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  1. St_Shadow

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Requires 5 Tier X ships? Sounds like another suck-up ploy for the advanced folks only, it does nothing, absolutely nothing for players trying to get to tier X. Repeat the branch again with more experienced captains again new players??? I guess we know who the developers want to please. How about something for new players and doing something to get MORE players not less.
  2. Sorry but it was a "Team Kill" penalty, rework dodn't change anything about that. You guys don't get it. Disconnect shouldn't be inactive, disconnect should be disconnect and inactive is inactive. Two different things. It''s like the cop who pulls over the guy for rolling through the stop sign. The guy argues, slow down, stop whats the difference? The cop looks at him for a minute and then pulls out his nightstick and starts smacking the guy over the head with it. The cop asks the driver, do you want me to slow down or stop?
  3. Explain why I have to fight tier IV carriers in the tier III battleship Turenne that has NO AA defense AT ALL!!!!!!!! That is so unfair. Another part of this carrier change that is wrong and needs to be undone.
  4. My internet dies 30 seconds after the game starts and I'm off line for a day waiting to get it fixed. (100% provider issue) When I get back online and open the game I'm hit with a team kill penalty and inactivity violation. SERIOUS [edited]!!!! If your system is so crude it can't tell the difference between a online player not sending commands and a player no longer in communications with the server you guys need to upgrade and get some basic IT skills training. I'm black-marked for no fault of my own because you don't have proper monitoring software. If one of my engineer's pulled that kind of crap he'd be in big trouble. Upgrade the system functionality instead of wasting time on carrier mechanics that make the game worse. Keep up this kind of sub par performance and I'll take my time and money else where.
  5. St_Shadow

    New Carrier Re-work

    I agree manually flying planes all the time just to get shot down by AAA before I can launch any weapons sucks. The aiming system from the planes is hard to master or even keep a good view of the target most of the time. If I wanted to only fly planes against ships I'd be better off playing a flying game like World of Warplanes instead. Undo the carrier change, it is not new and improved at all.