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  1. Super Containers

    Got one 2 days ago 100 AA flags
  2. Eagles loyalty points over 75 now

    After the Eagles destroyed my beloved Viking's in last years NFC championship game I cannot belong to any team named Eagles!
  3. William Halsey

    I don't really play CVs what type of ship would he be good on?
  4. ? To the Devs...

    Don't care about the Japanese after 1942 unless they are a WG game developer, fix the dam match making
  5. Don't want it removed just use radar as a factor in match making
  6. ? To the Devs...

    just fix matching first 4 and 5 radar ships to one is just B@#!$(*)*
  7. Indianapolis Pt 17

    Ok submitting ticket, thanks Pt 17.docx
  8. Indianapolis Pt 17

    I think I am not being clear, its in my que and nothing I do is being credited toward it
  9. Indianapolis Pt 17

    For some reason I cant start this one, I just finished 18 and it reads as if it available is there something special I need to do before spotting? I have the right ship tier, I don't see any special criteria other than that,
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    sure I'll try and learn, but damm 6 radar ships and a CV is just stupid, only one DD me in a Z-23. It was just boring did what I could. I'm sure someone will say something brilliant like,, " its all about map awareness " . I am aware that because 6 ships can see though any island that using them really doesn't work. I don't mind radar, its over abundance just makes games boring or rather predictable. The previous game was also 6 radars as well but at least we had 3 DDs and some of the DDs torps had longer range than the radar.
  11. Hence the need to L = Luck
  12. you forgot the L for Luck
  13. Possible Solution to Radar

    Not upset , its just not that fun with so much radar. I guess I just camp in the back and hope a torp hits something. For example I was under radar in a game I just played for over 3 minutes straight, just make radar LOS and it would help
  14. Match Making F@^#%%^#%^ Fix it

    I just want a simple +/- one radar ship per ship that's all not 5 on one and 1 on the there 3 vs 3 if odd number not biggie make it close I don't want to get rid of it just even it out
  15. Match Making F@^#%%^#%^ Fix it

    Radar would be fine, smoke not an issue