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  1. I like to dabble in a CV game every once in awhile (I do have both T10s though) and I mostly feel the same way. So many pesky people wanting support and I can only defend so many people at once and even then I might be focused in other areas of the map. When I am not playing CV I don't ussually call for help becuase I know its on me to protect myself, though I can typically tell which CV players are total morons based on where and how they order their squads around.
  2. I finally did it!

    Nice, unfortunately for me I never knew when I reached past 1000 WTR since it was sometime in closed beta I guess and I don't think WTR was a thing yet?
  3. how does one have 24% WR?

    These guys must have a pure anti-talent, like anti-matter but with talent, err lack of talent oh you get what I mean.
  4. Oh dear, good thing I don't need to cheat to get decent results.
  5. Smallest Team Ever!

    I had a 5 v 5 game in my Taiho. These games don't do much for me in terms of damage but I at least know the opposing CV was dumb enough to wait longer than 3 minutes. Which means he isn't very good at playing CV either.
  6. Some CV players are just so atrocious that even a thousand battles isn't enough practice. Even then if your not an AA ship or AA built then there is little you can do to actually fight a CV besides stick with other players that are.
  7. One of my favorite movies.
  8. New Years Raid Time Extension

    Eh, just finished it today anyways.
  9. Strait Dommination B Cap

    Because people have no talent in this game.
  10. What if my Clemson isn't built for stealth? Can I still bring it?
  11. Reworking Detonations

    I really hate losing all my hp to a single shell, thats all I have to day about that.
  12. I bought 25 of the mega boxes and only got the gallant, had much better luck with the big boxes this year.
  13. Dear god, I think the most battles I've ever player in a single ship was the Gearing at 400.
  14. Or in my case watching players all around me die a horrible death because they don't really know what they are doing. Watched not 1 but 2 NOs sail straight into the center and get blown out of the water by enemy BBs.
  15. I tend to rage at some people, though they typically end up only having 45% WRs or less. I know its just a game but I can hardly imagine some people being so oblivious to the world around them.