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  1. Agreed. When speccing a captain for AA, modules for AA, Consumables for AA, and use the sector properly you better have extremely good results. WG should take into account the trade off value specializing defense vs the CV in trade for combat effectiveness vs 11 other non CV boats. Shooting down planes is not rewarding for the defender that I can tell Leaving AA broken 8.0 to 8.5 was a mistake. Not properly balancing CVs currently is a mistake. Making CVs #1 in xp/damage/ spotting (by 2x)/base defense( by 2x)/survivability (3x) isn't a balance attempt, it is just attracting players to an imbalanced design which will drive away other players. It is fine to have a nitch but to given everything there needs to massive drawbacks which are absent. I still have CVs consistently in randoms. I don't want CVs gone, I want them balanced. I ask people how they feel about cv balance in randoms and everyone except the CVs say more nerfs (600-800 people who probably never have visited the forums/read the news/ect.) Currently WG has enough data on what makes CVs popular vs what makes CVs balanced. They have a choice to make.
  2. If you group with a CV you also know what to expect and they work with you. Real world game experience, randoms don't do as well. Big surprise. A CV I was grouped with and I did well ............. everyone else ............ no crapSherlock.
  3. I seem to have been getting all the CVs in my games the last few days. No CVs in queue, no problem here are some anyways. Least now it feels like AA does something and is a worthwhile investment.
  4. Lifelessgamer

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    I was/am watching Noster as well. Hakuryu was the only cv game I didn't see, so that was his first CV game in patch 8.5. Rest of his CV games had him dispatching lone ships with out issue. He could pick off stragglers still. Flying into high tier AA ships he would lose planes but not squads. He hasn't been deplaned once since that first game (I didn't see the first CV game but I will take your word he did because it doesn't matter, he learned how not to be deplaned.) He is also respecting his CVs tomorrow to see how that affects things. At the end of the game he would was not able to field full squad, hence the respec. My guess as well since he didn't play like that the rest of the night.
  5. Lifelessgamer

    Does AA actually do anything to stop air attacks?

    AA doesn't do jack by design. Once WG sells enough premiums they will think about fixing AA. Till then you will keep saying how it is being looked into. Just like the last 6 months.
  6. Lifelessgamer

    AP Bombs OP?

    CV=playing pve vs your AA WG=wasn't that fun?
  7. CVs have been no risk to themselves till the game is over. When that changes then CVs will be getting closer to being done.
  8. Lifelessgamer

    For All those "AA Spec works guys!!"

    Lets compare things honestly for a change of pace. Your CV enterprise opponent was 39% averaging 20k damage , his 69% averaging 85K damage opponent. Furious averages 44k so both your CV opponents combined don't equal his opponent. Then there is the top tier 8 AA build vs tier 6 CVs; you shred his planes.
  9. Lifelessgamer

    Revise Torpedo spreads

    Can't remember the last time I used wide spread torps. Really been years. For that area to become saturated I would need to be on the edge of arming distance and a 90 degree angle. Same situation only shoot torps at 80 degree angle and I don't have a problem with saturation. Both example are moot points though as you can just fire torps from non suicidal ranges and also eliminate saturation. Single torps would increase the risk of saturation hits. I'd take single torps over wide spread every time though due to the utility they bring.
  10. Lifelessgamer

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    This has what to do with this topic? Obviously you go to some forum online and see how many cat videos they posted. Best to see what is being purposed first though. Emergency services ask questions. There are laws against making false calls of emergencies. All calls are taken seriously. I can walk into any bank I have not been to before and get a loan. About as easy as going to a bar and getting a beer for me (I come prepared and know what to expect.)
  11. Lifelessgamer

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    Statements made stand or fall on their own merits. You are trying to muddy the topic by inferring that there is a consistency between game play and forum activity. Forum activity from a game's player base is ridiculously low on PC games. Your logic has a slight hole in it. Example using your logic: If you call fire dept, ambulance, police, ect. and they said they don't know how credible you are to believe because you haven't called before................
  12. Someone posted a copy (link?) of a reddit post I remember reading in one of the threads with some numbers. Around the time when WG said 1 cv games very common, 2 cv games pretty uncommon, and 3 cv games very uncommon. I don't remember the exacts of what the numbers were for each. Total # of games was down. # of CV games was up. # of DD games was down 10% (Only % one I remember off the top of my head.) # of CA games was down # of BB games down Saying goes "If the CV is having fun the rest of the players are not." I find it plausible. Really it doesn't matter. WG profits are probably up due to the CV sales. WG is a business. Businesses are meant to make money. If they make money but lose a few players, they won't care imo. Numbers might not mean anything in the end.
  13. Lifelessgamer

    384 planes downed in one match

    Okay you have my interest. Give me the quote of people doing this so I can laugh at them.
  14. Lifelessgamer

    When will Slingshot Drop Exploit be fixed?

    Idea: Can this invulnerably be used against CVs as well? Beginning of the game go kill the other CV then you are left with an amazing advantage in spotting/damage/ect. If people started doing that, I have a feeling it would get removed quite quickly.
  15. Lifelessgamer

    For Pete's sake, nerf chance of fire already

    Nothing would change with slightly less fire chance. Example: We shoot a guy 20-50 times and no fires. We get hit by one stray shell and we're on fire. You're leaving it up to rng and that isn't the best strategy. You'd be better off asking for fire damage to be reduced by skill or base.