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  1. Rank 10+ even worth it?

    Yes its worth it, everybody should test the upper limit of their blood pressure every once in a while
  2. Team Kill Warning

    It says I hit a friendly cruiser, never saw one even close to where I was shooting Doc1.docx
  3. Team Kill Warning

    I just got a 3 game warning, But I didn't kill any one and didn't see any hits to my team anyone. I was in a tier 5 Okt Rev Russian BB. ??
  4. Ranked Adventures

    did you use a premium ship?
  5. Ranked Adventures

    good for you guess you got lucky to be on teams that had a clue
  6. Ranked Adventures

    Not sure yet lol, I wish they would bar premiums from ranked
  7. 7.3 update upcoming

    Ah I want a Wave Motion Gun
  8. 7.3 update upcoming

    Space Battle has a Star Blazers feel
  9. it is, 3 tier 9s against a tier 8 and a tier 9 All I am saying is simple switch the side that only has 2 DD should both be tier 9s against 2 9s and the 8. You can so sad all you want but that's just a [edited] statement with no explanation why it cant just be a little better.
  10. it won't make longer wait time is a simple change, it already tally's up tiers just make it by class too
  11. Just try, please Example 5 DD in a game 3 on one side 2 on the other. Of the 5 DD four are tier 9 one is a tier 8, this is very simple the side with three gets the 8......but heck no that's not what happens. I think WoW could do just a little better.
  12. Rewards for Acheivements

    which flags. is there a list somewhere
  13. Rewards for Acheivements

    Where do you find what the reward is, for example with the first kill you get what ? For a Kraken you get what?
  14. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!