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  1. Good Day!


  2. I would like to welcome all of our new and old friends that have decided to leave the dark and join us in the light! We can with 100% certainty guarantee significant improvement in game play, attitude, and enjoyment of the game. Thanks for choosing RESET! May all your battles be victorious!

  3. Just a note to anyone looking to join RESET. If a clan keeps a recruitment thread running 24/7-365, they are not looking to make friends, they are looking to fill a vacancy left from high turn over. if the clan rule book looks like a mortgage application, run, the fun has been removed in restrictions. If you are being told everything you want to hear, you are being lied to. RESET has two rules, because that's all "normal" adults need. Treat your clan mates how you would like to be treated, and leave your baggage at the door. RESET does not recruit, no need to. Our reputation as a fair, honest and fun clan, drives them to us. The proof is in our membership. Feel free to drop by our Discord, https://discord.gg/R5Yqry

    No need to be a RESET member to div up with us. We also encourage other clan members to stop by and div up.{ We understand some people can not do this because it violates an anti fun policy somewhere.}  All of us at RESET hope to see you soon!

  4. Gigity, Gigity, I love cake!

    1. Capt_Talon69


      I prefer pie... Pecan

  5. priceg


    I have 40 battles in mine with a sub 10 pt capt. Im at 47.5% with almost 30k av damage. The ship feels like their is alot more potential left in her yet. I am looking forward to IFHE and a little better concealment. It reminds me of the T6 Cleveland.
  6. With the KK, I tend to stay closer to main fleet. While very similar to the Marble head, she can't stray as far as the US cruiser can. However, she is an enjoyable ship to play.
  7. I would like to thank Rhyzor for his hard work rescuing those abandoned puppies!

    1. Rhayzor


      I do seem to be an abuse magnet don't I

      What's really annoying is when people hack my Signature and Avatar and then tell everyone I did it!  Childish!

    2. Rhayzor


      What the hell, you changed your post?  Did the crybaby whine again?

  8. priceg


    I found this on Ship Comrade, http://shipcomrade.com/?p=1438 Mouse enjoyed the Alaska in its current configuration.
  9. priceg

    Des Moines or Worcester?

    Both are really exceptional at their roles. The DM ticks all the boxes of American cruiser. The main battery, in my opinion, is the best general purpose at tier 10. The Worcester with the Gun Fire Control System Mod 2 in the 6th slot, pushes your range out to 19.4k. No need to hide behind islands when you have that kind of range. I enjoy both ships, however, 2 different play styles. You can't go wrong with either one.
  10. Strikes will issued.