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  1. Kevik70

    Carriers on fire

    No because people would go back to not playing them. CVs were always super strong but it wasn't as noticeable because there were so few of them. Now almost all I see is cancer inducing CVs and I just want to quit.
  2. Kevik70

    Your lost ships

    Somebody always find something to complain about. Honestly though its usually the BB crowd that does the most whining. HE Spam and Invisa torp DDs being the biggest complaints. honestly I believe 80% of the hardcore CV Re-work supporters are actually BB players that like seeing DD players getting smacked into the dirt game after game.
  3. Kevik70

    Your lost ships

    Personally I sidelined my Japanese and British Destroyers and rarely use any DD that has poor AA defense.
  4. Kevik70

    Your lost ships

    I think one of the major problems is that we don't really know what an effective balance between CVs and surface ships would look like. WG is trying their hardest but I don't really think they think things through enough. I can't say I miss the old CV system but I know that when the new system rolled out is was horrendously unbalanced in favor of CVs. Just compare damage records between the old T10 CVs to the new T10 CVs. Fem once had the damaged record at 417k or something along those lines in the Hakuryu. Within a month or so after the rework at least 7 players broke that record in the new Hak with Giashu leading at a whooping 550k damage. CV still need tweaking in my opinion, they still have too much power over DDs with their capacity to deal tons of direct damage to DDs without much in the way of counters. Not sure what would best help deal with this without making CV completely useless against the other classes but still.
  5. CV's don't really encourage anything but forming a lemming train. Most of your spotting was preformed by DDs in the first place and they can no longer do that job without being punished for it. CVs perform sporadic spotting at best.
  6. I wouldn't really count Utah as a BB as she was converted into a target ship almost a decade prior to Pearl Harbor. The Oklahoma on the other hand, while being re-floated after Pearl, was considered a total loss and was not repaired following the attack.
  7. Except for any ship with DFAA, or any team that had a CV player that new how to use strafe or even position their fighter planes in a remotely helpful location. Ships could still be deleted but it was not nearly as common as you "remember".
  8. CV's were quite the counter to pre-rework DDs but maybe not in the way you are thinking. CV's hard a very hard time dealing direct damage to DDs prior to the re-work, besides the infamous torp drop CV didn't really have any good way to landing consistent damage on DDs (Especially DDs with DFAA and it's panic ability). What CV's could do was spot the DD itself or more annoyingly (for the DD) spot all their torpedoes. Nowadays CVs still have the ability to spot DDs though their aircraft, and while spotting ranges have been decreased it's still kinda easy to find DDs. The biggest change is the CV's ability to constantly deal damage directly to DDs though the use of rocket planes and HE bombers. Sure the nerfs to targeting may have helped the DDs a little but I find that I can still get big damage numbers when playing CV. (I may be unicum overall but not in the new CVs) Add that damage to damage received from being focused while spotted can land DDs in some very hot water very early on. It is not uncommon for a DD to be spotted and attacked by a CV less than two minutes into the game, worse they are often reduced to 3/4 to 2/3 of their health well before they have a chance to do anything meaningful. Unlike BBs and Cruisers at high tiers most DDs don't get heals and will always be playing at a disadvantage. It gets old real fast, I can say that for sure.
  9. The major damage records were held by Midway though, from what I've heard a lot of that was due to having pre-rework flood chances. Say you land 3 torps, 1-2 would result in floods. If the BB repair you still have 2/3 of the squadron to make another run. There's more too that (like immune planes using the F key)but I can see why just the flooding would have led to big numbers. I didn't get a chance to play right after the re-work hit but I am kinda glad I didn't.
  10. Kevik70

    The New Meta for DD is just not fun.

    It's not like every lighter cruiser (and most heavies) in the game past T6 gets hydro/radar or anything. Some even get usable torps of their own so..... It's not like I want CV's removed from the game (I wouldn't mind it tho) but they sheer power they can have over DDs is just too much right now.
  11. The most fun I ever had in arty in WoT was playing the counter battery role. Once upon a time you could watch for shell tracers and reasonably hit/kill an opposing arty in your own. I think they patched that out while I was still playing which was about the time I completely abandoned the game. (Also WoWs came out and it was alot more fun)
  12. Alot of the whales in my clan have already chosen to significantly reduce the time and money they spend on this game, myself included on the money part. Heaven forbid they add CVs to Clan battles, may be the final straw for many of them.
  13. Kevik70

    The New Meta for DD is just not fun.

    Not even the Unicum players in my clan tell people to get good in DD. They all understand that CVs are still kinda broken and hate playing DD in the new meta, even if they've been able to adapt. Adapting to the new meta basically boils down to playing Groz/ really good AA boat (still doesn't stop a CV from nailing you if they really want) or being useless by camping with the rest of the team out of your torpedo/gun range. (for most DDs anyways) Edit: Even when we don't play DD we still appreciate the semi consistent spotting support we receive from DDs. It's kinda selfish of us but we hate it when DDs die early and can't provide us with support. Nowadays DDs get crushed if they try to play the spotting support role for the team so they either are dead or useless hiding in the back of the map.
  14. Kevik70

    The New Meta for DD is just not fun.

    I think it can be highly considered that a CV with planes left is now the most powerful ship in the game. Before the rework DDs were incredibly hard to hit in a CV, and surviving cruisers DFAA would at least save them from most of the CV's planes if if almost all their AA was blown off. Post re-work I'd argue that a surviving CV (with enough planes) is one of the most powerful ships in the game at the end. They can spot, and crush all the heavily weakened ships no matter where they try to run too, they can defend wayward caps that the rest of the team can't get too. They can also easily crush just about every DD (with just an once of skill involved) even after all the nerfs to CVs.
  15. Kevik70

    The New Meta for DD is just not fun.

    Now wait till you try a Shima or Daring and not a DD that might stand a chance of dodging Airstrikes or hides in smoke most of the game.