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  1. Only thing I remember from it is the shower scene.
  2. Because the cruiser's torps have a range of less than 10 km?
  3. Just wondering, what do you think the spotting range is for most destroyers? Did you know DDs can be spotted by planes? Did you know that some ships have radar? Did you consider that, if what you say is true, that DDs would have much higher damage and sink numbers than they do? I play DDs almost exclusively, but my average damage is about 30k. If I could hit BBs anytime I fired torps, don't you think that would be higher?
  4. GoaJim

    Gonna take a break

    I always assume my teammates are idiots, and play accordingly. Often, I'm right.
  5. GoaJim

    When a DD tries to ram a larger ship visualized.

    You mean Rocket League isn't real?
  6. This sounds right. In the same way, You wouldn't have seen WWI-era infantry bunny-hopping, like you do in modern FPS. Bunny-hopping always cracked me up-I guess it's fun, but totally unrealistic.
  7. GoaJim

    KMS Siegfried

    In the interest of fairness, I demand her sister ship, the KMS Roy.
  8. GoaJim

    Balanced MM "tree" SPOTTED!!

    Well, he DID say it only happens to bad players, so maybe there's a reason it's not happening to you. Or me, for that matter...
  9. GoaJim

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    It looks like you are playing IJN DDs a lot. IMHO, these are the most difficult ships to play. Fair warning. Also, your winning percentage isn't that bad for how many battles you've fought.
  10. GoaJim

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    You have a point, I'm not a big fan of co-op. But there is a reason cops and soldiers don't train on a shooting range that fires back. My point being, sharpening one's shooting skills can be productive.
  11. You have a point, but just think about the damage that could be done if all 3 BBs had rained down damage-they could saturate the area to at least chase off the red DDs, could they not? The reds seem to do it to me on a regular basis.
  12. GoaJim


    Or, as we used to say in Battlefield 1942, when we sank the enemy carrier, "Enemy submarine spotted!!!"
  13. I want a Supply/Repair ship. Make all other ships have limited ammo/torps, but if a Supply ship gets within 1 km, it gives the other ship full ammo. It also repairs half their damage. Not every battle would have one, of course, but the side that did have one would have an advantage, countered by the disadvantage of being down one warship. Or, make one ship per battle the Supply ship at random. I don't expect WG to implement this, but you asked me what I wanted, and anyway, I'm bored at work.
  14. GoaJim

    Why do people hate the DD so much

    I don't see the DD hate. Perhaps you are playing on a different server.