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  1. Login Issues after Update

    Me too...
  2. Login Issues after Update

    {double post, please delete}
  3. Pink?! For this?!

    OP here.. Checking in, before I go to work in the "real world" again A few more of my thoughts on this: 1. If I had kept trying multiple times to enter battles, and crashing on hitting the battle button, or even after a second attempt to enter battle, being pink would not have bothered me very much, I would have accepted that as reasonable, but to be pink for the FIRST crash, at the first sign of trouble is pure B.S. even internet drops would have been ok, even though those where technically not my fault, and do happen from time to time, I can usually re-enter battle in time... To me it seems to be much more reasonable before the pink penalty is applied is too look and see has this recently happened before? like over the last few dozen matches.. They say their system is "more nuanced" it's clearly not if it punishes on the first crash. 2. Wargaming has taught us, over the years that Pink, IS the penalty, before bans... Orange should have been the new warning color, and pink should have been kept as the "your about to get banned" color. IMHO this is a silly oversight on their part. 3. Being pink, does come with consequences, and consequences to your team..your forced to play so carefully because if anyone rubs you, you get reflected damage, and it extends your "pinkness" for an extra match, unfortunately some players take pride in "ramming pinky" just out of spite. So the smart thing to do as a pink player, that does not want to "do his time" in co-ops, is to play singularly...In a team game.... It simply "is what it is". I have long thought that they should set a very low threshold for team damage that the system would ignore, something like less than 50 hp, or atleast only penalize the ship that was moving faster for the collision damage. That would fix most of that problem
  4. Pink?! For this?!

    It was their game, my computer is, well, how should I put it, extremely overpowered for this game, and highly optimized, I understand what it looked like to my teammates, but the fact remains, this was a one time event, and happened on first load in after a patch, and I even run a "vanilla" client... What it looked like to the players is not really important. Pink for a SINGLE violation is a bit B.S. The system should know that I am a very "clean" player I don't TK, and am very careful with my torpedos (and wish more would do the same)and very seldom do team damage outside of occasional "rubs" and I can't think of a single time that I have quit a battle deliberately.
  5. Pink?! For this?!

    Yes it does, but I like to unwind with a match or two before bed late at night. I am so disgusted tonight I doubt I will even try.
  6. Pink?! For this?!

    Get home from work, late at night, all the teenagers and the wife are sound asleep, sit down to play some warships, and the game crashes, and crashes hard as soon as I hit the battle button.... Run the repair program, it finds problems, and corrects them...Load back in...and PINK.... Team Kill penalty applied..... Simple because the game crashed .....ONCE.....You really need to work on this, for a single game crash to turn someone pink? What if YOUR GAME crashes again? Will I get banished to Co-Op? I say this as a player with well over 100 ships in port, mostly high tier, and over 7,000 battles. Congratulations, this will be the second time I have ever been pink in warships from closed beta...This is the last sort of nonsense I want to deal with at 2AM local time after about 12 hrs of work in the real world.
  7. Another thing that is a good judge of the quality a player is, if at the very start of the match, you see their catapult planes taking off of BB's and CA's..... Well before they could possibly be of ANY use.
  8. Server issues?

    Same for me... Worked normally earlier, Really sucks, got to go to work later, and time is limited...
  9. From time to time, when I exit battle, I get an survey question asked too me asking me basicly "how satisfied I was with the match" This could be taken by a player many different ways, for example, if I was in a tier 7 ship, and was top tier, with a nice fair spread of ship type, but managed to get detonated near the very start of the match by a lucky shot. Of course I would be "very dissatisfied".... But in reality being top tier, with a good spread of ships, I should have been a fox in a hen house. I could answer the question many ways. I seem to recall the question used to be asked about matchmaker, and that made sense, now the question is asking me "if I was satisfied", Satisfied with what?? Matchmaker? the team? the game itself? the map?..... ...Or the fact that I got detonated at the start and had a very poor match? Or perhaps I had gotten torpedoed from behind by an ignorant teammate, that spent the next 5 min in chat screaming at me for not "watching out for HIS torps"? How would the average player answer your question then? It is great that questions are put to the players in this manner, but some clarification of the question is in order, another example was just last night, I was in my Tirpitz and experienced a very harsh match with all tier X's except for me, and a fubuki on our team, and a pair of VIII's on the other team. It also was a late night match and the teams were only half full. I happened to have a great match, a highlight of the night for me.. But if the question was asked, in the way it has been recently, how would I answer? Yes I was extremely satisfied with the outcome, but the matchmaker itself was horrific....(I understand the reasons why) Understand, I am just a player, and I want to give the BEST feedback possible, I suspect many are like me in this regard, so if you're going to ask a question after some matches, please let us know "EXACTLY" what you're wanting feedback on. With the way the current question is worded, the feedback would seem to be almost useless.
  10. How long 'Pink'

    It's strange, I am a very 'clean" player when it comes to team damage. But the other day I accidently hit a Nagato with 2 torpedoes, did not kill him (my torpedoes, my fault, I misjudged) I apologized profusely, and assumed I would be pink in the next match... I was not. I have a regular division mate, who likes to play DD"s, and he plays them very aggressively, he gets pink about once ever two weeks. He, like many others, simply do NOT understand, and seems to be incapable of understanding, that he, and he alone is responsible for his torpedoes, and screams and blames others for his "misdeeds". IMHO That is the much bigger problem. Your teammates are NOT mind readers, and 3/4 are not chat readers... It's like defensive driving, assume the teammates around you are idiots, and are not paying attention, until proven otherwise. It does get old, dodging a teammates short range torpedoes fired from behind, at targets 10k+ away.