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  1. Rocketmandb

    So Long and thanks for all the fish..

    Not really. In real life, gunners will overlap (overkill) on the same aircraft. They won't evenly split their fire against all incoming attacks. It makes sense that efficiency drops with larger numbers of gunners around - it isn't a linear progression.
  2. Rocketmandb

    So Long and thanks for all the fish..

    Unless you're in a Russian DD, then speed boost, turn away from the torps, outrun them for a few seconds, then turn at about 45 degrees and get out of their path. It's fun when someone on your team is watching you, and you turn away from a cross drop (and across the first drop) and your teammate types "Noooooooo!" then after you get out, "Wow." I just wish that after you've been the subject of repeated attacks, your team's CV could send fighters to defend you...
  3. Rocketmandb

    DD nerfs and CV buffs in 8.2? Seriously?

    I just played with the spreadsheet. If this is how they actually end up coding it, then it makes sense. I played with extreme numbers and in no case did any combination result in lowering of the multi-ship value over the highest ship. If you think about it, multiple ships producing AA defense should never be completely additive. Ships will overlap shooting at the same aircraft, causing inefficiencies. In short, this isn't the big deal people are making it out to be.
  4. Rocketmandb

    Gremy build and captain skills?

    The key skills for the Gremy are: PT - because it's exceedingly useful as a tier 1 skill LS - because without it DDs get deleted EM - because the turret traverse is painfully slow AFT - because the Gremy's 139mm guns have very good velocity and can reliably hit at longer ranges. CE - because That's 13 points on what I consider to be the essentials for this ship. That leaves 6 points, which should be taken as two tier 3 skills (since you need at least one anyway). The three skills that are tops for me are DE, SI and BFT. DE and BFT are useful in every battle to up your DPM, while SI is useful only in some. My current build does not have SI - I have to admit I find it a little limiting, as I'm less inclined to hit smoke or speed boost, and sometimes I get bit for it. The unfortunate thing about the Gremy is that it does not mesh well with higher tier Russian DD captains, as the high tier ships don't require EM, and I feel it's critical for the Gremy. The Leningrad plays similarly, but at tier 7, SE starts to become useful, so it's in the mix too.
  5. Tops are: Devastating Strike: 571 First Blood: 338 Confederate: 236 Favorite: Double Strike - I have an addiction to speed flags
  6. Rocketmandb


    He's probably from Texa
  7. Rocketmandb

    what nation has the best cruisers

    My favorites are Russian. The Tashkent and Khabarovsk are a couple of the best cruisers in the game :)
  8. Rocketmandb


    Another option on the Sims is to use the 10.5k torps, but spec the captain with the +speed/-range skill. It takes the range down to 8.4 km, but ups the speed to 55 knots. This gives you a little bit of a cushion for firing out of spotting distance, but doesn't stick you with mines instead of torps. You still get the crappy damage, but then the short range torps aren't exactly blowing things out of the water either.
  9. Rocketmandb

    Wow! No love at ALL for the Swordfish

    The Swordfish remained operational throughout the war because there was no need to replace it. There weren't enough shipping targets to warrant, and those that existed didn't have formidable enough air defenses to do much to the aircraft. The Swordfish was obsolete when the war began, as were most torpedo planes. - It was abysmally slow (90 knot cruise, 126 knot max) - Had crap range - primarily due to its slow speed - Because it was so slow, it was vulnerable to AA fire. This wasn't much of an issue in the ETA, but in the Pacific it performed poorly against a well-equipped foe. - It had a very poor useful load (~3400 lb for fuel, crew, payload) The only thing it had going for it was it had decent endurance. Even the maligned Devastator was significantly faster and had a bigger useful load. It was a bad plane that was outdated before the first one saw service.
  10. Could someone please check my math? Tier 5 + BB + Not Played Much + Tier 6^2 + OP = Who Cares? And yes, I own it.
  11. I actually really like the ship. With BFT and AFT, it has very good DPM and hits out to 16.8 km. It's sort of like a tier 5 Atlanta minus radar, but with more staying power, better guns and much longer range. I've had it for a couple years and break it out every once in a while. It was a beast in ranked, btw. I used it almost exclusively and sailed right through. In Ranked: Battles: 11 Win Rate: 82% Avg Dmg: 74,386 Avg Kills: 1.5 Kill Ratio: 4.5 As for the OP asking about the build, I run a commander with: PT EM AR (EM is optional here, but I like dodging and weaving and getting the guns on target quicker helps) BFT DE AFT CE
  12. Rocketmandb

    Nicknames you have given to your ships

    Yamato = Yammy Montana = Monty Hindenberg = Hindy Shimakaze = Shimmy Khabarovsk = Kabob Blyskawica = Blizzy Duguay Troin = Doogie Okt Revolutsiya = Okie Musashi = Mushy
  13. Rocketmandb

    Why not be able to trade ships WG?

    That's different. To gift something, you have to pay for it with real money. In-game goods can be earned by using free exp, or just grinding through battles. Do you really want to have a bunch of bots running around?
  14. Rocketmandb

    DM legendary module

    I got the legendary mod a few weeks ago and have played maybe 30ish matches in it. My thoughts: - At first the range bothered me... a lot. But then I got used to working my way closer and, while there are certainly instances where I notice it (or lack of it, more appropriately), it doesn't bother me as much any more. - The double up on power is a game changer. When combined with the rudder shift, it's a game changer XL. Easily every other match there are one or more instances where I dodge torps, incoming shells, etc. that I would not have otherwise been able to dodge. Instead of being game over, it's game on. - The mod makes the ship much more versatile. It allows it to operate in regimes that it would have had no hope of performing in otherwise. - Performing the "slam no the brakes and they'll fly right by" maneuver tends to actually work in the DM with the mod. - Most importantly, it makes the ship 10x more fun to play. When it's early in the match and most ships are at range, the lack of said range hurts. But the longer the match goes, the more ranges tend to condense and this is where the mod allows the ship to shine. My favorite instance of this was a battle where I was getting boxed into a corner in my ~1/2 health DM by a ~2/3 health Massachusetts and full up Edinburgh. I simply headed for the edge line, maneuvered back and forth until I hit the corner, started going down the other edge line firing all the way until both were dead. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that with the double up on +50% engine power, the DM can skim along the edge line at 30 knots. Two thumbs up from me.
  15. Rocketmandb

    Well..Wikipedia dun [edited] up!

    Let's put a few things in context: Civilians killed in specific events in and leading up to WWII: Bombing of Hiroshima: 90,000 - 146,000 Bombing of Nagasaki: 39,000 - 80,000 [edited] of Nanking (by Japanese): 40,000 - 50,000 Manilla Massacre (by Japanese): 100,000 Singapore Occupation (by Japanese): 50,000 - 90,000 Firebombing of Tokyo (2 raids by B-29s): 225,000 Overall Civilian Chinese Casualties (1937 - 1945): est. 3.9 million I would recommend reading the book Pacific Crucible by Ian W. Toll. One of the things he exposes much more so than any other history book I've read is the state of the Japanese government both before and during WWII. Essentially, it was three governments in one: Civilian, Army, and Navy, with the Civilian one living in fear and holding no power. The military arms were driven by war-mongering younger officers who often carried out political assassinations and intimidation to get their way. They would never surrender. Had the US invaded the Japanese homeland, we would have seen what happened on Okinawa on a massive scale. There, nearly half of the original 300,000 civilian Okinawans were killed, some throwing themselves off cliffs rather than be captured by the Americans. The US needed to show the Japanese military leadership that they possessed a weapon that the military could not counter. They considered a "demonstration" nuclear drop on an unpopulated island, but a few eyewitness accounts would not have carried any weight within the Japanese halls of power. The same people who killed those who got in their way to go to war would have killed these witnesses to stay in war. In Japan, these same people were feeding the population that Japan was winning the war. The people did not view the war as a lost cause and would have fought to the death to defend their homeland. While horrible in their suddenness and scale, the fact is that the two nuclear bomb drops ultimately saved lives. There is an interesting article in the Atlantic about this from 1946. One interesting excerpt in an interview with a Japanese officer about American landings and invasion: "Could you have repelled this landing?" we asked, and he answered: "It would have been a very desperate fight, but I do not think we could have stopped you." "What would have happened then?" we asked. He replied: "We would have kept on fighting until all Japanese were killed, but we would not have been defeated," by which he meant that they would not have been disgraced by surrender.