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  1. Eh, just finished it today anyways.
  2. Because people have no talent in this game.
  3. What if my Clemson isn't built for stealth? Can I still bring it?
  4. Reworking Detonations

    I really hate losing all my hp to a single shell, thats all I have to day about that.
  5. I bought 25 of the mega boxes and only got the gallant, had much better luck with the big boxes this year.
  6. Dear god, I think the most battles I've ever player in a single ship was the Gearing at 400.
  7. Or in my case watching players all around me die a horrible death because they don't really know what they are doing. Watched not 1 but 2 NOs sail straight into the center and get blown out of the water by enemy BBs.
  8. I tend to rage at some people, though they typically end up only having 45% WRs or less. I know its just a game but I can hardly imagine some people being so oblivious to the world around them.
  9. I have been on the USS New Jersey (BB) and the USS Torsk (SS). Both were museum ships, one locked in New Jersey (practically Philly) and the other in Baltimore, Maryland.
  10. WG ran out of low tier premium ships to give this guy.
  11. I quite liked the Atlanta, but it can be a quite an unforgiving ship to play.
  12. New horn to toot.

    Can I disable the sound so I can't hear it?
  13. WTR = Skill

    Yep, makes sense, but do like seeing on the pretty purple on the sig. I do find that WTR is a rough guess on how good people are in certain ships but it isn't everything. Actually when I want to compare I generally look at WR and average damage to see where I stack up against another player.
  14. I think you are suppose to back out every-time you get a new premium ship that way the game registers you received a new ship and won't gift you the same boat in 1 boxing session. Last year I got 5 or so Emdens in 1 go had I backed out I would have gotten 5 different ships.
  15. WTR is Trash

    That's how most of these threads boil down too. Is WTR the god-tier of stats, no but it is at least a decent comparison site.