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  1. lol @JollyRoger6969 you sir has been challenged xD
  2. Bump sorry @JollyRoger6969 I like it on top xD
  3. Looking for a group to play with

    Hey @esmatty https://fordgalaxy500.wixsite.com/90thbg check this group out, we might be to your liking
  4. Back to the top we go sorry Jolly :P
  5. Argentina Confirmed!

    my 457 He cant wait to meet the belgrano
  6. How cool is this. Scotty was here.

    it is out of scifi lol..........so anyone need a whale tank?
  7. na na na hey hey bai bai

    lolno last time winnipeg played vegas we won 7-4 vegas is gonna ahve issues witht he jets speed.
  8. na na na hey hey bai bai

    Nashville is out... #wpgwhiteout Vegas next!
  9. Graf Zepplin AP bombs, holy s...

    no GZ has dared such against my Enterprise, although anyone that has has found I'll return the ap bomb favor
  10. for ya'll predators fans

    Nuff said #Wpgwhiteout booya!
  11. Mouse's Throne of Skulls

    got @Jaeger3 confirmed onto the throne of skullz in glorious klingon battle
  12. Wing Turret Safety Tip.

    still does happen get close to the secondary spray of a gk lol