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  1. Njanear


    Japan has plenty of unique commanders - I have a Dragon, a Cat, umpteen ARP commanders, … ;)
  2. Njanear

    Chinese New Year containers

    I actually got the HuangHe camo from a free one, along with a few 5000 Free XP ones - all the rest were small camo packs.
  3. I wound up going for this and as luck would have it, I lost out. I bought all 3 packs - I didn't get the ship until #3. I did get the duplicate Irian camo for it so a little back, but I also only got 1 out of the 4 other ship camos. I got a lot of one-use camos and did hit 3 of the 8 day Prems, but all in all, a bust for me. Oh well...
  4. Njanear

    Last 5 santa crates and a surprise!

    In the name of science (actually, maybe I should blame the OP for making me do it ), I picked up 5 Mega gifts just to see if I might get just that one ship that has been evading me from the list. So out of 5 gifts, I pulled 30 Hydras, 30 Ouroboros, 2000 doubloons and 2 ships with 10pt commanders - a Monaghan (4600 doubloons) and <drumroll please>… Le Terrible. Yea, I did want to get it for the collection. Now to knock the snowflake off of it.
  5. You are using the right tiers for non-Premiums, right - T5 and up?
  6. I just did a count and I have 177 ships that I have to farm these snowflakes off of. Looks like I will be a little busy these next few weeks.
  7. Awesome! Congrats on your new ship.
  8. Njanear

    Thanks Santa!

    I second the comment on the WoT boxes. I went a little over budget on them but wound up with tanks and gold coming out my ears. ;) Besides using the gold to buy some tanks for the collection, I am thinking to snag some more Premium time before the big 0.7.12 change.
  9. Team: Perhaps I missed it elsewhere but in the second step of Today's mission #1, there is a Secret Santa crate. My WoWS luck was as normal - got 4 camos. My son found a Super Container waiting in place of a Santa package - when he opened it, he got a Monaghan + 10pt Captain. So if you were thinking of skipping WoWS tonight, don't - just play it enough to get through that 2nd step. PS: not sure who still plays WoT here but the Santa packages over there sure have been nice (they made up for my lack of WoWS Santa luck) - made me spend a little more money than I wanted to but covered me with tanks, gold & premium days. Just wanted to mention it with the Prem day changes looming...
  10. A total of 85 crates open (60 small, 20 medium and 5 megas) and no ships to show for it. I keep getting a lot of those camos too... :(
  11. Njanear

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    Sadly, this has been a serious bust for me. I bought 20 more 'smalls' as well as had 20 more 'smalls' gifted to me and to sum up those 40 crates: 300 doubloons x 6, 4 NY Streamers x 14, 10k Free XP x 3, 50 Zulu x 7, 50 papa x 5, 50 Zulu Hotel x 3, & 50 ESCL x 2. If I thought I was disappointed with the chances in others purchases, it has nothing on these... 85 containers and not 1 ship. :(
  12. Njanear

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    Well, I took my chances and did not do well. 5 Megas: netted 4000 doubloons and 60 NY Streamers 20 Bigs: netted 3000 doubloons, 70 NY Streamers, 6 Type 59s, 15K coal, 30 Leviathans, 15 Dragons, 30 Wyverns & 30 Ouroboros 20 $1: netted 1200 doubloons, 20K Free XP, 2500 Coal, 12 NY Streamers, 100 Papas, 50 ESCL, 100 Zulu Hotels & 250 Zulus :( As with everyone else, I would have loved another ship to fill my port but it wasn't meant to be. I would have done better to just wait for a 30% off sale. That's the way the cookie crumbles...
  13. Thanks, all. I must say that the bonus to this is that the ship dropped with a 10pt Captain - in looking back at the Nueve mission, he was only going to be 6pts. Desmo: nice record of tracking your SCs. I swear that I have gone much longer between them than you - so I am hoping a ship is right around the corner for your port. Fingers crossed!
  14. Actually, I never do TML anymore. This and the 15K coal came from resources containers - I am coal-greedy. ;) Thanks Thanks. I actually like those funky camos. :) The last camos I got were the Gamescon and I want to say that was only a 25 pack.
  15. I wish I still had a lot of those Frosty Firs - great grinding camos for me. I spent way too much myself but did have better luck on my ships (if you count Hood, Huanghe & Perth as being better luck ;).