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  1. I'll ask - which ship is the NoLo?
  2. What sours me to the chat are immature players who rage and spam - talk about a buzzkill from someone who's here to chill out lol... Having said that I'm fairly active in the chat in terms of trying to coordinate with the team and of course tossing in snarky but good natured comments. I hear you mate - as I said earlier I'm not opposed to team play, only that these days I'm just here to decompress and at times waste time (though not at the expense of my team even in Randoms). I wish I could get my wife into this but she's all about the cell phone games these days aka Candycrush lol...
  3. That's awesome you found a group with whom you have a good fit. I find at my age (34) I'm both more sociable and less sociable as times goes by. My circle of friends shrinks but the quality of the remaining friendships has grown exponentially. It's not that I avoid any socializing in WOWS, only that I'm happy with my social circle and I'm not looking to expand it. I'm that way too at times. At present I'd be more comfortable with a more relaxed Clan with an open structure.
  4. That's one thing I found very difficult when it came to competitive Clan play. My original WOT clan was phenomenal - our relationship was such that we could be objectively critical of each other and of the team when assessing our play. We trained hard, critiqued each other, and most all of played to win. When I moved on to another clan it was an abrupt change in culture. Criticism wasn't taken well and I felt they weren't in it to win, so I left. It's hard to find a good fit in terms of a given clan's culture. If I found a compatible clan (and had more time since I spend my days doing other things) I would consider returning to competitive play. I share your sentiments. Even when I'm doing well I find my stress cup fills and I need a break to decompress. My wife has to at times remind me to breathe when the match is down to an ar$e hair lol...
  5. It wasn't my intention to give that impression and it's my bad if I did. I've got nothing against Divisions and Clans, as I used to compete (4 nights a week, 2-3 hour sessions) in WOT. And I did meet some great people during that time. Heck, I'm attending my old Clan leader's wedding next year, lol! My point is that these days I don't play WOWS for the social aspect anymore and my style of play is to go back and forth with heavy use of alt-tab.
  6. I'm what you would call a casual ADHD player. I play to de-stress and to relax at the end of the day. After a fews matches I might alt-tab to Imgur or chase a rabbit down the Wikipedia hole. I bounce about my ships with whatever suits my fancy. With Division play I feel obligated to keep up with my mates and I hate keeping up in the chat. I'm a social guy but I don't play WOWS to socialize, and I hate dropping in and out of chats as my attention wanders. It's the same with Clans - I used to compete in WOT and these days I don't have the time or wherewithal to commit. Mind you my sessions tend to last 1-2 hours, and on my days off I've spent much longer playing. Even still I still have the same ADHD style of back and forth. Somehow I go from running about in my Montana to watching a Youtube video about the Battle of Hastings lol. Does anyone else play this way?
  7. Alternative Tirpitz Build

    The Tirpitz's secondary buff came out and I gave it a try. I found it too similar to the Bismark in terms of gameplay, so I tried an alternative build favouring the main battery, survivability, and stealth. It works very well with the Tirpitz and it provides a flexibility even when uptiered; the stealth allows you to withdraw from unfavourable engagements and the survivability lets you outlast your opponents. Nobody gets close to a Tirpitz due to its torpedoes so the buff to the main battery is greatly appreciated. The secondaries still reach out to 7.7km, so once I have the points I'll add manual secondaries as well. I'm not here to debate the validity of the buff. I just want to offer from variation in terms of gameplay for these two ships. Give it a shot - I've had some epic matches with this build!
  8. North Carolina Secondary Build

    Yup you read that right. I love the NC but it can pretty one-dimensional - aim bow at enemy, fire big shells, repeat. So I figured I'd try tossing in manual secondary skill and the secondary module to mix things up. I don't bother with the plotting room upgrade since with the dispersion that range boost doesn't really contribute much. No AA either as most CVs avoid NC's on principle anyway and the CV population at this tier is small. So how is it? It lets me bring in the NC that much closer. DDs never expect an NC to start pouring out accurate secondary fire at 7.6km and it's just enough to drive most away. Granted the NC's secondaries are lame compared to every other ship but they're sufficient to deter DDs. And yes the secondaries are useless against anything larger than a DD lol... I can now brawl somewhat and most of all I'm less fearful of DDs at close range. At a minimum it gives me another option in terms of gameplay without handicapping the ship. If you want something new to try, give this build a shot. For lulz alone it's worth it ;)
  9. secondary range of cruisers

    I gave the Cleveland secondary build a shot and got my first ever close quarter medal in it, LOL. It's a lot of fun and while next to useless it gives that tiny little nudge you need to finish off that super low HP destroyer.
  10. USS Texas Restoration

    While preserving ships as museum ships is awesome, there's also a downside - in an interview with a sailor from WW2 he was glad his ship was never converted. He didn't want his ship turned into (his words) a tacky tourist trap. So I sympathize with his sentiments. But it's also important for people to see history and better appreciate the past.
  11. USS Texas Restoration

    SO JELLY!!!
  12. USS Texas Restoration

    It's why I'm so glad we Canadians saved HCMS Haida, the last Tribal-class destroyer in the world. I've seen her a few times, now I'm itching to visit all the American museum ships.
  13. USS Texas Restoration

    With the impending release of the premium Texas, I thought I'd share this:
  14. Stock Fuso is Freakin' Brutal

    I can deal with stock ships but the Fuso is savage AF to play in that configuration. LOL I can manage in tight quarters (and invite torps) but open maps are too much. Didn't help my first time on Ocean I got citadeled buy an Elite Fuso. The tears of unfathomable sadness, yum yum!!!
  15. Yes...the stock Fuso. No armour and that crippling short range. My goodness I feel like I'm boxing Ivan Drago with 6" arms. When it's Ocean or other open maps I just take the beating. At least it'll be worth it in the end!