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  1. Babui


    I have no idea as to how I got them. There's so many events and missions I lost track easily. Heck I have premium ships popping up in my inventory with no idea as to how I earned them. Not complaining mind you lol
  2. Babui


    I never use them, not a fan of anime, and I was grinding the credits for the Buffalo I had already unlocked from the earlier tech tree. I got bored of grinding credits in my MO (yes, yes, first world WOWS problems lol) so it saved me a few days. Also WOWS is my after work hobby. I get maybe an hour or so every night. So it was a worthwhile trade.
  3. Babui


    Which is I feel so silly lol. Regardless I'm happy to have discovered this late than not at all.
  4. Was wondering how to get rid of them when at a whim I tried selling them....AND YOU CAN! The T7's go for 2.6mil credits and the T5's go for 1.1mil. I had no bloody idea all this time. So not only did I get rid of them I also made a massive fortune in credits. FYI to those unaware!
  5. Maybe that's later in the future if subs goes well?
  6. I like to think I've kept an open mind on this (not saying you're not mind you). If it works well I'd embrace the new subs. If not, at least WG gave it a shot.
  7. I was very pleasantly surprised to read that submarines are potentially coming to WOWS. While I have greatly enjoyed WOWS in recent weeks I've felt that the game has stagnated. I've enjoyed the new ships and some new features but for the most part it felt as if it was just adding more of the same. It's why I stopped playing WOT after having played it for many years. I've spent a fair amount of money on the game with no regrets. This is after all my hobby as this is my downtime after work. And I started getting less excited about spending my money since I felt I wasn't getting as much out of it. Worst of all it felt as if the game was coming to its end for me. I don't know if submarines will work out or - as some claim - it will ruin the game. But I'm certainly optimistic and more than willing to give it a fair shot. Who knows? Maybe this is the stereotypical shot of fresh air in a stale relationship? I would imagine many of you would rather WG fixes the current issues with the game first. That's certainly an ongoing process and I can't see why it can't happen concurrently. Does anyone else feel the same way?
  8. Babui

    Concealment Expert Changes

    Perhaps if a stronger alternative to CE was offered as opposed to the existing one CE wouldn't feel as mandatory.