoTs 7 I thought it was only fair.
  2. Kevik70

    What Yahagi Could Have Been

    Yeah, torps are more of a fire and forget type of weapon. Personally I use IFHE and can rack up quite a hefty damage toll just buy using the guns. I use a 19 point captain that I spec'd just for Yahagi which might have been a waste if I hadn't just so happened to re-unlock Mogami at the same time.
  3. Kevik70

    What Yahagi Could Have Been

    I'd rather not play T5 cruisers at all tbh. However, Yahagi was new and the bar for being the top rated player was really low so I gave her a shot. I'm still the top player NA by like 600+ PR, not sure who the rest of the world still stacks but I was better than every other server at one point too. I'm just her on the forum to fight anyone who thinks Yahagi trash. She's not, she's just exceedingly average and probably not worth buying. But since I wasn't buying Yahagi for clubbing in the first place I was okay sinking money into her.
  4. Kevik70

    What Yahagi Could Have Been

    Pretty sure that was just naval tactics, Japan liked to use their light cruiser force to lead units of destroyers around. I mean the US had the same intention with the Atlanta class. Honestly though with so many different navies with different conventions for classifying ships is it any wonder that we are having a hard time trying to place ships into just 4 categories? I mean before one of the naval treaties, the US was planning of classifying the Pensacola class as a light cruiser.
  5. Kevik70

    What Yahagi Could Have Been

    Actually the Yahagi is a Agano class cruiser, which has 6 guns mounted into twin turrets. You are thinking of the Oyodo which has two triple 155mm guns that were originally on the Mogami class. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_Ōyodo
  6. Kevik70

    What Yahagi Could Have Been

    Not sure why making Yahagi a destroyer was even a choice. Historically she was a cruiser and I don't think WG would have made her as anything but as a cruiser. Given her gun and torp layout I doubt she could have been placed at anything above T6, maybe T7 if she had some major buffs. As Yahagi is now she fit pretty well within the T5 cruiser line-up, it's just that nobody wants to buy a T5 premium that's only average for its tier.
  7. Kevik70

    What Yahagi Could Have Been

    Who's been talking bad about my dumpster fire while I've been gone. Sure she's not that good but she ain't terrible either.
  8. Kevik70

    Black Friday Ships

    Probably why I got several bored expressions for my post. Even then I doubt many people would have been around for the kitakami back in closed beta.
  9. Kevik70

    Black Friday Ships

    Because the ship he asked for was the Kitakami. Not the Kamikaze mind you, the T5 DD, but a ship removed from the game in closed beta because it was nothing more than 40 torp cancer.
  10. Kevik70

    Black Friday Ships

    No, you need to stop. Enough is enough.
  11. Kevik70

    Two fail divisions

    This is correct. Tier 4s only ever see Tier 3-5 ships on a normal day unless the above happens and you have two divs doing the exact same thing. It sorta works with all CVs now since carriers only exist on every other tier. Say you match a Tier 6 CV with Tier 7 ships, since a tier 6 Cv can only be matched up against another Tier 6 CV the tier 7 ships will (almost) never see a game with tier 9 ships. Since the opponent Tier 6 CV can't match with Tier 9s under normal circumstances, the div with a Tier 6 CV won't either when they match against him for a game. Can't say I explained it too well but maybe this helps.
  12. Kevik70

    Best tech tree tier 8 cruiser?

    , since when does WG do things that make sense?
  13. Kevik70

    Best tech tree tier 8 cruiser?

    WG gave Balti 10km radar?
  14. I was like 23 when I started playing this game, and maybe 19 when I started World of Tanks. I remember having the Big Bombers of World War 2 book as a kid and I've been collecting WW2 Atlases and books since I was in high school. I have several friends that are even younger than I am and have a similar interest in this kind of history. Heck I took classes in college that focused on the WW2 era and there were many interested in the subject. There are young people still interested in this kind of history, you just might not be looking hard enough.