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  1. vikingno2

    Team Kill 2 games for this?

    know better than to hit something that I didn't even see the whole game yeah your right; with 18k battles you should know better that to say something that stupid. I didn't kill him I didn't even know I hit him until after the game.
  2. I didn't even see that ship 2.docx 3.docx
  3. vikingno2

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    I agree that W/L is not a relevant stat for adjustment; if I understand you correctly we are in a buff cycle instead of a true comparison of relevant statistics
  4. vikingno2

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    So your analysis is its not needed ? Or to adjust every other ship ? Or are you saying we shouldn't compare BB to BBs?
  5. vikingno2

    Opinions on the Tashkent?

    I run Concealment on it, I really like the Tash a very good all around DD IMO
  6. vikingno2

    Trouble getting in

    Well guess I can't don't have a error just a spinning screen, you guys put some requirements in that I have to send a screen shoot of the error to submit a ticket. I will say this making it hard to submit for support will cut down on your tickets, it a crappy way with diminishing returns but still it works.
  7. vikingno2

    Trouble getting in

    The cause for not being able to login is how WoW being seen by Webroot, but I will submit a ticket.
  8. vikingno2

    Trouble getting in

    Looks like my Anti-virus is blocking logging in, I temporarily disable it (Webroot). I reactivate it later to see if the problem disappears. Was there a patch or update that is causing this?
  9. vikingno2

    Trouble getting in

    I'm not able to get in this morning is anyone else having this issue, just getting a spinning wheel when logging in
  10. vikingno2

    New Line's

    I think that the New lines are putting allot are making many ships obsolete, it just feel that way. To me instead of them having quirks that can be exploited it more seems like the new lines are more just changing the game altogether. Maybe that's the point but the game is losing some of the fun it used to have to me. Hope that's not the case. I wish that WG would take a little look at the old normal tech tree's and tweak them little. Just give a little to those who want to stand a chance with the old lines that we spent so much time on.
  11. vikingno2

    Sov.Soyuz - Worst T9 BB by far?

    Not the worst just not very good IMO, still grinding away hope the 10 is worth it.
  12. vikingno2

    I want to BUY STEEL

    I I believe they are trying too encourage more people playing. Don't think is should be sold. The theory is the more you play the better you get, the more you play against better competition same applies. However; some people don't want to be in a clan or play ranked; so give another place to earn the steel. I think is should remain a reward, but also make a Campaign with Steel rewards. Just make the campaign so you cant use Co-Op to fill the mission.
  13. I don't mind the radar in the current form, they only thing is they should consider it in MM. Spread it as even as possible between the teams
  14. vikingno2

    Is T10 worth playing to you?

    Actually it was insulting, he basically said you don't have enough battles to rate an opinion. Which is kind of insulting. That being said I still play my tier tens enough to not get rusty so I can be ready for Clan Battles. But I prefer 5-8 much better, they have just made too many too these burn everything downs type of ships which isn't so bad until you also allow that ship to shoot 16-18km. Not talking about the cruiser of BBs with over 200mm guns, but the ever increasing amount of very small caliber very high DPM type of ships. They need to fix that they treat a fire the same no matter what created by a 240 mm gun the same a fire by a 100mm gun. The fire % on the machine gun type of ships needs to me lowered by allot. A percentage of 10% means nothing when your rate of fire is that high. Additionally the fire started by the small calibers should not last a long either. If you drop a match on the floor you just step on it, you drop a oil lantern you better get a fire extinguisher quick. The way we treat fires are they are equal.
  15. vikingno2

    Exeter vs Furry Taco

    I don't have the Taco, but I play the Exeter often. I like the ship, it can do everything. You just have to make sure that you shots count. You have a low rate of fire and only 6 guns