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  1. Admiral_Revan_AJSA

    Hiding the UI?

    Heya guys I noticed from the different past patches that whenever you hide the user interface until Ctrl J you were able to shoot randomly with torps or turret shells, was this changed intentionally? Because whenever you hide the interface you can't anymore.
  2. Admiral_Revan_AJSA

    PTS Claim Rewards

    Heya all, I know that some of us use the PTS for testing and fun purposes however whenever you get the message like this one below mentioning about the rewards from the PTS. Is there a better method for Wargaming to automatically send the rewards to the game player? I know it sounds ridiculous at first but I'm looking for a more effective method rather than going through the website and be able to just click "Accept" or "Claim Reward" in game and have the containers or whatever it is automatically sent to you ingame. Rather than having to login onto the website all over again and select what region etc etc etc.... If there isn't a method like this ingame, there should be.
  3. Heya @Hapa_Fodder I had a question raised to me on my discord and thought to share it on here for everyone to see. I was just wondering when the in game chat system is getting an upgrade or some attention? Its literally impossible as a Clan leader to send a global Message to the Clan, there's no real way of telling if someone has read a message, there's no way to urgently contact a player eg. a message that could pop up whilst they are in game or as they login in and message history is flakey as hell, sometimes they just randomly disappear then re-appear again!! I dont mind helping with the changes even but something really needs to be done because at the moment the best way to communicate is actually outside the game eg. Discord and thats an epic fail if people have to use a 3rd party application @Wargaming Staff - Be great if you guys could look into some of these issues cos its super frustrating. Me personally I think it would be great to have a system like that on the game so that you know who has seen the message or not despite of just assuming people have read the message
  4. Admiral_Revan_AJSA

    General question

    Hey guys, I wanted to say great job with the Odin but I have heard some concerns with the game client had been crashing out or randomly dropping out people in the middle of game matches. Is there a possibility to get this investigated? I had it happen to me once but I was able to just reconnect fine but others were not so lucky.
  5. Admiral_Revan_AJSA

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    Hey @Kalvothe do we PM you our applications to you directly? Or on the forums here?
  6. Admiral_Revan_AJSA

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    I would be definitely interested in applying for a CC opportunity, keep us updated though :) @Kalvothe
  7. Admiral_Revan_AJSA

    Servers dead again?

    Yeah I ran into that issue myself but after closing and restarting the game client or waiting it out for like 20mins for example, it worked out fine however sometimes I find it easier to just close and reopen it.