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  1. Today in 1943 USS New Jersey (BB 62) is commissioned. During WWII, she participates in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, Battle of the Leyte Gulf and supports the Iwo Jima and the Okinawa Campaign in the Pacific theater. New Jersey currently serves as a museum ship at Camden, NJ.
  2. Today in 1944, USS Bonefish (SS 223) attacks a Japanese convoy bound for Sibitu Passage, Borneo, and sinks Japanese destroyer Inazuma near TawiTawi, east of Borneo and survives counter-attacks by Japanese destroyer Hibiki. Also on this date, USS Aspro (SS 309) and USS Bowfin (SS 287) attack a Japanese convoy and sinks cargo ship BisanMaru.
  3. Hello Sir and good day. Could you please direct me to the thread bumping policy that you have indicated we are in violation of. Thank You for your time, Priceg, TSG4
  4. Great add! I wish I could be that rad!
  5. My 02, the key to active participation and base building is in constant recruiting. Turn over is to be expected, the grass is always greener thing. Being proactive and recruiting like minded people that accept your program is the key to long life successful clan.