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  1. ThemasterTanker1

    Completely unnecessary nerf to Henri IV

    Henri is quite strong, even after the infamous nerfs, and will remain so after this one. Not quite sure what being a wiki editor has to do with anything.
  2. ThemasterTanker1

    Completely unnecessary nerf to Henri IV

    Henri hasn't been touched. Her legmod was, and this change is only relevant if you run the lighthouse build, in which your reload goes from 9.3 to 9.5 seconds, and losing a negligent amount of range. I don't quite see what the big deal is.
  3. ThemasterTanker1

    USS Illinois and the Great Secondary Oppression

    I would have to not be thinking at all to do that.
  4. ThemasterTanker1

    USS Illinois and the Great Secondary Oppression

    I personally can't find myself caring in the slightest about what happens to the secondaries on a ship with which I'm never going to invest in them.
  5. ThemasterTanker1

    If True This Is Concerning

    Not anymore. As far as I know, the Chinese client is now up to date with ours, and has been, for at least a year or two now.
  6. ThemasterTanker1

    Have you ever managed 4000 base XP?

    Very little, though I imagine subs' boosted base XP makes them piss easy to get right now, which sort of diminishes the value.
  7. ThemasterTanker1

    Is it just me or is Edgar seriously underwhelming?

    Actually, yes, it's a real problem. Mino has a fuse threshold of 12mm, Edgar has 25mm, meaning the latter overpens DDs and superstructures with an alarming frequency while Mino doesn't. It arguably makes her a worse ship tier-for-tier. To the OP: it isn't just you.
  8. ThemasterTanker1

    What do you think of new Hostess

    Does it matter? If you like her, watch the EN videos. If you don't, go watch the RU videos that have Dasha with subtitles on.
  9. ThemasterTanker1


    Games already routinely last the full 20 minutes, and people are only punished for bad positioning.
  10. Kearsarge is exceptionally strong as a battleship because, much like in the vein of Musashi, she has T10 firepower at T9. She's terrible as a CV, yes, and I wish more people would realize that instead of moaning about planes, but as a battleship, she's very strong.
  11. ThemasterTanker1

    Things we'd like WOW to fix

    Well, that's just flat out incorrect.
  12. ThemasterTanker1

    Things we'd like WOW to fix

    Salem, DM, Alaska, and Massachusetts are the best ships at their tier in their respective classes, hands down. Georgia is broken, so much so it was removed, and is only second to Musashi, which is quite literally a tier 10 shifted down. Vermont just got giga buffed, and she was already quite good before. Ohio is self explanatory.
  13. ThemasterTanker1

    Things we'd like WOW to fix

    US ships are objectively some of the most overpowered in the game, including, but not limited to, Salem, Des Moines, Ohio, Alaska, Georgia, Massachusetts, Vermont and United States. I suggest you stop huffing the freedom glue just a little bit, because, if anything, this game is very US biased. And, since it seems like this needs to be mentioned nearly every thread now, real life and history has never had, does not have, and will never have any sort of influence on how this game is balanced.
  14. ThemasterTanker1

    San Diego after 50 games...

    Indeed, generally quite enjoying mine. Would personally prefer HE over AP but it's a small price to pay for the rest of the ship.