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  1. Armed Forces players Acknowledgement

    I dont care about the recognition.I did my time had fun met great brothers and sisters.
  2. Major if you get the gremy you will love her
  3. Why you like your username?

    Mine was for the fact 1 I was Navy 2 I was in the Seabees 3 my name is Pete
  4. Enjoy my friends

    Gotta make it amusing for everyone
  5. Enjoy my friends

  6. Enjoy my friends

  7. My Claim of Naval Service

    HA Boy scouts with guns.In all actuality we all got to have service rivalry to have fun.
  8. WoWs NA Twitch Streamers

    Forgot mine needs edited it is for mature.
  9. Hi

    Welcome aboard
  10. My Claim of Naval Service

  11. When SCs become too predictable

    At least you will have plenty for clan wars
  12. Motivation Monday - Rapid Fire

    Atlanta,Minotaur and Sims
  13. My Claim of Naval Service

    I got me an extra copy for that reason.Keep the original at home.
  14. My Claim of Naval Service

    Hince why I carry my cooy of my DD214.I was in the Navy as well in the SEABEES and have been told I should show proof ok you got I whip it show them enough said then I politely tell them a few choice words and move on.
  15. I just don't get the North Carolina

    I was the same way as well.I had to adapt real quick on 9 and 10 plays.Just keep going you will find your groove and style soon.