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  1. Sonoskay

    Playing one match and then logging off

    I take long breaks between sprints. As a result I dont play as often as most. but i do come back excited each time.
  2. Maybe im just that good (my stats say otherwise) But CVs are 1 better now than they were. The skill floor is lower making them Actually playble for those who arnt multitasking experts 2 the skill ceailing is also lower meaning CVs who are good at veing CVs dont completely stomp everyone else. 3 in most games, a mild annoyance. At worst, deadly and persistent vultures. Granted i dont play DDs at all and it seems like DD play is not good in the current meta. So i might be missing somthing, but considering the wide spread complaining, im thinking people just hate thar CVs are more common now, even if they are weaker overall.
  3. Ive been waiting for the nevada since alpha. Way way way back when i asked if the Nevada would be introduced. They said of course, and intended the nevada to be a tier 6 premium. Well. That was 100 years ago. And still no nevada.
  4. Sonoskay

    I'm think I'm done with ranked

    So far i have had good experiences. Chat is either completely quiet or people tene to be understanding of mistakes. Well, save for once when i risked a torp drop in my mogami, and got called trash for trying and then went pn a rant about how bad japanese cruisera are and doesnt understand why people play them. In that match i was in the top 3 and he was 5th i think But thats one match out of... 15 ish.
  5. Sonoskay

    My best battle to date (random)

    Strong performance. The best part about randoms is getting these amazing matches.
  6. Sonoskay

    Ships you never see anymore

    I think many of the tier 6 premiums dont get much play anymore. I used to see the warspite much more than i do now. but the one i cant remember the last time i saw was the mutsu.
  7. Sonoskay

    Thoughts on Current ranked Battles?

    Want to know why the ranked matches are reduced to 7v7? Because a single player can carry The efforts of a single individual are far greater.. This was from a match that just happened 10 minutes ago... while i am generally very supportive of players doing the things they enjoy, you clearly dont have an understanding about what a single player can do. If you dont want to play ranked. then dont. however dont come whining that the competitive mode makes you feel like your not in control. while I generally hate this term. it seems appropriate to quote the internet on this one. "Git gud"
  8. Sonoskay

    Stats do matter

    Stats arnt important. Its an arcade game about fight boats. I say that as a person who loves this game. And i like to think im decent at it Just let people have fun man.
  9. Mine is an nearly thousand year old mural of emperor alexios from the byzantine empire. He was one of the last great emperors. The empire was a shadow of its former self and its military strength was floundering, he positioned byzantium into a favorable place by using shrewed politics and the only power the empire really had left. its grand economy. I just think its super interesting. My name is simply my 12 year old self butchering a japanese name from an anime I really liked and just stuck with it for 15 years.
  10. Sonoskay

    Do you stay and watch the after battle?

    I do. Particularly the close matches. It helps give some perspective on what my role in the fight way. For example, i have on a few occasions, while in a cruiser, was taking fire from a battleship or two after particularly drawn out fights, i finaly die, see what happens after. Once i saw a battleship who thought he was secure in his position, suddely take a big hit to their braodside after i had died. I dont nessesarily know yow helpful those monents are, but they are interesting.
  11. Sonoskay

    How to Pensacola?

    Maybe this is bad advice and im sure other players will be able to confirm or refute what im about it say, but what works for me is taking the incoming fire indicator perk. I dont know how standard that is for cruisers but for the squishy ones like the pensi, knowing exactly when someone has open fired on you will allow you to angle youself in a way that will prevent damage. The pensi isnt the quickest but it is a godsend. Also play at range. The pensi does have a lot of punch to it so worrying about ap penetration shouldnt be a huge concern. keep things as far away from you as possible (within your firing range of course) this will give you the little bit extra time to turn into or away from the shooter, and be ready to change target frequently. Sustained damage isnt really possible with somthing like the pensi unless your targeting tiers lower than yourself. So dont be afraid to abandon targets in favor of your own survival. Otherwise, i feel like everything else is just keeping up situational awareness which generally just comes from experience i think. The pensi and i get along pretty well so this is generally how i go about playing it.
  12. Sonoskay

    Hawkins and Onward.

    One of my favorite parts of the ship is the pretty amazing AA. It helps for the somewhat frustrating CV issue at lower teirs. Yeah the healing isnt as significant as the wiki likes to state. I was able to bring myself back to a very healthy amount of HP after two heals. Though i think maybe the best part of the ship that i found is its poor reputation. Ive surprised more than one ship with the torpedoes, and its turning radius is surprisingly tight. Its not as fast as most cruisers maybe but its certainly nimble. Ive found it makes for an excellent DD bully. Otherwise the other posts that talk about the albemarel claim its awful. Though those same people also found the emerald to be a bad ship. I thought it made for a very good ambusher.
  13. Sonoskay

    Season 17 ranked.

    Just a quick question. I dont have a ton of tier 8s but i have a couple. The two im most comfortable with are the atago and the Agami. Both ships are old at this point and was curious if they got power creeped? Otherwise. What ships would you recommend for season 17? What are your favorites for tier 8 ranked?
  14. Sonoskay

    Hawkins and Onward.

    4 months late, i go in blind to play the hawkins, and i love the thing. Ive gotten more out of it than i have any right to. So i decided to check out the wiki. The wiki doesnt have much kind to say. And after coming here neither do the forums, and forthat matter, the tree in general seems to be one a lot dont like. So i have to ask, is there anyone who likes the heavy line? Because even though i like the Hawkins, it made me trepidatous to continue the line. Especially to tier 8.
  15. Vannila wow is very nostalgic for me, but you have to be a touch thick to think it was a "good" game. The game was a mess, and just becuase it lacked quality of life changes doesnt make it more hard core or better. And same for WoWs. Nothing about the core game play has been dumbed down. Again with the ecception of CVs. But CVs simply were not at all fun to play for the vast majority of players.