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  1. Kevik70

    Venezia ....... Daaaaamn ! ! !

    Venez is a real strong ship, This was probably the best game I've had in it so far. I time stamped it at the end and you'll know why when you watch it.
  2. Kevik70

    National Fletcher Day?

    As far as I know. Fletcher, Kidd, Black, and Chung Mu formally know as the Erben.
  3. Kevik70

    Orange Banishment, Nine Games, But...

    My div mate, who was already pink killed our other div mate for the lolz and then got banished to co-op.
  4. Kevik70

    National Fletcher Day?

    Always loved the Fletch even have one as my profile pic, currently own all of them in the game too.
  5. Kevik70

    A...kind of funny, well......

    If flank would, at random, actually hit the attacking planes like they would have tried in real life, that might help too. As of now, WG has coded flak to pretty much give the CV a chance to dodge so long as their not brain dead.
  6. Probably thinking he needed to get all his guns to bare more likely. To be fair to him it might not have mattered even if he did have more health. CV just needed to kill Yugo and Hindy. Actually by making himself a juicy target he might have saved the Hindy from the Thunderer's final salvo, which might have well killed the Hindy, leaving the CV with only having to kill the Yugo to win.
  7. Kevik70

    Seal Clubber? Low tier

    Late at night there's hardly any players populating the lower tiers so the games get filled with bots. I don't even consider it seal clubbing anymore really. Good times were had in the Derpski and Wickes.
  8. In one of my earlier posts I explain why that wasn't a guarantee. CVs under the current system are incredibly strong and even if the green team sailed away they could have easily been picked apart with just a few good strikes. Don't get me wrong running away may have saved them and should have been the play but by no means did green team have that game in the bag so long as there was a CV left on the opposing team.
  9. The CV with teammates can't really do much at this point other than drop fighters for his teammates which to be fair to him he did try. The opposing CV on the other had has a target rich environment where he can dish out all the damage with zero of the risk to himself. CVs are fairly safe from each other since WG in their infinite wisdom had decided that CVs shouldn't be able to snipe one another easily.
  10. 4 minutes is a long time and with decent drops still quite manageable, remember he only needs to kill 2 of them to win at this point. Yugumo might have had a chance to get away but the CV probably knew the general area of where he was. The should have run away, it might have even worked, since the CV didn't seem like a particularly skilled player. Doesn't change the fact that they were still more of less at the mercy of the opposing CV because that's how WG apparently wants the game to be now.
  11. Not entirely true, actually not true much of all. Watching the vid, the CV only had to kill 2 of those three ships to win the game on points. Yugumo was a dead man sailing as soon as the CV spotted him, and both cruiser were majorly damaged and would have made rather easy pickings even if they'd tried running of the map. It would have been much harder to get a win in this sort of situation under the old system. Most CV players by this point under the old system would have been running out of planes by this point of the game. AA builds and AA in general was far more punishing back in the day and CV fighters where a much greater danger to opposing CV planes. Both of these factors most likely would have meant that the Solo Warrior CV would not have full squadrons 16 minutes into the game and even if he did the allied CV could have provide much better protection with his own fighters. (If he had any left by that point) In addition, Defensive fire consumable (if the cruisers were running it) could have mitigated alot of the damage taken by absolutely wrecking the attacking planes dispersion if not outright shooting down the planes preventing those brutal 7-8k damage DB drops. Finally there were no rocket planes under the old system so the Yugumo might actually have had a chance to live even at 800 hp. (DB and TB were kinda hard to aim at fast moving DDs) The point is, the re-work gave CVs a massive advantage over surface ships that they didn't have prior to the re-work. The biggest threats to an attacking CV planes, AA and and enemy CV fighters were nerf'd into the ground over night, leaving CVs free to strike at will against anyone they so choose. Countering CVs is dead and gone until WG fixes it, if they even bother.
  12. Kevik70

    Brawling and Pushing is Far From Dead

    It's not that brawling is dead, it's that all my targets run to the border of the map every time I get close. Like welp, I guess my team just own all the caps for the 8th game in a row.
  13. My brief foray into playing as arty was mainly focused on counter battery, I think one game I took out at least 2 of the 3 enemy arty just by watching their shell tracers. Pretty sure WG put a stop to that about the time I stopped playing.
  14. Kevik70

    Player Stats.

    Apparently WoWs Stats & numbers has charts that can go back pretty much to the beginning of when WoWs Stats & numbers starting tracking your stats. My charts show a rather dramatic increase about the time I joined my first WoWs gaming community and then pretty much stagnate for the last 2 years, lol.
  15. Kevik70

    A...kind of funny, well......

    Well in this game grouping together is formation was never going to be possible for longer than the start of battle. WG doesn't particularly reward players for shooting down planes and even then they've decide to actually nerf overlapping fields of AA relatively early on after the re-work hit. AA spec'd ships were fun before because they could shoot down 101% of all the planes. Now they're just a complete waste of skill points.