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  1. GoaJim

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    My friend and I joined WOWS about the same time. We've played other multiplayer games for decades. We both noticed that we do better solo than when in a division with each other. I think it's because A) I am distracted by talking, and B) I often expect him to be somewhere he's not. We are both slightly better than average players. For what it's worth, my other account is OhJim. Look up my stats (all solo). Go ahead, I'm proud of them. :D
  2. GoaJim

    How to support DD

    Just so y'all know, when I head for a cap in my DD, I almost always continue to it. But if the enemy shows up with half a dozen ships, and lights me up, I'm bailing. If you got too close in your BB, it's your problem. I appreciate the support, but if I die, or if I run, you still aren't getting my spotting, but at least if I run, I might help later in the battle. As someone else pointed out, it's up to the cruisers to support the DDs early. If I'm only supported by one BB, I'm going to be VERY careful, and yes, I might decide that another cap is better for me and the team. And, yes, communication is important.
  3. GoaJim

    are DDs OP?

    This pretty much sums it up. As an almost exclusive DD player, when I play well, I usually win, but one mistake, and there goes my ship, if not the whole game. I also note that, since DDs are harder to play well, there will be more bad DD captains than good ones. This includes me-it took me a long time to become acceptably good.
  4. I had a game not long ago where one guy spammed, "Teammate, I need your support" almost the WHOLE GAME. I called him a "noisy bastard" a couple of times; no response. As it turned out, he and I were the last two ships on our team vs two red ships. We were behind, but he distracted them long enough so I could sneak into their cap in my DD, long enough to put us ahead in points, then I sailed into the sunset with a win. I figured maybe he didn't speak English or something.
  5. I will remember your advice next time I get into a tier X match. (I will NEVER get into a tier X match. My Akatsuki is very happy playing against tiers V to IX, thank you very much.)
  6. And Ted Williams couldn't understand why everyone else didn't hit .350. Your stats seem to show you're a good player. Not everyone can be that good. I've never bowled a 300 game, but some people do. I've never hit a baseball 400 feet, but some do. Did you see the story on the contest to see who could kick a field goal of 40 yards? 100 people tried; NOT ONE succeeded. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/ct-spt-bears-goose-island-field-goal-challenge-20190112-story.html I'm sorry I don't have an "encyclopedic knowledge of every other ship". I guess I'll have to be happy with my 51% win percentage, knowing I'm helping my team.
  7. GoaJim

    Island camping

    This. Very much this.
  8. I tend to agree with the concept. Mainly because I average 27-30k in my 15,500 hp Akatsuki.
  9. Exactly the way I play. And her low arc of shells make it easier to hit targets. When I was working my way up to tier 7 in my new account (OhJim) I couldn't hit anything.
  10. This is correct, imho. Spotting, torping, and always being ready to run away, especially when you see several red heavies heading your way-there's going to be a DD in front of them with better detection than you have. I got into a tier 7-9 game last night in my Akat; "only" did 30k damage, but finished 4th on my team.
  11. Yep, yep. When I get into an uptier game in my Akatsuki, I figure the best I can do is kite 2-3 ships while dodging, and hope my teammates can take advantage.
  12. GoaJim

    Been Grinding up the IJN DD Line

    I will enthusiastically echo these sentiments. I have over 1,000 games in my Akat, and have no desire to play any other ship or tier. Except Derzki, when I get sunk early and want to play something while I wait.
  13. You mean he had to play pink for the next two games? Oh, the horror, the horror. If you feel bad, give him karma and move on. By Thursday, neither of you will remember it.
  14. GoaJim

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    Let me explain to you how to play Akatsuki. (Kidding, kidding. She's a fun boat.)
  15. GoaJim

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    If someone says, "This is how to properly play the Akatsuki", then I care about his stats. (I would never say that.) If someone says, "I have had success doing this in Akatsuki", then I don't care about his stats. (This is what I would say.) I have never looked up someone's stats in a game, but I can see why it might be helpful. I'm still not going to do it. It takes all of my brain to concentrate on the game itself.