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  1. xThecanadianx

    We need CVs!

    Hater Detected!!!!
  2. xThecanadianx

    The Skull Throne

    @LittleWhiteMouse Whats your opinions on locomotive Engineers? Yes I'm one of those guys who conviently crosses the road while your doing errands or trying to go to meetings & Whats your opinion on British CV's (Btw @Lert you put my skull on her throne I will has my vengeance) aaand heres my Fav locomotive brand (EMD SD70M-2) plz agree she aint ugly (train i was running shot by a rail fan out in western Manitoba)
  3. xThecanadianx

    Octopus is on a roll

    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/13/magazine/uss-wasp-lost-world-war-ii-aircraft-carrier.html?action=click&module=Top+Stories&pgtype=Homepage&fbclid=IwAR326ftzi-wz03CE6AbLdN5_p94JFgbszLEcvMvxJsDb6pdhwti5CzYgg2I o7 octopus and o7 to the Uss Wasp!
  4. xThecanadianx

    If this is true.......

    rumor has it jb is playing paul walker in a new fast and furious if thats true Then I'm done with fast furious! No respect for that peice of trailer trash Named Beiber....................... probably satire but these days even satire has become accurate.......... ugh.
  5. xThecanadianx

    Do Bots cheat?

    the bots are barely smart enough to join their own islands although back in alpha I was trying to get WG to give the bots speech macro, cuz this would just be epic Can you just imagine taunts like this from a bot? @iKami
  6. xThecanadianx

    8.0.3 CV results

    I'm quite sure after this nerf the wrights brothers first plane chained to cinderblocks flies better then the rocket planes do now. hey wg small buff needed now, I'm quite sure an oldsmobile toronado with wings flies better
  7. xThecanadianx

    Possible cheat being used

    The Canadian says he does not need any stinkin cheats to whoop your jabroni ships around the map. so why dont ya find me ingame so I can check you into the smackdown hotel on the corner of candy [edited]blvd and jabroni way! @GreyBeard_
  8. xThecanadianx

    Is the Marblehead a good USN Cruiser trainer?

    good trainer for how not to angle.............for how not to broadside and accept that in a us cl.........BB AP shells love your citadel from any angle
  9. xThecanadianx

    So CVs are ... but BBs are ok?

    consistency on hate has never been this communities strong point.
  10. xThecanadianx

    Who have you seen in game

    amen to that 35 bombs hits lol
  11. xThecanadianx

    Possible cheat being used

  12. xThecanadianx

    Client unstable

    @iKami WGC report sent via pm
  13. xThecanadianx

    So I wonder on a few things

    I was thinking the other day With the carrier re work, what potential for new premiums does this offer??? Could we see the Return of Shinano as a premium cv? How about Big E's sisters Yorktown, Hornet and Wasp? as well as maybe few more IJN premium cv's? Then onto subs I was theorizing in my clans discord about a potential IJN T10 Sub being I-400, thoughts? for some I bet this post is literally swearing at them, but oh well. the salt mines arent deep enough yet.
  14. xThecanadianx

    Client unstable

    Is the client being unstable and crashing with critical errors for anyone else here?
  15. xThecanadianx

    I read on reddit that Sub_octavian had quit

    He didnt quite he politely told that cesspool called reddit to sod off