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  1. Been a weird 2 days, I been playing WoWs and having fun. o.O

  2. I have got to easily be one of the worst alpha test players. I at least know this and can grow from there.

  3. Check out my new tag. What was that about sleep? Naw man that is for dead people.

  4. Almost finished with Intro to Scripting class. It is a lot harder when you don't know what to put and how it should be written.

  5. Wonder which forum I'll hit 100+ rep first WoT or WoWs?

    1. madogthefirst


      WoT wins with 102+ rep in the morning.

  6. Uploading a new video (tanks) to my you tube channel, hope someone will check it out. Once it is up in an hour.

  7. Each time you see extreme comments from me just assume I had a few and my brain's content filter turned off

  8. ImageShack works again :)

  9. So many World of Oil Tankers' players are coming over here.

  10. someone say something interesting so I can come up with a comment.

  11. Plays Age of Empires. Sees river and decides that is how I going to kill em

  12. WoWS release date - half past never

  13. If I ever need the encouragement to enlist, North Korea is giving me plenty of it.

  14. The only part I took away from Master Chief Petty Officer was Master Chief :P