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  1. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    [PSA] HMS Dreadnought Mission

  2. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Yahagi and Japanese CL's

    "Like the Tone-class heavy cruisers, the Ōyodo-class ships were intended to be scouting cruisers and hence the entire deck of the ship aft of the superstructure was devoted to aircraft facilities." Don't worry MrDeaf,, I like the feeling of somebody trying to make me look stupid, I'm totally used to it.
  3. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Yahagi and Japanese CL's

    Would scouting cruisers fit into this tech tree? I envision weak guns for the tier, but 2 fighter consumables and a spotter.
  4. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    WoWs fans seriously try World of Warplanes!

    Being able to swing matches due to effort and prowess was the best part of WoWP before 2.0 I had more credits than I could spend in WoWP pre 2.0, the economy issue is being overblown in this thread. The fact that nobody talks about the stupidization of the flight model that was introduced in 2.0; It now feels like the planes are fixed in the middle of the screen and everything moves around it, like a diorama or a plane-on-a-stick, tells me nobody here really knows the game. Bots were one thing, nobody liked them but they seemed necessary,.. *re-spawning bots* are mobile game level stupid, and shouldn't be used in a serious multiplayer PC title of any kind. Then you have the removal of plane anniversaries in 2.0, a massive source of free xp, similar to how the upcoming Snowflake event works in this title, with only some kind of vague statement of their return sometime in the future. I got sealclubbed mercilessly by three man DRACS flights when I joined in 1.6, but then I got better, then with more 'incentive' and practice, DRACS became prey. I really, really dislike what they did to the game with 2.0. One game of that 2.0 nonsense and I had to uninstall. Damn painful.
  5. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Japanese Premiums

  6. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    promised halloween container fails to show up

    It seemed to replace a Halloween container I already had.
  7. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

  8. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    How many lines should you limit yourself to?

    All of them.
  9. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    In 1400 battles in the YY......

    This just makes me play destroyers, *and play them well*, for days and days on end. I love the way you control vision, eliminate enemy dds, then farm battleship damage as they cower in a corner until the counter runs out.
  10. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    PSA: Jean Bart being sold in Premium Shop Now + 228K Coal in Arsenal

    I hear ya. I just dismounted all my free xp flags. No sense in wasting doubloons.
  11. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Washington vs Kirishima battle article and report

    You make some fine points here.
  12. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Warship coupon not working

    I got one and determined it means more to WG to give it than it was for me to receive....
  13. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Remove Situational Awareness - Fixes many problems

    The game was fine before they baked this into every captain. I've long advocated for this crutch to be removed from warships and tanks, it has no real life analogue and feels a little too much like magic. Its not abused here as much as it is in tanks, but i don't think some could even play these games without it, but it reminds me too much of a console game concept. Games like these, sim-cade, or just arcade with realistic elements, still suffer an immersion hit when voodoo such as SA are prevalent.
  14. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Kitty Purrfurst #3 Code

    Thank you
  15. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Just Wondering Who Complained About Super Containers and Why

    I saw no clear insult directed towards you, in fact, it looked to me that people were trying to avoid it.