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  1. Sonoskay

    General Advice for the drake?

    good news is my win rate has improved with the drake slightly. i live longer. but my PR has plummeted becuase i do less damage simply because at longer ranges i just miss. ive also found myself in situations where a shima or high stealth will perma spot me, while BBs within shooting range will shoot at me until i either to try to turn away and get dev struck, or just get widdled down and eventually get cited. anyway. ive gotten good at spotting those moments ... when its too late and i know im going to die. The drake is really frustrating for me.
  2. 2 days, 14 hours. though ive been playing consistently since they introduced the new shipyard and i'm only at stage 12. so. i wouldn't expect to finish it in 2 days,
  3. Dont they also have pretty good torpedos too? before i realized the P rup had an ungodly amount of torpedos with pretty good range? i went to brawl with one and got my oil smeered across the bay. they only seem truly bad against otther BBs with the range to deal with them
  4. I dont know man, I've been playing cruisers primarily lately. and the new German line of battleships is really brutal to deal with. it is not "fun" to encounter them.
  5. Sonoskay

    General Advice for the drake?

    I love the Devonshire. i liked the surrey, but started to struggle with Albemarle Maybe i just need more matches in it to click. But i want to use those guns it has. it can really chew threw ships when they let you. but when you start doing that heavy damage is when they decide to fire back and that doesn't turn out great when its not that quick.
  6. I feel like i am So close to understanding this ship. I do alright in it, but not great. It has the heaviest armor for its tier, but can only bounce shells at angles at a tier lower. Its citadel is huge. meaning even when attempting to minimize profile turn or vary speed mean a stray shot at almost any angle can cit it. Its got a strong repair so assuming you take superintendent you can recover alright from stay cits. but it seems so so strange that its as fragile as it is. One thing i def need to work on is knowing when slowing down would be effective when being shot at when its not, but even so its a struggle. Another is how wildly popular battleships are in the meta. but there is nothing i can do about that. Any other tips? Should i play it more like an ambusher and take advantage of its high concealment? it doesn't feel like it has the speed for that though.
  7. Sonoskay

    Is Hawkins the worst ship in the game?

    I remember liking her. But between the flags, and camo, you can grind out a tier 5 in like 10 ish battles. So my experience is limited. I love the Devonshire. My favorite tier 6. Worth the grind I think.
  8. Sonoskay

    Playing one match and then logging off

    I take long breaks between sprints. As a result I dont play as often as most. but i do come back excited each time.
  9. Maybe im just that good (my stats say otherwise) But CVs are 1 better now than they were. The skill floor is lower making them Actually playble for those who arnt multitasking experts 2 the skill ceailing is also lower meaning CVs who are good at veing CVs dont completely stomp everyone else. 3 in most games, a mild annoyance. At worst, deadly and persistent vultures. Granted i dont play DDs at all and it seems like DD play is not good in the current meta. So i might be missing somthing, but considering the wide spread complaining, im thinking people just hate thar CVs are more common now, even if they are weaker overall.
  10. Ive been waiting for the nevada since alpha. Way way way back when i asked if the Nevada would be introduced. They said of course, and intended the nevada to be a tier 6 premium. Well. That was 100 years ago. And still no nevada.
  11. Sonoskay

    I'm think I'm done with ranked

    So far i have had good experiences. Chat is either completely quiet or people tene to be understanding of mistakes. Well, save for once when i risked a torp drop in my mogami, and got called trash for trying and then went pn a rant about how bad japanese cruisera are and doesnt understand why people play them. In that match i was in the top 3 and he was 5th i think But thats one match out of... 15 ish.
  12. Sonoskay

    My best battle to date (random)

    Strong performance. The best part about randoms is getting these amazing matches.
  13. Sonoskay

    Ships you never see anymore

    I think many of the tier 6 premiums dont get much play anymore. I used to see the warspite much more than i do now. but the one i cant remember the last time i saw was the mutsu.
  14. Sonoskay

    Thoughts on Current ranked Battles?

    Want to know why the ranked matches are reduced to 7v7? Because a single player can carry The efforts of a single individual are far greater.. This was from a match that just happened 10 minutes ago... while i am generally very supportive of players doing the things they enjoy, you clearly dont have an understanding about what a single player can do. If you dont want to play ranked. then dont. however dont come whining that the competitive mode makes you feel like your not in control. while I generally hate this term. it seems appropriate to quote the internet on this one. "Git gud"
  15. Sonoskay

    Stats do matter

    Stats arnt important. Its an arcade game about fight boats. I say that as a person who loves this game. And i like to think im decent at it Just let people have fun man.