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  1. MrSparkle

    Rework the Yamato!

    Lol wth is that?
  2. How do you counter BBs hanging in the back when you're a BB?
  3. MrSparkle

    Nominees for Ugliest Ship in the game

    Is it Kansas, Minnesota or Vermont that looks like it's made out of LEGOs?
  4. MrSparkle

    Holy Cow, this game SURE IS FUN! WOW!!!

    Stop using that mod and hide your stats. That's what I did. Much less stressful game now. Wish I never used it in my World of Tanks days, it soured the game for me to a point I quit and uninstalled.
  5. MrSparkle

    World of DD

    In lower tiers DDs are often the most common ship. 5 or 6 per team is not unusual.
  6. It's not about balance It's never about balance
  7. MrSparkle

    Tactics to deal with Cristoforo Colombo

    On the contrary, they're looking ahead all right
  8. MrSparkle

    Thunderer -or- Marceau ???

    Only one correct answer right now
  9. MrSparkle

    Georgia or Thunderer

    In my experience so far that's not at all true. Thunderer is crazy accurate at long range while Georgia is only so-so.
  10. MrSparkle

    Loads of Thunderers in Randoms

    I had a 4 Vermont game last night, 3 on enemy team 1 on mine. Plus yeah everyone is getting Thunderer before it's pulled.
  11. MrSparkle

    Battleship choices.

    Massachusetts and Alabama. I prefer the Alabama actually. The guns are crazy accurate. Mass is fun up close but the guns are a shotgun.
  12. MrSparkle

    Sadly, I like the old CV play better

    They could have limited squadrons in the air at a time like now but keep the rest of the RTS gameplay, or most of it. I wasn't a fan of fighter strafing. What about one attack squadron + one fighter squadron in the air at a time? The worst part of new CVs IMO is the fact they can't defend properly against the opposing CV. They can drop a limited time, limited range fighter consumable. wth is that?
  13. MrSparkle

    New Christmas Gift

    Nah these are Altec Lansing ACS45.1 desktop speakers. Got them with my first ever PC build 21 years ago and I've liked them so much I never wanted to replace them.
  14. MrSparkle

    New Christmas Gift

    21 years for me. These speakers and subwoofer are from 1999