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  1. MrSparkle

    The Single Worst Ship for the Game?

    Graf Zeppelin Even if it's fairly rare. It shouldn't be in the game at all.
  2. Lol this whole event was a farce and this is just the icing on the cake. Some nice free camo and coal though so it wasn't a total waste.
  3. MrSparkle

    We need Dual Telegraphs.

    I was just gonna post that it looks like it will wind up like QWOP
  4. I'm in full agreement, and it's also why I don't value Kraken that much. They can also award the "kill" to everyone that did damage to the target, and kills don't affect XP or credits or mean anything anymore. The damage done would be the determinant. No more Kraken either. I play a game that treats kills and damage just like this and it works fine. No kill stealing because kill stat and the kill shot mean nothing.
  5. I heard a rumor that WG is bringing CV gameplay closer to Battlestations: Pacific. In that game you could take control of your planes and dogfight, dive bomb and torpedo bomb. It's not pure RTS like WoWS has been. All I know is they have to equalize plane loadouts and IMO remove strafe + remove fighters getting locked in a dogfight. I use strafe whenever I can when I'm in a CV (which is rare now) but just like concealment which I use on all my US BBs I think it's too strong.
  6. Power creep is their modus operandi
  7. MrSparkle

    Can we have Steven Seagal Back now?

  8. MrSparkle

    Biggest OP thing in the game

    Biggest OP thing in the game is Graf Zeppelin
  9. MrSparkle

    Hall of Fame of World of Warship excuse

    I played a game the other night vs GZ that was wrecking everything, so sometimes "XYZ ship is OP is why we lose..." does apply.
  10. MrSparkle

    Manual Secondary's, worth it or a farce?

    Dispersion decrease and range increase (except for those that already have good range like Mass). That would go a very long way.
  11. MrSparkle

    Manual Secondary's, worth it or a farce?

    It would be optional. You can't be forced to switch to secondaries when mains are reloading. Or how about this: This is now what the Manual Secondaries skill does.
  12. MrSparkle

    High Angle Mode

    If this was an open water game like Navyfield I'd be all for it. But with the island hugging mess this game is right now...
  13. By the time I'm done with eagles loyalty and switched to sharks all the sharks will have switched to eagles. Such is my life. And for the video: "Let's agree from the outset - this event is highly flawed"
  14. MrSparkle

    Manual Secondary's, worth it or a farce?

    If they do it right there's no need to reacquire target. You're just switching guns. You'll have to adjust your aim is all. Then when main guns are reloaded you switch to them and fire. Rinse and repeat.