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  1. Oops. Must have been thinking about WoT B tanks or the ARPs - it has been one of those days. Now to go throw more +% credit camo on there to grind those credits. Have a great evening...
  2. I must have missed that in the notes. When did the B versions get to change out the camo? ETA: nothing to see here. Confused the B versions with something else.
  3. Njanear

    50k Base XP in 3 days...

    I am actually back to playing more WoT now due to these 'enhancements' and 'gifts'. :(
  4. I got the T5 on my 4th crate. Usually I am not that lucky...
  5. Njanear

    so i got the "free" dd

    I had 78 to go so went ahead and got a 7 pack (had to buy 3K doubloons to have enough, so it cost me $15). Now I have it to go try out - and also have to work on my other DDs to get a Khab & Gearing to go with their new camos. ;)
  6. You don't lose anything - just the date changes.
  7. Technically it wasn't in your port at the time of purchase - that is why you saw it like that. ;) At least 8K doubloons was a great return (on top of the slot and a 10pt Captain) - I think that the people that bought the Bama yesterday only got 7616 doubloons for that T8. In the end, you wound up with 3 great ships. Congrats! ETA: for kicks, I just checked out the purchase box and noted that if the Boise had already been in your port, you would have actually only gotten 5207 doubloons, so you really made out pretty well.
  8. Njanear

    $100 what ships we buying

    OP - do you play any other WG games (i.e. Tanks or Warplanes)? If so, be advised that there are 2 certain Premiums that only work for single games (Warships and Tanks) that provide increased bonuses in the respective game. If you are going to play 2 or more of the games, then either go through the Warplanes shop or grab the WARGAMING premium in Warships at the bottom of that page. For a new player, I think stepping up through T7 is OK - you just have to pick what you want and start there (find the LWM collection and read through them until you find one that really interests you). Grab a T8 if you want - but then run it in Co-Op to build your Captain up and get some experience, as popping in games against experienced players can be humbling and frustrating (and the chats can get rough). Good luck and welcome aboard.
  9. Njanear

    I'm Done Opening Crates WG

    I did let myself fall for it too and bought 7 crates. I got the T5 mission from it - better than nothing...
  10. Yes - I have 1 dupe so far.
  11. Njanear

    I am unable to access the Armory

    Work has been a little crazy so just got around to logging a ticket for this. I will advise back when they respond.
  12. Njanear

    Armory Troubles?

    Like me, he is using the 'classic client' which does not include the check/verify option. I have had 0 luck myself - I guess they don't want my money for those containers just yet. :(
  13. Njanear

    I am unable to access the Armory

    I appreciate the suggestion but on both machines, that either gives me a blank screen or defaults back to the WoWS home page. Any thoughts on that?
  14. Njanear

    I am unable to access the Armory

    I have 2 Win10 PCs loaded with WoWS (1 upgraded correctly while the other had issues - after a forced reinstall, its current version of WGC doesn't have the Check/Fix option), and I cannot access the Armory on either one. The base blank screen pulls up (with the word ARMORY at top and also a close button) but there are no menus/buttons/pictures/etc. for the actual content. Any thoughts on how to fix that?
  15. Njanear

    10 Air Supply = LOL

    I bought 2 5 packs last week in the hopes of getting the Graf and Enterprise (already had Saipan and Kaga). I wound up getting camos, flags and some coal - useful items but not what I was hoping for. :( Well, my kid gifted me another 5 today as an early Birthday present. I got 60 camos - and both of the carriers. Needless to say I am pretty happy about that.