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  1. Who have you seen in game

    I've been trying to use cheese to lure LWM into a match.....but she keeps eating these cheese and not entering the matches
  2. USS Iowa vs IJN Yamato

    what if i say both ships sink????? it's a tie
  3. So you have to murder (sink) a ship....

    captain Schinetto beat you to that one
  4. The Titanic returns

    it's going to be a watertight replica that floats, from the technical consultants themselves, theoretically she can be moved by being towed from one place to another,
  5. The Titanic returns

    underside somewhere
  6. The Titanic returns

    some new pics replica engines being assembled and the start of the E deck elevators
  7. The Canadian...... (my namesake)

    The train closer up, i was in the locomotive on my grandpas lap on the engineers chair. mom ran out of film after this pic lol...it was taken in 1991 making me 6 years old at the time, and was taken in my hometown of Dauphin Manitoba
  8. The Canadian...... (my namesake)

    now ya'll know where i got my name :P
  9. Titanic what if....

    no but the iceberg sits deeper. in essence yes as the iceberg it hit is figured to have weighed around one million tonns.. thats like driving a car head on ata train and expecting to win....
  10. Titanic what if....

    so an interesting discussion I came across on Fb, what if Titanic struck iceberg head on this on the official titanic group btw. https://www.facebook.com/groups/titanicofficial/ So lets say Murdoc decides that titanic slams head on into iceberg, what happens? heres what i posted, btw the damage would have pushed back alot farther then this ^^ lets see what u guys think
  11. IS CUZ IM CANADIAN? lol j/k sup
  12. integrate [edited], the sauce is a lil strong for you bro,
  13. i have all my replays of you, which one shall i upload first?
  14. it is what you do and dont deny it.
  15. be perfect for a certain player who hides at the back of the map all the time