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  1. vikingno2

    Should I skip the Monarch?

    I would recommend not skipping it, leaning the tree through all ships pays off in the long run
  2. Number one tactic, when in the que look to see if CVs are there then quickly hit leave. Repeat as many times a needed.
  3. vikingno2

    New Years Containers

    Anything really good come out of them?
  4. vikingno2

    too many overpens?

    On Raptor Rescue , in my Dunkirk, I have played it 5 times today and about 80-90% of my shots are overpens. Be warned its not even worth playing at the moment something is broke. Hope they look into it.
  5. vikingno2

    Matchmaking - was this a fair match?

    I just wish that the MM would split ships that are the same, the two Kitakaze's on the same team should have been split up. I see that allot it should be a easy to fix.
  6. vikingno2

    Shot at & torpedoed, not so friendly fire.

    Maybe talking to him before you and him played crash up derby?
  7. vikingno2

    Sepcial Captains

    thank you very much
  8. vikingno2

    Sepcial Captains

    What are the best ship for each specialty Captain. I have Halsey in the Fletcher but that might be a waste, maybe Des?
  9. vikingno2

    The Stalingrad

    Ok you got me, maybe most is the wrong word how about many. Why do people pick at a word and never address the main thought. The ship is the wrong class it should be a BB: BB HP , BB Guns and BB heal. When I brought up BB heal earlier I was told it needed it because of all the fire damage, same can be said for every other cruiser. But the issue is compounded because it has the largest HP pool and gets to heal off of that. How about give it cruiser heal, since its a "cruiser" and knocking its fire percent down some, mid 20's maybe.
  10. vikingno2

    The Stalingrad

    Ok you guys convinced me, I shall ignore to 70K HP, the great guns(fire% and pen angles with AP) , the BB heal , the radar. The fact that most of the high tier clans are bring two to the fight in clan battles(they must be stupid for doing that). Its just a average ship lol. None of the people that are saying it has all these weaknesses are explaining why there are so many are in clan battles, if its poor why are these high level clans them? Get rid of the radar and make it BB .
  11. vikingno2

    The Stalingrad

    With all these weaknesses it must have poor performance then, your right it not just another cruiser that's the point.
  12. vikingno2

    The Stalingrad

    Didn't say it equaled a win, but its a big factor, especially since it get BB heal not cruiser heal Hmmmm maybe it should be a BB
  13. vikingno2

    The Stalingrad

    Its not really a Cruiser just make to a BB and move on, problem solved. So many I the high level clans are using because it lets you basically bring extra BBs. If your going to give it that much HP with those guns make it a BB. Great AP, 33% fire chance, Radar ….. In Randoms where there are 12 ships ok it can be mitigated but in Clan battles where you only have 7 on a side all you have to do is bring two of those you basically have a extra ship in HP. Its screwed up Clan battles this season. Just look at the ratio of them on the teams that finish at the top. Its not a CA its a BB. WG just needs to fix its mistake and make to a battleship, or a "BattleCuiser" if the wording makes you feel better. Or just take its radar away all together, no hydro either.
  14. vikingno2


    with over 20k more HP than anything not Russian in some cases 30k more and letting it in ranked as a cruiser is just wrong
  15. vikingno2


    Just make it a BB that's what it is, BB HP BB heal...…. and it gets long range radar come on