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  1. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    So why should people grind the upcoming French DD line?

    Because they fit my fighting style, which is,. in your face and not caring
  2. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    Strange, my Azuma has hydro.
  3. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

  4. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Literally ironium cannot buy anything useful? lol

    You play normally, you lose nothing. You play space battles for Ironium? That's on you. Don't like Ironium? Simple answer is to ignore it Again: YOU LOST NOTHING. QUIT YA WHINING
  5. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Premium Ship Review #122 - Azuma

    Buy Don't buy Nobody cares. If you don't like the looks of it, the answer is simple, ....................no need for a bunch of whining.
  6. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    Ignorance is bliss for some of us.
  7. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Looking for PC Hardware Recommendations

    I second these choices.
  8. IF this game ever takes a step towards WoWP 2.0, the only respawning I'll be doing is switching to WT.
  9. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    What premium ship tops your wish list?

    Tone / Chikuma Ise / Hyūga Ōyodo Shigure ARP Cruisers
  10. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    WG, why do these exist again???

    You are truly remarkable and unique and special.
  11. One torp, shame on him Two torps, shame on you
  12. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Cool good , Nothing

    You're mad because one free tier 8 didn't turn into two?? Doesn't work that way
  13. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    World of Warships and the Push Toward Faster Matches

    The match making has been very streaky lately. It is very annoying and it is what ultimately drove me from World of Tanks. I am not spending any more money on this game until things get back to where they were, however and when that happens.
  14. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    What happened to my Des Moines?

    Very tough hombre here WG, a man that is used to getting answers and getting them fast. Wee-Gee, I suggest you drop whatever you are working on and provide detailed answers, and also buff this VIP's Des Moines' back to Minotaur levels, before lawyers start getting involved. /s