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  1. Well, the good news is that when you get through that 1st 24 mil PD, it gets easier... Not really. I am almost through the 4.7 million Credit mission and looked at the next one - 21 million PD. :( BTW, I have experienced some of the same things many of you are - Bots abandoning whatever cap I start at, Bots shooting things further away than me, etc. It is pretty crazy what the newer programming seems to have done with them.
  2. Njanear

    Potential Damage

  3. Njanear

    Brisbane event Cost

    I guess that means that all of the real missions are very ODD. Get it - Missions 1, 3, 5... I'll see myself out.
  4. Njanear


    Hello & welcome to the forum!
  5. 163 million at 2029 EST - on a Wednesday. We will get that 1st one - not so sure about #2 though.
  6. Njanear

    SuperContainer time

    My son just opened his monthly SC and actually got a ship - a Tier X Hayate! And here I was - excited about getting 1000 doubloons.
  7. Njanear

    SuperContainer time

    1000 doubloons here.
  8. Njanear

    New Journey to the West Progressive chain

    Thank you for the breakdown. I didn't go for it as I already had all of the ships and don't really need the 'extras', but my son tried. He came out with 1000 doubloons from the SC, a Bajie & 10pt CO and then the Hood (the only T7 he was missing). I thought he did OK.
  9. Njanear

    Sa Zhenbing

    So where are you at now? ;)
  10. I am CoOp only and came close - stopped at Lvl 25 by the crazy Base XP missions. I play a lot more than to just Container #2 though (usually I get thru #4 during the week - max it out on the weekend when I can).
  11. I got as far as Mission 25 but I am simply just too tired of the Base XP missions (especialy since I am a CoOp guy) and I really just want to save my little bit of doubloons for now. It isn't like I really need another ship in port anyways - 542 is enough to keep me entertained. I am about to reset a line for RP and have already decided that I am going to just take my time over the next 3 months to get it done - and if it goes past that, then it goes past it... Now to figure out which line I want to run back through.
  12. Njanear

    Silly question

    Only when farming Potential Damage that all of those missions require.
  13. Njanear

    Potential Damage mission tactics

    I like my Salem but really find the Alaskas do a good job of drawing some heavy PD too. ETA: I am a CoOp main.
  14. Njanear

    Who and when gets a cashback 100% coupon?

    Not necessarily. I asked my son to check his account and it turns out he did not have a date entered - that probably explains why he never got one of those coupons. I told him to put a date in so we will see if he gets it then.
  15. Njanear

    Santa's Gifts

    OK - a silly question to ask on Page 6 of this but: did I miss a counter in WoWS for the gifts (i.e. like showing you had 3 Big Gifts to go before you got a 'mercy' ship}? Just wondering as I was playing WoT and noticed that they do have an active counter as gifts were being unwrapped (up to the Mercy reward). I don't recall seeing that in WoWS but since I have all of the ships now, I can't check myself.