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  1. Looking for active CO to run this division and help it grow, PM me if interested Looking for: Active CO as I am the Red Sharks Community Commander I dont always have the time thru 5 clans to be on top of this division. Teamspeak using individual who can get others to be active and competitive and recruit members and officers with same intent in mind. Must Have knowledge of the game and be able to successfully help the division be ready for Clan Battles and such. What you will have: Full rein of the division, My acct will still be place holder for division, but will back decisions of the CO for its future Have own section in TS and forums https://www.redsharksclan.com/ to help with divisional needs Have full command to recruit the members you seek and officers that will help with the divisions growth and future Thanks
  2. We have been having Clan Wars in Tanks so my attention has been there at the moment, Im fixing to do a full run in WOW recruitment and such to bring the division back up to speed and fully functional again.
  3. Looking for Commanders, Officers and members, come talk to us on TS
  4. Devildog8

    Searching for a new clan

    Red Sharks looking for active members and officers
  5. Looking for active members, come have a chat
  6. Red Sharks is Recruiting Experienced Active Members We are looking for TS using individuals who want to compete on the open seas Looking for players who can play 3-4 times a week Looking for Officers and non Officers alike Our goal is to get into Clan Battles and have a very active clan PM me here, or check out our website, or visit us on TS info below in siggy Have a great day