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  1. xThecanadianx

    Isn't Sync Dropping Against the Terms of Service?

    correct this would fall under unfair gameplay right here. Which is where I think the confusion is being drawn, in the past there was cases of clans ending up on opposing teams making truces with Cv's , giving away other positions, those are clear nono's but when it's just clans having fun shooting eachother and helping their respective teams out, simply wheres the issue? I mean lets face it we could still have matches with two T10 cv's. That was something worth complaning about. and lets face it, if this was ban worthy, WG would end up banning themselves too....
  2. xThecanadianx

    Isn't Sync Dropping Against the Terms of Service?

    Well Hello Val. To answer your question, no it does not breach any of the EULA, why? because we dont and have not ever abused this to win matches in our favor. Sync dropping is something done by every clan in practically every wg game, so with all due respect, why dont you go to tanks and make post like this to Havoc and see how quick you get yourself ran off the wot forums. As some have said, let it go, and a clear word of advice I shall give you, is one who lives in a glass house, shouldnt toss stones.
  3. xThecanadianx

    Ah the glory days

    Back way back when Niko created a minecraft contest to see who could build the best warship imagineable @Lert dared me to outbuild him I can still remember WG jaws, his and mouse's jaw dropped when I unvelied this on a now gone Jagthunder server I still say Eat yer heart out Lert
  4. xThecanadianx

    Mouse's Throne of Skulls

    I guess he couldnt "Bear" the thought
  5. xThecanadianx

    Mouse's Throne of Skulls

  6. xThecanadianx

    well I havent made ya'll hungry in a while so

    I added all that afterwards, u think id forget the most important things? it's why I got gas and probably not a good idea to try an light a cig in my apartment right now lol
  7. xThecanadianx

    well I havent made ya'll hungry in a while so

    They are done
  8. Just about ready to go in the oven lolz bbq baby back ribs with my dry rub & seasoning added a lil worsceshire and some liquid smoke now and in they go
  9. xThecanadianx

    when that emergency blow goes bad

    yes i literally did an emergency blow and hit a battleship......can you say "blow me"
  10. looks like a ui glitch, just restart
  11. This literally happened at work xD I'm like "Hey [edited] wheres ur vest!
  12. xThecanadianx

    oh looky looky what Canadian did

    Finally I say, Finally
  13. Check your spam folder on gmail it likes to filter those as spam