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  1. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    People quitting the game

    That's when I quit. The writing was on the wall in 4K by that point, and I saw no point in stretching things past the breaking point and burying the good memories I did have. I am really glad I left when I did, and just reading this one thread once again confirms to me it was the correct decision. I'll check back in six months when another several thousand have perma uninstalled and see if WG has started to care yet, but more out of morbid fascination with all the Stockholm syndrome cases that just cant help themselves from supporting this garbage, rather than any real interest in returning. The bad taste left in my mouth from 2020 is still too strong for me to even consider putting this title back onto my PC. Really guys,.. you won't die or blow up and dry away if you leave this game, in fact, it can be a very enjoyable experience, liberating.
  2. People, either players, or especially managers, are not conditioned to hearing things in this tone,,.. that doesn't mean it shouldn't be said. This is absolutely the correct and healthy way of looking at this.
  3. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Who will actually uninstall and quit?

    Victor loves you, my child. I Have not played since December 2020, then saw the introduction of submarines and the vile behavior of WG management and uninstalled a few days ago.
  4. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Da respect from WG.....

    I wish just once I would see you take a meaningful stand on anything, rather than buzzing around the sidelines mealy-mouthing. Enjoy your garbage. /Uninstalled.
  5. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    They have a week to think it over but then so do we...

    Aye lad, this is not asking too much at this point.
  6. Weapon_of_Proliferation


    Let's face it,... LWM was too good for wargaming anyway, the cosmos is more equitable now that she stopped wasting efforts on a company that only cares about squeezing every dime they can out of their existing playerbase, gets caught bold face lying so much its now a seasonal tradition, and willing to burn bridges with all the people that supported them early on, relying on a peanut gallery of self-righteous grovelers who are too thick to realize they are actually enabling this self-immolation culture that WG at large has taken on since 2018. I predicted the chickens would come home to roost this summer, and while it worked out a bit differently than I predicted, on some levels, this mass exodus of players and CCs exceeds my most optimistic expectations.
  7. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Potato Quality hits nail on head about WoWs

    Dude, i would still be playing and paying if WG didnt make so many greedy and myopic decisions in the last two years. Shelf life? No. I was perfectly happy to continue playing without additional new content, their changes only shortened the games "shelf life" for me, and apparently many others.
  8. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Remove collision from underwater obstacles for gods sake

    With the way everything is getting dumbed down so that even grandma can play, you would think this would be another ...no-brainer.
  9. I am going to go ahead and take a guess that nobody can effectively counter this point in this thread.
  10. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    I want to like WoWS, but I hate it

    This is it, right here.
  11. In China, there is a server still running World of Warplanes 1.9. I feel 'the war' is lost...
  12. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Any News on Commander Rework?

    In case anyone from WG is reading this.....The above is an accurate representation of the sentiment felt towards your company after the disastrous two month period starting in December 2020 by a large number of your former player base. I also just want to emphasis to Vic and Co, that the new, casual, playerbase they are trying to attract only has access to their parent's credit card, and they are very flighty. They go as easy as they come, and I doubt they spend enough to maintain your current lifestyle. Just food for thought for the kind of thinking that already sunk one title, and turned your main title into a kind of running joke among gamers. Why you would want to ruin your last legit game, just to follow in the footsteps of WoT or WoWP, well, that is hard to understand. Perhaps some direct talk about what you need out of this franchise, so we, the users, can understand why so many bone headed decisions are getting made these days. I mean, afterall, it was us that bought your yachts in the first place.
  13. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    Nelson being pulled... ?

    This guy gets it. /end thread
  14. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    5 year veteran quitting. End notes.

    When you guys that see no problems, or not enough of a problem to speak out, and witness the trashing of so much of the established, dedicated playerbase,... what make you think WG values your input either? Are you trying to brownie point your way to good RNG? Do you think you are smarter than the alphas and 2016 accounts? Or is it you just don't care enough, and derive some kind of sadistic pleasure from running down the people that have supported this game financially since the day the premium shop opened? People are fighting to convince WG that they are heading down the wrong path, and instead of supporting that effort, so many of you do your best to stifle that effort. Really? Is it any wonder that evil reigns on this planet? Where are your souls?
  15. Weapon_of_Proliferation

    5 year veteran quitting. End notes.

    I am sorry, I quit the multi-quote meme over 15 years ago. Ever heard of the saying "If the shoe fits"? I guess the difference is, the one group refuses to accept trash, and the other group is eager to gobble it up. I know deep in my heart I know of what I speak, and that is the only entity I need to placate, not you, or the rest of cadre of lemmings that are unable to see the writing on the wall, despite the examples previously set by WoT and WoWP.