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  1. Make the super cruiser their on class and put a limit on how many you can have on a team their fixed
  2. I wish that would explain losing 15 out of 20 game in the Venezia over the last two days
  3. vikingno2

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    You know the Stalin is a Steel ship right? So steel ship and ranked number one X3. To all at are saying ranked 1 does maker you good ok sure, but he crappy ranked one player is a the unicorn of the bunch not the majority. Some people (like yourself) point to the exception as if it disproves the normal. Which means you have no point other than to argue. Sure three Stalin's could have a counter, and to counter it; I would (1) know that I was going to face it, (2) have a division setup and ready to match it; think about that and now how dumb that argument is in a random match.
  4. vikingno2

    Viking boat in fjords port.

    needed to go fishing
  5. vikingno2

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    Yeah there is always a outlier, but it a dam good indication and you know it
  6. vikingno2

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    Longer radar, harder hitting guns, and about 60,000 more HP but yeah no difference.
  7. vikingno2

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    But it would stop the over exploitation of a ship that has a OP qualities, or several
  8. vikingno2

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    Could care less about skill based just want like ships split up
  9. vikingno2

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    Just don't let them have the same class of ship if your in a Division, there problem solved they can play together but can over use a OP ship. If you have 3 one DD, one CA, and one BB or exchange anything for a CV. The same thing I have been saying for a while in MM, anything that you have two up split up one on each side, very simple rule to implement.
  10. vikingno2

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    Didn't matter just rolled radar and over ran one side , yeah great fun
  11. vikingno2

    Ranked Arms Race: Your Picks?

    None its a sucky mode, don't know why we are doing it twice in a row.
  12. Three people in a division, all number one ranked BTW, all Stalingrad division, I would name the Clan and players but I don't want to get a ban. It just crap you do it, yeah you can but its wrong; this is what makes it a sucky experience for many players.
  13. vikingno2

    This might not be a popular idea, but let's see....

    Very rarely have to wait long, but don't mind the occasional smaller team. Would rather them just put in a split up like ships rule if they are going to do something. Than way you wouldn't get 2 Smolensk on one side, of two Missouri, or tow of anything on one and none on the other.
  14. Spotting not you job lol no wonder they are mad at you. Yeah, yeah time limits the amount of planes but as long as there is time you can get more planes. You listed allot of numbers which really doesn't matter because it boils down to this. Before you had a set amount of planes you burned them up you were out, now you don't. Time is your only limit, with a reload factor added. So I guess I could say all ship have limited ammo then which one could call even. However, you have the biggest good or bad impact on a game by far, your main weapon has unlimited range, you use it without giving your position away, and you spotting capability is unmatched buy far, then they added rocket planes that are very, very fast. All this unrivaled impact used to come at the cost of a set limit of planes; now it doesn't. Don't for get you get the, I am going to attack nothing drop to start the regeneration process faster . 4 Somle's on one team is absolute crap and is why I and many other would like to see MM addressed, a simple splitting of ships would help not fix just help. If all four were together then nothing you can do. If the DD was out then you should have spotted it. If you forced them into an area and your Gearing cleaned up, then good team work and you should have gotten comps for it. If that is what you were doing then I would love you have you on the same team as me anytime. Any ship that helps in a team effort I always Comp, I got nine and give them out; not for a bunch of kills per say but holding a corner so the other side can push, baiting ships away from the fight teamwork type of moves. Your Gearing in this example is not unseen due to as soon as the enemy ships get the "detected" statement they know its how far away it is and then a CV whos wants to spot can easily find it. Even easier with RPF, very common in tier ten matches btw. You think you have issue with a Smole try playing DD and getting spotted with one of those 10km away. You are frustrated by waiting for plane regeneration, but the Gearing is at the bottom in spectator mode which would frustrate you more?
  15. vikingno2

    Six Containers 90 tokens

    I didn't by them I got 6 for finishing the directive