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  1. Dr_Honey_Badger

    Enemy Ship Characteristics Spreadsheet

    re-uploaded for the concealment changes that went live this morning. tl:dr Maximum concealment is worse unless you're a DD
  2. Dr_Honey_Badger

    Enemy Ship Characteristics Spreadsheet

    Thanks. again, let me know if you think of any way this could be improved. im down to add more info or try to streamline some things
  3. Dr_Honey_Badger

    Enemy Ship Characteristics Spreadsheet

    So im currently not very excited to keep this updated due to the CV rework really changing the way this game is played pretty significantly... i might come back to WoWS but its definitely going to take some time.
  4. Greetings fellow captains! Yesterday I was feeling particularly nerdy and had little else to do (besides enjoy a wonderful meal with my family). I spent my Christmas Day developing a spreadsheet containing the information that I like to know about my opponents when I boot up a game (besides perhaps what equipment they might be carrying, like radar for example, but that is a little easier to memorize). This spreadsheet contains concealment values for each ship in Wows, minus the ship clones like the Arpeggio/dragon series or the Black series ships that have identical stats to other ships in game. Additionally it has statistics for the fastest base reloading torpedoes for each ship and the furthest distance that their torpedoes might reach. I find this information most useful when I want to contest a cap in open water and I know the ships on my opposing team cannot out-spot me, or when I want to engage enemy ships at a safe distance from their torpedo armaments. I have found it particularly useful in memorizing the concealment values opponents in my ranked sprint may be packing. To use this spreadsheet, select the sheet for the tier you are queuing up for and type your current concealment value in cell C1, all ships in that tier will have their maximum concealment values highlight as either green or red depending on whether you outspot them or not, green good, red bad. furthermore the maximum torpedo range column is highlighted yellow if the ship's maximum range torpedoes reach a distance that exceeds their maximum concealment value (they can stealth torpedo). I do acknowledge some flaws in the way i have presented my data which include: -WOWS in game data values are rounded, all of my values are from the WOWS wiki site. I have excluded ships that are undergoing testing. -many ships trade torpedo reload time for torpedo range so for example you will NOT find a Shimakaze that has base torpedo reload of 131 seconds AND range of 20 km as the stats are from two different torpedo systems (type F3 and type 93 to be specific). the point here however is that until you know what the enemy is using the values may be very different, this is particularly more true for ships that get better torpedo systems and the players are in the process of leveling them. -the yellow highlight is not a be-all end-all to whether or not a ship can stealth torpedo, it simply means that if your ship and the enemy ship are both completely still they can wait safely outside of detection range to release torpedoes at you. a good captain can make situations where they stealth torpedo with lower ranged torpedoes due to a couple of factors like: you moving toward the torpedoes while the enemy moves away from you, or keeping an island between him/herself and you while you push around it. -not every ship will run a maximum concealment build I would appreciate if you could provide me any feedback you have regarding this spreadsheet in terms of things I can do to make it better, any errors I may have made, why you hate my face etc. Please consider this my Christmas gift to the WoWs community! I hope this helps you succeed (unless you are the red team). Merry Christmas everyone, and have a happy New Year! WOWS Spreadsheet rev 3.xlsx