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  1. vikingno2

    Philippine Sea Friday - Choose your Side

    How do you know that you have done anything, I joined but I don't see anything anywhere that shows that I am actively participating
  2. Keep at it, pay attention to your mini map and what ships your up against. Do you have a preference on what type of ship you like. If you see me in game send me a invite Ill div up with you and see if I can be of help.
  3. Could you please update the match making a little, yes another MM thread. There have been quite a few major changes that greatly affect the game but the current MM does not take that into account. Can we just make radar a +/- (1) so if there are 5 total radar ships then have 3 on one side and 2 of the other. Not 4 to 1 or 5 to 0. Its just poor not to take radar into consideration.
  4. vikingno2

    Quality of play has diminished

    Had some rather poor matches lately , in the scenarios as well as Randoms, there may just be some new players being added to the mix. I got aggravated until I could see they just didn't know what to do and one replied in chat that they were relearning the CV; I apologized to them for coming off ruff and gave them some tips and hoped for better luck in the next game. It all you can really do anyway, unless you div up with some friends
  5. I agree take the radar away from that pesky thing
  6. vikingno2

    remove cap zones from random battles

    Don't really think that would be a good idea , get a couple of ships up then just hide. I feel it would make games boring, and almost eliminate the need to have DDs. If you want to force actin then only let a team get points if they have a ship in the capture circle and make the circle a little bigger.
  7. vikingno2


    I wish they would just take your last 10,000 games lol
  8. I normally don't say anything at all unless someone runs off at the mouth first that being said that are plenty of players with no clue and it gets very frustrating; here is an example. I am playing this weeks scenario, we finish off the second wave and the third is going to attack from the south, so I say "hey guys need to shift south". I then go south. I get down there and none of the other ship come south a Gallant, Izimal and a Bayern and another cruiser. I then ask again " need to come south I can't keep them all out and will need help with DDs" I am in a Fuso the other BBs full health cruiser 75-80% DD I'm not sure but over 50%. They still don't shift, the BB who were both in middle head back to the repair circle; even though both full health. I ended up killing a cruiser and a DD before the other 2 cruisers and DD over run the perimeter and give us the fail which also triggers the attack early. None of them shift at all or even acknowledge the attack. Strangely one of the BBs heads north...….Freaking north! Of courser the ships that killed me take out the southern repair ships and some buildings before the main attack even gets there, we lose the game before the Izumo even gets into the action. Crap like this is very frustrating, and quite frankly they acted like idiots so I called them idiots, scenarios even give you a general idea what to do in the description. I even said please the first 2-3 times I asked them to shift and/or help. Clueless play add greatly to the toxicity. I have never seen someone helping out team mates and working together get insulted, if you make a bone head play admit it and say so it goes along way. When I screw up I say that I did, if a few are cranky so what they should be. If they start saying thing rude or vulgar then yeah its on.
  9. vikingno2


    In the game I was in it seem to play just like the Worcester, except it seem to have a HIGER DPM that the Worcester, just wish all the HE spammer had their range reduced a bit or that fire damage would somehow be linked to the caliber of your round. The lower the caliber that less chance you get.
  10. vikingno2

    filter CVs feature

    Scenarios can be fun if you want to avoid them, just wish just wish WG would make more of them.
  11. vikingno2

    AP Bombs OP?

    Some ships seem very susceptible to AP bombs, Zoa being on and the Bismarck being another. I am sure there is a list somewhere. The Zoa has allot of upside, this is a downside. Every ship has a downside, except maybe CVs. Which is why allot of people hate them.
  12. vikingno2


    Its just silly why make more of them, you have plenty of ships that do that now
  13. vikingno2

    Smolensk or Colbert?

    Colbert is just a super HE spammer, like we need more of those
  14. vikingno2


    Ran into a Colbert today thanks WG just what we needed another [edited] HE spammer
  15. vikingno2

    WOW 1-5 rank gameplay with CVs in them

    ill never get that high running into too many AFKs 3 today alone