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  1. I believe the game doesn't actually update what ships you own until you back out of the crate screen. Therefore it can give you the exact same ship over and over again without realizing it, or that's how it worked 2 years ago. I knew players that gamed the system into giving them tripitz's repeatably to earn massive amounts of gold.
  2. Kevik70

    Potato it is!

  3. Kevik70

    Potato it is!

    Looking at the ships he managed to hit, I'd say he bounced most of them. Especially if you consider that he probably didn't live long enough to find a ship that was damaged saturated.
  4. Kevik70

    Potato it is!

    Fire more HE? I mean if you don't at least learn the basics of the game why even bother complaining, since you don't seem care enough to improve.
  5. I mean any T5 is going to be significantly outmatched by a T7 of the same type, best just avoid/ mitigate their fire by angling if possible.
  6. Kevik70

    Wargaming, I take it all back.

    I have gotten quite a few Kill steals secures with my secondaries.
  7. Kevik70

    I'm Sorry but this game is all about the DD

    I remember when a DD could smoke up a battleship 10 km away from the enemy and the BB wouldn't be seen when firing. Those were the days.. lol.
  8. Kevik70

    Yolos and Pointy Bow Campers

    Which seems to be the majority of them at the higher tiers.
  9. Kevik70

    I'm Sorry but this game is all about the DD

    Not as much as I once did but getting those early dev strikes was quite amusing. Worse still is when they sit broadside to the enemy team, laying out a large net for capturing enemy torpedoes with their ships.
  10. Kevik70

    Advice for New to Division

    As in? I suggested playing against bots because that allows your brother to learn more about playing the game where it doesn't really matter if you fail spectacularly or not. That way you can pay more attention to giving him advice/ lessons without too much worry.
  11. Kevik70

    I'm Sorry but this game is all about the DD

    As a player who has spend a lot of time playing DDs its possible to last longer than 5 minutes while completing your primary roles. For starters one should be mindful of how many radar ships are on the opposing team and realize that diving too deeply into a cap may not be the wisest option to start out with. Try approaching a tad slower and sail reverse into the cap so that in the event of being radar'd you can speed away from a relatively safer position. Another good option is to not dive into a cap then smoke yourself up, not only do you mark yourself as an obvious target for torpedo's you are also no longer providing spotting for your team. Sometimes it's better to let the other team have the early cap and make them pay for it, then take it back later when the situation is more advantageous. I'm not asking DD's to be cowards, all's I ask is that they be a bit more cautious in how the position themselves at the front. Or failing that, to stop blaming the rest of their team for their own fault or misfortune.
  12. Kevik70


    That's because I only seemed to get the spotter plane upgrade....
  13. Kevik70

    Yolos and Pointy Bow Campers

    All those poor DM's that get AP bombed into oblivion even with DFAA going and bieng full AA spec'd
  14. Kevik70

    Advice for New to Division

    Set up a training room or play in co-op until you get your brother up to speed.
  15. Kevik70

    Yolos and Pointy Bow Campers

    Well yolo'ers will still get deleted from concentrated fire from the opposing team and bow campers will typically get farmed by HE spammers as per tradition. CV's never really caused or solved any of these problems, just created different ones.