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  1. Satelerevan

    Servers dead again?

    Yeah I ran into that issue myself but after closing and restarting the game client or waiting it out for like 20mins for example, it worked out fine however sometimes I find it easier to just close and reopen it.
  2. Hey guys I remembered posting this on the Asia server forums but thought to share it with you here as well. I did my own review about the latest game updates but this is something I had been feeling for awhile now and something needs to change. You're welcome to watch the video and what not. Take care and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.
  3. Satelerevan

    Is it Possible to Change Servers?

    Currently I'm interested to see if I could transfer my SEA account across to the NA server, but I already do have an NA Account so I was wondering if there were any plans for people moving from SEA or US to EU and vice versa.