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  1. vikingno2

    Normal DDs can't do ANYTHING versus CVs!

    You broke it down to a yes or no question , either yes (that you define as the very difficult task of doing the highly specified action of "something" ) which means all points brought up are true or the impossible answerer answer or "no" It is garbage logic, you leave no room in your question for any outcome except the one you desire. Hi point as stated by starting with the Trollish title was that DD can do something; he pointed to shooting downs some planes(without context I might add) then he proved some. Which was he hugged a cruiser with AA and sat in smoke. Big whoop. Then the topic progress to hem stating the it east to avoid CVs, for him ROTFLMAO. Yeah we all believe that. To defend his position you broke it down to a yes or no question base on a false premise, with a predestined answer by the way you set it up …...which is put garbage own, smell it. CV have problem they need fixes, yes you can mitigate but there is no hard counter …….yet Periscope depth please
  2. vikingno2

    Normal DDs can't do ANYTHING versus CVs!

    One picture in one game where the DD did nothing but hug a cruiser and sit in smoke, yeah undeniably proves. Seriously put the crack pipe down for a minute So if you point is you can improve from utter hopeless to the lofty goal of futile and boring CONGRADULATIONS point proved. I don't even hate CVs but they need changes, I could list 4 or five and have on multiple post in the forum.
  3. vikingno2

    Normal DDs can't do ANYTHING versus CVs!

    Because you can do "something" proves the point lol garbage logic. You have no argument, so what you do is rephrase the questing to the simplest of terms , presenting a yes or no question to somehow prove a complex issue.
  4. vikingno2

    Normal DDs can't do ANYTHING versus CVs!

    Troll confirmation , moving on
  5. vikingno2

    Normal DDs can't do ANYTHING versus CVs!

    Then don't that's what he said its in his post when he described what happened, yet that gets glossed over yeah I would talk about it any further either. It was a troll post and you know it
  6. vikingno2

    Normal DDs can't do ANYTHING versus CVs!

    The dog pile was because he posted crap, look how good you can do against a CV...……..you only have to park next to a cruiser and smoke and do nothing yah team! What a great expression of tactical genius ; and he says other just blatantly wrong statement statements. CV don't spot me because my low detection; I mean come on if a CV want to find you he can due to the idiotic mechanic of their knowing when their planes are detected. Can you do some mitigating steps against CV sure, but they are still screwed up in so many ways it not even funny. It was a troll post he was hunting for attention good for him he got it
  7. vikingno2

    Free XP Ships

    Soon there will give you double the RB points if you reset a line; it happens every once in a while
  8. vikingno2

    Free XP Ships

    If you don't have the Nelson I would get it its a fun ship to play and as OP said it will go away soon. I have all the Free XP ship except the Hyate and Auzuma. I was really hoping the Vampire II would be free EX but sadly no
  9. vikingno2

    Free XP Ships

    Is there any info on new Free XP ship coming available?
  10. vikingno2

    Dag Nabit

    I will make the Leone work I really will ! It has to be me there is no way they would sell me something that is premium and it not be at a minimum competitive. First ten game right at 60% now down in the 40s
  11. vikingno2

    Petro's stats are bogus

    I have read that and I have heard everything you said before, just telling you what I experience playing against it and with it allot. This would be the first time there was a hidden perk to a ship
  12. vikingno2

    Petro's stats are bogus

    lol yeah it never got lit that's the problem Most the HE hit for no damage or fire, that what I am saying that ship is more tanky that the stats say it is. I have it I play it allot, it just true I get the good part of this and the bad. It should be looked at for one of those minor tweaks on the next patch
  13. vikingno2

    Petro's stats are bogus

    then your lucky
  14. It to fire resistant , I hit one 30 times today in a match one fire. I am in a Moskva with all the flags for fire. Hit a Slava ten times two fires. I have seen it time and time again, these are just more fire resistant than the stats say. No it was not saturated before you bring it up.
  15. vikingno2

    How to be a better player

    It wont matter if you CV is bad , 4 games today three with what looked to be brand new CV who wouldn't spot wouldn't hit low ships. On game we almost pulled out but in the end we lost because the CV sailed straight into them and died. I can send the replay if you like