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  1. GoaJim

    Anchors Away - What to Expect at Each Stop

    My post was more for the OP.
  2. GoaJim

    Anchors Away - What to Expect at Each Stop

    Just so you know, it's 'Anchors Aweigh'. As in, you are going to weigh anchor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weigh_anchor
  3. GoaJim

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    This. Karma and game play are not related. At all.
  4. GoaJim

    Anybody download tanks then never play it?

    I d/l WoT, created an account, did the tutorials, but never played it. Then my buddy played WoWS and insisted we play it, but I'd forgotten my password, and my email acct with Yahoo was messed up, so I had to create a new account on WoWS. Then I played WoT a few times, and didn't really care for it. WoWS is more my style.
  5. GoaJim

    When was the map, "Ocean" released?

    Instead of opinions. here's a FACT: Ocean is rarely played. Ha, ha.
  6. "High-tier" means nothing, anymore. Newbies are buying high-tier ships, and good players are seal-clubbing tier 4. Can't really blame the good players for wanting to win.
  7. It's really coming together.
  8. "Here come ol' flat top, he come groovin' up slowly..."
  9. GoaJim

    PSA: Forum Restructure

    I just post from work. They hate it when I get naked to post.
  10. You are right, of course, but it reminded me of the game I sailed into the cap, smoked, then moved to a different part of the cap. I chuckled quietly to myself as I saw multiple torps and shells go into the smoke.
  11. GoaJim

    PSA: Forum Restructure

    I'm already naked.
  12. GoaJim

    Let's get our priorities straight!

    Maybe we've discovered the real reason that gameplay has suffered in recent months: People are much more concerned with getting shiny new toys than they are with winning, or improving their play. I suspected it all along, but the complaints about Puerto Rico confirm it, imho.
  13. GoaJim

    I'd Like Better Statistics

    I think it might help people learn to play different ships better. I think I know how to play DDs, for the most part, but I'm not good with Cruisers, and worse with Battleships.
  14. I'm happy that we have websites that summarize and analyze our gameplay, but I wish there were more/better stats available. Like: Average damage/caps/sinks in Wins Averages in Losses Record when doing more than my average damage Record when doing less Record when surviving Record when getting 1/2/3/4+ torp hits Things like that would help me be a better player, because I would know what to concentrate on. I realize it's probably a big job, and likely isn't going to happen, but one can dream.
  15. GoaJim

    Who have you seen in game

    I think you did delay them long enough. Some better shooting by us (including me) in B would have turned the game around. As it was, we lost by about 150 when time ran out.