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  1. vikingno2

    What Ships does Franz von Jutland go best on?

    Don't forget that Vigilance stacks with Hydro
  2. My 2 cents the Hindy or the Zoa
  3. vikingno2

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Why for example does the Worcester's 152s out range the Des 203s it just doesn't make sense.
  4. vikingno2

    What the proper way to report a player

    Thanks luckily I did have a screen shot, I opened a ticket and sent to customer support, I'll leave it at that.
  5. vikingno2

    What the proper way to report a player

    I sent in a ticket moving on, that's not all that was said by this player either, I thought the 90HD was better than that.
  6. vikingno2

    What the proper way to report a player

    I did ask nicely, I said CV could I get some spotting the DD is a at E1. Then I was told to "F@#$@ing Die you useless c^9KF@g" and that's a quote I have a screen shot this time.
  7. I am sick of being cussed out for just asking for spotting. What is the proper way to report a player?
  8. vikingno2

    Hero of Dunkirk

    Where do you find this scenario battle?
  9. vikingno2


    Read the post, for the 3rd time recommend increasing the rudder shift
  10. vikingno2


    Thank you, I'll stick with HE on them from now on.
  11. vikingno2


    Thank you, I'll stick with HE on them form now on.
  12. vikingno2


    Then you cant read, you said "This has to be the silliest post I have ever seen." Not that maybe it was just bad RNG. It is not what I asked for your just wrong. I recommended increasing the rudder shift some. You somehow re-imagine that into I want a One Shot Kill. That just [edited]. I also said its not a squishy and lead to believe; if a Mino would have been in the same position it would have been wrecked. I use the Mino because others have used that as a reference point, in terms of armor weakness. I want to make that clear incase you want to somehow re-explain what I am basically saying.
  13. vikingno2


    Why silly, Conq has great AP even angled the Worcester should taken more damage. Its great that I get comment like "he probably want to one shot kill". How about not try and guess what I want and just read. I was commenting that there need to be some adjustment. Maybe less concealment , maybe make it move more like a Cruiser less like a DD. The silliness here is there are over 200k worth of battle fought in a Worcester and stats do back up what I am saying. To others your right nothing will probably get done but its the only recourse available to me. After all the Khab did get adjusted after enough feed back.
  14. vikingno2


    No I don't want it the explode, and no need for you condescending tone. Its need some adjusting they are in every game now for a reason. The Stalingrad does not have allot of games yet, so I will discount it for the time being. Best win rate for cruisers, great damage always, its concealment is less than its radar. It's destroyer like ability to maneuver it the biggest issue to me. No I don't have replay or screen shots. Just playing against them all the time.
  15. vikingno2


    15 hits with AP from a Conq around 12-8 km did about 8 k of damage