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  1. Kevik70

    Please fix 3 man divisions.

    Dang, if I had to wait for a div of equal skill to face off against I might never find a game.
  2. Kevik70

    Shipkiller Division

    Depends on how rampant these 899 divisions are and how competent they are at killing CVs. I can't imagine this being a super super popular thing to due, though I'm in no hurry to test that out. The easier solution would to just play T6 or T10 CVs where this doesn't happen.
  3. Kevik70

    Shipkiller Division

    Not really, the first few minutes are typically the least active for BBs and CVs don't typically do more than spotting or smacking lone DDs around. Additionally a big slow moving CV is a super easy target even at max range compared to a fast moving cruiser. The 899 div is actually being more useful at the start of the match then they typically would be otherwise. You are right though about the T10 CVs, you can't snipe them due to the heavy deck armor but the Eurobeat video's actually say that as well. The same applies for the British T8 CVs which also have deck armor.
  4. Kevik70

    DD Noob Using Guns

    If that BB was able to cap it would have been a tied game or a loss for sure. The best thing you could have done was wait until he was almost done capping before going for the reset. Depending on how much time was left you could have had the reset and the game would end before the BB even had a chance to aim and fire. I think maybe you could have also placed yourself closer to the island so you could move into cover right after the reset to prevent any counter fire at all. Otherwise you got the reset, you also stopped the opposing teams points by stepping into the cap, and you won. You did what you needed to do to win and that's what matters in the end.
  5. Kevik70

    Shipkiller Division

    I mean sure, you won't get deleted from the game at the start but you will still probably take copious amounts of damage where the CV player could finish you off on their own. I highly doubt a CV could last more than half the game if the 899 div was determined to kill it off. I haven't seen this for myself mind you, I'm just theorizing, but I'm not sure it's possible.
  6. Kevik70

    Shipkiller Division

    CVs sniping each other has definitely been something the devs specifically tried to "fix." Between auto/ quick reloading repairs, low fire burn time and auto deploying fighters it's almost actually impossible for CVs to snipe one another in any meaningful way without BB support. In the pre-rework days it was hard to pull off but quite do-able if you wanted to waste a few minutes of farming and weren't going against a competent CV player. Personally, if I hadn't seen the enemy CV's strike planes in the first 2 minutes I pretty much knew he was going for a snipe and I would start recalling my fighter squadrons in defense of my ship.
  7. Kevik70

    Shipkiller Division

    I was good enough at old CVs to shut down bad or even average CV players, but not good enough to not get shut down in turn by godly CV players. I actually would look up an opposing CV players stats at the start of the game just to see if I stood a chance or not. That doesn't matter anymore because it's not like we can do anything to stop each other, now it's all about who can farm the enemy team faster/ more efficiently.
  8. Kevik70

    DD Noob Using Guns

    Those types of games are the real nail bitters but the most fulfilling when you pull them off. I only have two solo warriors and both came from my team having a massive points advantage where I could just run off the map and not have to worry.
  9. Kevik70

    Shipkiller Division

    I remember the good ol' days when defensive fire actually wrecked plane dispersion if not the planes themselves. That consumable was a must have, even if your ship had garbage AA and couldn't shoot a plane down in a million years at least you could save yourself from most of the damage by making the planes miss. Can't do that anymore, and you can't really even dodge or even mitigate the damage by angling. Well against Dive bombers and Rocket planes, you can still reasonably dodge torpedo planes. So you can't dodge and you definitely can't run and WG wonders why alot of players don't really like carriers. Worse still the CV themselves can't even do much to protect you except an annoying to place and easy to dodge/wait out fighter squadron. I remember Air Superiority load-outs pre-rework, you could shut down an opposing CV completely and actually deplane them. My dirtiest work was AS Ranger for sure. Man that was a different time, still had it's issues mind you but I'd still take pre-rework over post-rework I think.
  10. So now it will just look like you've spent waaaaaaayyy too much time at T1.
  11. Kevik70

    Shipkiller Division

    Not entirely sure what a CV could do to not get killed in that situation besides hide behind a island. (if one is even available) I mean, it's not like you can ever protect yourself with fighters like you could have before the rework. You can't stop the enemy CV from spotting you so all you can do is hope to live long enough for the Musashi's spotter planes to go down. Even then it's only for 3 minutes or so.
  12. Kevik70

    Any ship is OP ( in the right hands)

    I'm picking it up since it seems like my clan will be using them for Clan Battles. I could probably free xp now like I did with the Holland but I think I'll actually grind a bit of it out this time around. The Trento though, it's been pretty rough on me and sadly I've been told the line is rather lack luster until you get the Venezia.
  13. Kevik70

    Shipkiller Division

    It's a dirty strat, looks fun to pull off though. And here I thought CV sniping was dead after the CV rework.
  14. Kevik70

    Shipkiller Division

    Back in the day, the difference between a good CV player and a bad CV player was like night and day. It was so bad that a good CV player could totally shut down a bad CV, practically the same as not even having a carrier. Unfortunately WG tried fixing that by turning fighter squadrons into near useless consumables. (Useless in terms of protecting teammates) CVs used to be the best thing for countering each other. It's as you say, CV don't really interact with each other anymore so instead they focus hurting everyone else instead.
  15. Kevik70

    Any ship is OP ( in the right hands)

    Sometimes players playstyles and ships just mesh. Might not entirely be that a ship is too powerful it's just that you tend to do well in them. Personally I like open water cruisers because I like the freedom of movement, I do quite a bit better in my Zao, Henri and Hindi compared to say the Moskava. I don't have Venezia yet but I feel like I'd do quite well in her as well.