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  1. xTheCanadianx

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    she came from alpha to beta retaining the 20km torps
  2. xTheCanadianx

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    some of you fear it having 20km torps.....what If I told you, it originally had 20km torps.
  3. xTheCanadianx

    Texas Enterprise and Georgia after the canadian navy found them

    I regret nothing! now for a true canadian flag camo to slap on Texas lololol
  4. xTheCanadianx

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    the floating detonation returns
  5. ehehehehe I'm gunna die for this xD
  6. xTheCanadianx

    Quickest rank season ever

    Started early am finished around 9pm cst.
  7. xTheCanadianx

    Sub tokens - some kind of joke?

    So increase the Que time in sub to counterbalance and deter flooding the que? your quick to make that adjustment to punish every other class when this is done, so lets not even go there with that cracker jax box excuse. some waiting a week to get into them after the built up hype are understandably preterbd and can you blame them???? some have played them for a good week but the consolation is you get to play them for another 20 days, I do feel better could have been done here, and I know in the back of your mind you know that too. and confirmed ill be getting subs on the seventh crate im not mad about it becaused i played them in pts, it's not a concern to me, but I draw issues with arrogant responses when I see them.
  8. try seeing minds explode when you bring five or six pr's (close to 1900$ in pr's) into a single cb match lol
  9. xTheCanadianx

    for those of us tng/picard fans

    Tear jerking moment or me
  10. xTheCanadianx

    Winrate rebuild on the go

    Out of the red, yellow next, predicting green soon :D
  11. xTheCanadianx

    Yashima 2.0

  12. Hey I might have you know i have mastered the art of fast made sandwhiches ( and when im on the trains and using older units, the art of cooking on the engine block)
  13. two words Tiny Tim.
  14. xTheCanadianx

    Add shinano

    Shinano was in the game during alpha.....
  15. dude you still have space, add more guns!