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  1. Weapon_of_Proliferation


    I don't remember a single forum post asking for the sounds to be changed.
  2. Funny how I buy less doubloons after this change.
  3. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Ships pulled off: Jean Bart, Missouri, Musashi, etc

    But how does that effect the 'economy'? How much somebody earns on Missouri has nothing to do with what items cost for other people, 'supply and demand', inflation, or anything to do with 'economics'. For example, A person could earn 10Billion credits with Missouri. However, they cannot buy up all the teir 10 battleships and cause a price increase due to increased demand. I don't think this game even has an economy.
  4. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Ships pulled off: Jean Bart, Missouri, Musashi, etc

    People keep saying this. I wish I knew what it meant.
  5. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    explain your forum pic, keep this post alive for everyone !!

    My future unicum-self.
  6. Because they are greedy, and admirals bounty was too much like getting a deal, but removing the ad would cost $10, so that's not going to happen.
  7. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    California in Premium shop (edited)

    I think you should, teach 'em a lesson they won't soon forget!
  8. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    is Hapa_Fodder over worked ?

    WG tends to burn these people out. It's happened in World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and is sure to happen here. Corporate will be corporate.
  9. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    14 km Concelment "WIP" Slava= Mind Blown

  10. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    How Much Steel Is Possible To Earn in 1 Year?

    I would say around 50,000 a year is possible, perhaps a bit more for those that complete the typhoon level personal steel mission and rank out every season.
  11. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Gorizia restoration Cost?

    Just save up the amount you would need for any other tier 7 cruiser.
  12. I find it suspicious that a launcher for a single game needs ~150Mb of updates inside the span of a week. Not game updates, launcher updates. When I had three WG titles installed, the launcher only needed periodic updates, and was not noteworthy. But now, I am down to just WoWS installed, and the launcher updates are more frequent than ever. Can we have some confirmation of what is happening here? If not confirmation, I am willing to accept theories.
  13. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Taking shells after going dark

    Do you guys posting "It's a normal feature of the game, you just don't know how to escape incoming fire" really think that we are going to start complaining about regular stuff after 10K+ battles? What the OP is talking about is a scourge upon the NA server that needs to get sorted out yesterday. I don't know for sure, but I strongly suspect there is some illegal mod that WG is having trouble with detecting, as this started getting really out of hand recently. I've been taking hits from secondary incoming that was fired long after my spotted icon went out, sometimes 2-3 salvos extra after the light is out.
  14. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    8x free shadow Lurker camo still available