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  1. ThemasterTanker1

    Which US cruiser line do you recommend?

    I was referring to straight up HP numbers, but uh...ok.
  2. ThemasterTanker1

    Which US cruiser line do you recommend?

    Guess the Zao doesn't exist.
  3. ThemasterTanker1

    Do you buy flag using Coal?

    New Jersey please.
  4. ThemasterTanker1

    Do I free XP Seattle or Neptune?

    Seattle. Neptune is actually a good ship, not worthy of skipping.
  5. ThemasterTanker1

    South dakota battleship should be tier 8

    North Carolina came before Iowa too, so they aren't wrong.
  6. ThemasterTanker1

    South dakota battleship should be tier 8

    What difference does it make that NC is the tech tree ship?
  7. ThemasterTanker1

    South dakota battleship should be tier 8

    I don't know about you, but I'm fairly certain North Carolina was laid down and launched years before South Dakota and was already commissioned into the Navy for almost a year before South Dakota was. If you want your fill of the SDs, get Massachusetts or Alabama.
  8. ThemasterTanker1

    Possible Solution to Radar

    This is so sad. Can we hit 20,000 likes?
  9. ThemasterTanker1

    I've got a decision to make regarding a Cruiser

    Des Moines easily. Sure, Worcester might have the "scary" rate of fire but it can never actually use it in a one on one fight with any other cruiser or above for fear of getting demolished. Des Moines actually has scary firepower. Those US AP angles are something that you just don't get on Worcester, literally. Besides, if someone looks my way in a Des Moines, I won't instantly explode from lack of actually being able to take a hit.
  10. ThemasterTanker1

    Will the Missouri come back

    It's a WG forum. Unreasonable people are a given going in.
  11. ThemasterTanker1

    Will the Missouri come back

    Just add New Jersey instead with the 35.2 knot top speed she reached during her Vietnam-era sea trials. Congrats, you've got an already good tier 9 battleship but with a gimmick that doesn't anger people 10 miles down the road.
  12. ThemasterTanker1

    Dallas or pepsicola?

    Pensacola. It's quite a good ship now, being at tier 6 and whatnot. Plus it leads to the Des Moines, something I'd much rather take out any day of the week over the Worcester.
  13. ThemasterTanker1

    How do you play solo in Des Moines?

    I wouldn't recommend it. Propulsion mod 2 only affects how fast the ship accelerates from 0 to 6 or -6 knots. It's not bad, per se, but I've tried both and I didn't really notice much of a difference with or without PM2. Steering gears mod 2 is more likely to help you out in a nasty situation.
  14. ThemasterTanker1

    USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    A tier 9 cruiser. Just as she should be. Poo on whoever thought it was a good idea to add her as a midtier battleship.
  15. ThemasterTanker1

    Who else is getting Worcester day 1?

    I want to point out that the Worcester currently has 13,379 battles played, the lowest of any tier 10 cruiser (I'm excluding Salem for obvious reasons). Initial server stats tend to be higher in a new ship due to the fact that there aren't many owners, and thus, not as many battles played. This is especially important considering the fact that every other cruiser at tier 10 has at least 39 times more games fought than Worcester. With more battles comes more owners, and with more owners, comes a decline in overall stats as more and more average-to-bad players buy the ship until a steady constant is found. Give it a couple of months and Wooster will fall in line with the other tier 10s.