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  1. After reading Khafni's post about the month of TYL containers, I decided to try that for August. In order to do that, I had to empty out my stash of Resource containers that I was working on. During the accumulation (which I started in mid-April after I screwed up the one I started April 1st), I opened up all special containers (like German CV, Twitch, etc.) at the point of collection as well as 5 in-game 'odd balls' to prevent them from affecting the end results. On the 78th container, I screwed up and selected 1 TYL vs Resource. It was 4 flags but I forgot to write down what they were (as you can see, it wasn't that memorable). I received 4 Supercontainers during the run The 54th container was 100 Sierra Mikes The 115th container was 100 India XRay The 153rd container was 15,000 coal The 217th container was 50 Restless Fires camos There were 242 remaining as of this morning, and with one click - here is what they gave me: 118,400 coal 79,000 Free XP 5 Type 2 camos < looks like I might have missed selecting a container and got a system-generated one in there. 123 November Foxtrots 84 Juliet Charlies 4 India XRay 4 Victor Lima 87 Zulu Hotels 4 Mike Yankee Sox 145 Papa Papa 79 Zulu 4 India Delta 37 Hotel Yankee 249 ESCLs 25 duplicate symbols (of 21 different types - multis on 3) 11 duplicate shields (of 9 different types - multis on 2) Those duplicates netted me 540,000 silver Not too bad for free containers. Since I am a Co-op main (and an 'essential employee'), I typically only worked for 2 containers a day during the week and then tried for 3 a day on the weekends (unless life or WoT gets in the way ;). I will let everyone know how my TYL August experiment goes.
  2. You have inspired me to try these for 1 month, just to see what happens.
  3. Njanear

    Weekend Spree July 17-19 2020.

    I am envious. As hard as I have tried, I have not yet been able to kill one ship in this thing (in Co-Op, no less). I have worked them down to as low as 4K HP and then someone else finishes it while I try to get some planes back to it. :( I will keep trying...
  4. Njanear

    German CV Missions

    I got the T6 during the 1st Directive. I keep hoping that the others will show up so that I can get to some free camos, but not yet...
  5. Njanear

    It was tough but no PR disaster.....

    You do realize that you can ignore the CVs or even the Random missions, and still complete this, right? Even that DD mission you mentioned isn't required as long as you can complete 7 of any of the other missions to go to the next level. I am strictly PVE and am already halfway done with the last directive - and have not completed any of the CV missions since I suck in them (have been chipping away at them, but I still suck... :( ).
  6. Njanear

    Getting waiting for Authorization

    I was having this issue prior to the last update. I could predict when it would happen as the WGC would be real slow in updating its WoWS page - when I would click, it would go to the ship screen and then eventually sit there and spin, awaiting authorization (i.e. never connect). To get into WoWS, I would have to sign out of Windows (or restart the PC), sign back in and then immediately load the WGC before opening any other programs. I tried to use Task Manager to see if that would resolve it and it wouldn't - I always had to log out or reset the PC. WoT was never an issue - unless I had tried WoWS first and it hung up; then WoT would be out of commission until I logged out of Windows and came back in. As I mentioned, it seems to have fixed itself for me with this last update.
  7. Njanear

    german carriers container

    I was lucky and got the T6 mission on my 2nd free container - I am usually not that lucky. I now hope that I pick up the other 2 to win enough tokens to get a free camo.
  8. Njanear

    Some goodies for Twitch prime users

    Did you make sure that Amazon was also linked to your WG account (as NavyMan47 mentioned a few posts up)? As soon as I did that, then logged out and back in, I had the freebies and the mission waiting for me.
  9. Njanear

    Can anyone purchase the dockyard bundles?

    They were really trying to sell me on the Starter Pack - after I got my 1st Level, they were still pushing me to get the Starter pack. When I got the 2nd one done, they stopped begging me to buy it.
  10. Njanear

    Try Your Luck Container

    I usually do the Resource container but messed up yesterday and chose Try Your Luck on one of them. I decided to open it (I usually hold them until I have a big batch - only 119 right now) and was awarded with... 4 whole flags. Every time I have selected it, I get 4 flags. Therefore I am sticking to resources for now.
  11. Njanear

    Horrible marketing

    I must be in the minority - I have been really liking getting the coal and now tomorrow, I have to get the subs. :( Give me the coal instead... :)
  12. Don't hold that against him. :)
  13. Njanear

    Error Directive 1 : Earn 2200 base XP

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/217975-are-the-directives-broken/ Another player had the same issue as you, with the same base number (2202). The directive says 2200 base, not 'more than 2200', so I am wondering if it was poorly designed and thus looking for exactly 2200.
  14. Njanear

    Are the directives broken?

    But you did not meet the directive. It said a 2200 Base game... you did 2202. :) I am only half-joking on that as I seem to recall a similar issue like that over the last year or so. There is another thread out there where the player got the same base as you (2202) and did not get it: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/217970-error-directive-1-earn-2200-base-xp/
  15. Njanear

    Premium Ship Review #143 - Orkan

    That would happen - after I bought it at full price.