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  1. ThemasterTanker1

    USS Tulsa historical turret of two guns?

    Barbette width restrictions. The Navy loved the rapid fire 8 inch mounts, but the three-gun turrets were too wide to be placed on the barbettes of the Baltimore/Oregon City ships. They couldn't widen the barbettes either because of the hull being too narrow for it, so they made plans for a two-gun rapid fire mount. However, they realized it just wasn't worth the effort and instead continued on designing a much larger hull for the mounts (Des Moines). ”In May 1943 BuOrd first proposed a new 8-in RF mount...The Bureau hoped that its new mounts could be incorporated in the existing heavy cruiser hull...the General Board immediately asked BuShips to estimate the effect of the new turrets on the now standard Oregon City-class heavy cruisers...Twin mounts would present far fewer problems, and the bureau might even be able to use the barbettes and roller paths designed for the slow-fire heavy cruisers already in production.” Pages 352-353 from Friedman’s US Cruisers.
  2. https://warships.us/ThemasterTanker1 This what you want?
  3. ThemasterTanker1

    Coop Flake players. (Poll)

    I don't take anybody who takes co-op seriously, seriously.
  4. ThemasterTanker1

    WR is Meaningless

    The only constant is you.
  5. ThemasterTanker1

    Dido confirmed on WG KOTS stream.

    Finally, and she looks quite good as well.
  6. ThemasterTanker1

    KoTS Collection - FAQ?

    Assuming you haven’t already bought them, you can get up to three KotS containers for 2000 community tokens each in the armory.
  7. ThemasterTanker1

    When will 0.10.10 drop

    November 10th.
  8. ThemasterTanker1

    Kearsarge Secondary Build (Any good?)

    Aside from a Kearsarge never wanting to be in close range, they lack any sort of pen or improved accuracy. Never worth it, under any circumstances.
  9. ThemasterTanker1

    Battleships Using Depth Charges W/O Subs?

    It doesn't matter what the intention of them is. Have you ever heard of improvisation?
  10. ThemasterTanker1

    Battleships Using Depth Charges W/O Subs?

    Exploiting? God forbid we use game mechanics to gain information.
  11. Just about anything "does fine" when your only opponents are literal bots.
  12. ThemasterTanker1

    Auction For Rare Ships Coming?

    Actually, that was the one thing I was unsure about, as I couldn't find a good picture of her directors after the British refit, and it obviously doesn't match up with her as built or post-Soviet refit, but the rest still fits the bill.
  13. ThemasterTanker1

    Auction For Rare Ships Coming?

    It is Blyska. Note the position of the boats, as well as the shape of the overhanging open bridge and of the jackstaff. What leads me to believe this is the British refit, however, is the fact the turrets in the video are very obviously the same 102mm mounts used on ships like Black Swan, which Blyska was refit with. Also note in the video the lack of the funnel cap and the missing searchlight platform, consistent with the refit. The fact both Scharn and Edin appear leads me to believe those are simply just placeholder ships for the sake of the video. The same would apply to Blyska, if it weren't for the fact it's obviously post British refit, which leaves me intrigued.
  14. ThemasterTanker1

    Auction For Rare Ships Coming?

    I could pick out four ships, of which two I'm certain, and two look like the same. The RN CL is Edin, and the German BB is Scharnhorst (you can even make out the crest on the bow). What puzzles me is the destroyer in the foreground - it looks like Blyskawica after her British refit, when she was rearmed with the twin 102mm guns, and the ship in the back to the far right seems to be the same one. Of course, as it stands right now, I'm just assuming these are all placeholders for the sake of the video.
  15. ThemasterTanker1

    Arms Race being pushed into randoms per dev blog

    Which also happened to be one of the most fun game modes since release. Looking forward to it.