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    WOWS broke ranked around Season 6 or 7, when they went overboard on difficult and pennypinching on rewards....Since then fewer and fewer players are playing Ranked in a serious way. This means the queue is much smaller in number, and you can keep getting the same morons over and over on your team.... I try to play during high traffic times, but even then the low player count in ranked is very troublesome and makes the wins and losses very streaky.... We ranted on these forums over and over that they should have returned ranked to early season models (more irrevocables, better and more meaningful rewards (eg if you make rank 10 you should earn more than a useless flag)...but to no avail...
  2. 11thACRColdsteel

    Enough with the T10 in Ranked and Clan!!!!!!!

    Perfect....thanks for the info...very cool of you. Appreciate it.
  3. 11thACRColdsteel

    Enough with the T10 in Ranked and Clan!!!!!!!

    When is the next ranked season btw, and has it been announced what tier it will be?