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  1. @Helipro I see you reading my thread, say something I dare you.
  2. My advice to new players: Let Kevik kill you.
  3. Use Red-bull as fuel, it shall give you wings.
  4. Well Cyclones are the best thing WG ever invented, so this just sound like boss mode on steroids, with a side of awesome sauce, gracefully sailing in the breeze, with wip-cream on top. Clearly the best idea ever made by man-kind/ god-kind.
  5. Best way to avoid torps is to sail your ship onto an island, since torps can only go underwater you become completely safe from them. Added bonus is that your ship is now impossible to sink. Have Moses ride in one of the small boats that all ships come equipped with, that way he can part the water as your shells come in.
  6. Shhh, that's actually helpful, now off to the corner of the room for you.
  7. By gitting gud. Not my cat, but still cute.
  8. Tell the crew to stop eating so much spaghetti, its fattening and adds unnecessary weight to the ship.
  9. CV's are the most OP ship in the game, if your team is not dedicating at least 14 ships to hunting it down then you've practically already lost. The kongo's problem is that he didn't get enough people to help.
  10. Ask the enemy team politely to not fire them in your direction.
  11. 1. Press the F6 key as fast as you can and keep repeating. 2. Who needs to switch ammo types, using only one type makes logistics a piece of cake. Hope that doesn't help.
  12. Tell your men to break out the oars and start paddling.
  13. So a while back I made a thread with the intentions of being a genuine help to the community, where I to the best of my abilities answered any questions pertaining to WoWs that the community had. Contrary to that, this thread is going to be a genuinely unhelpful, in that you may ask me any questions and I will to the best of my ability respond with an absolutely useless answer. All in the name of good fun of course, so relax and have a good laugh at some of the questions and responses. For Example: Question: "Kevik, question for you: what is the best way to avoid torpedoes?" Answer under Genuinely Helpful Thread: "Well there are many ways to successfully avoid torpedoes ranging form periodically adjusting course and speed to throw off dds aiming at you, bowing into oncoming torps through caps to avoid getting hit or at least minimizing the damage........." Answer under Genuinely Unhelpful Thread: "Well there are many ways to successfully avoid torpedoes, predominantly you want to start by not letting them hit you. Much like the last thread there are a few simple rules that should be followed, before we get carried away: 1. Please follow all forum rules. (Unfortunately there is no getting around that, much to my displeasure) 2. All questions get hilariously troll responses, this isn't going to be a helpful thread whatsoever, the intent is humor after all. 3. Cats are off limits to trolling 4. I am still not offering protection from any of my fellow clan members, if you earn their ire you are most certainly on your own. 5. I still have a life, so as much as I want to, I won't always be around to troll you. 6. Feel free to troll other people, the more humorous the response the better. INF. And what ever other rules I can't think of now but I'm sure I'll regret not making later. Welp ask away. So not going to regret this.
  14. I did not have that problem.
  15. Teams playing competently.