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  1. Murder all BBs you see on the other team and call it a day, best way to curb BB pop in games.
  2. OP the best way to reduce the BB population in a match is to start sinking them. Use torps, fires, Ap shells, bombs, heck even an occasional ram, all this should help reduce the number of bbs in a game.
  3. I think it should work like tanks did, bring whatever tier you want just know that t9 or lower may leave you at a major disadvantage,
  4. Also worth noting I still have many more flags that I can still use to earn even more free xp the next time we get a mega bonus weekend.
  5. I made 300k in free xp using the free special flags WG gave out. That would have cost me 12,000 doubloons (non bonus) or about 50 dollars. I'd say that pretty sweet free stuff.
  6. Maybe but the plane catapult is way to far forward for most US CAs
  7. I typically always go for flag crates, since I can't buy those with in game currency, unlike consumables and well credits....
  8. I had a good weekend too, though I did kinda potato near the end last night. Still ended the weekend with 70+% WR, 800k elite commander xp, and 300k free xp. WTR was a mixed bag but I think I broke even. Can't tell with Warships Today acting up as it is.
  9. It happens, I had a pretty decent weekend though. 70+% WR, made 800k commander xp and 300k free xp.
  10. Had many games that looked like sure losses only for the enemy team to throw their ships away. Of course also had a few games where my own team got curb stomped into the ground too.....
  11. If this is true why are targets still spotted when I sit in my 1 puff of smoke completely broadside to all incoming torpedoes and in range of enemy radar ships? Explain that one for me.
  12. I laughed harder at this then I should have.
  13. When you do use the camos make sure to look at the bonuses they provide in order to get the maximum benefit. Most camos provide bonuses to detectibility and enemy shell dispersion but the really useful ones give bonuses to xp earned, free xp earned, and commander xp earned. Use the xp bonus camos on ship you want to grind past faster on the standard line (since premiums don't get any benefits from normal xp)
  14. Good ol colonization I say ol chap.
  15. Hmmm, kinda a tossup then, really depends if you want to save your AA mounts longer or not. While a bb might never be able to decimate full CV strike packages, having some AA allows for some passive xp boost in the form of dead planes.