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  1. Mouse's Throne of Skulls

    this all I gotta say to anyone thinking of putting me on throne of skulls
  2. Mouse's Throne of Skulls

    Hey i havent had the honor of being killed by LWM? I'M THAT DAMN GOOD (come at me woman!)
  3. me and american cv's dont mix

    just slightly xD
  4. me and american cv's dont mix

    nope LOL
  5. me and american cv's dont mix

    went to ram a shimikaze before he could kill me..... didnt torp myself this time.... bombed myself with my own ap bomb [edited] so I've torped myself once... now bombed myself, clearly best CV NA
  6. Submarines will they ever be a thing?

    only if I get seaQuest as a t10
  7. ............. Amblin Entertainment coined this years ago lol.. I give Ya'll the seaQuest DSV 4600, crew compliment 2000 sailors + 1 combat dolphin named Darwin (besides if this wasnt april fools id enjoy having darwin play tag the boat)
  8. Dasha

    when it comes to a woman..............the possibilities are endless
  9. Dasha

    i was never this bad over a girl...
  10. Darkest Hour Movie

    I fell asleep watching it
  11. The Toxicity recently?

    looks like a manitoba highway lmbo
  12. Now...THAT was traumatizing!

    tbh when I did it i never divisioned or sync'd or even told any of my clanmates when i was in q, hell i didnt tell them which one i was. seems like this bunch just ruined it for everyone
  13. So I made my buddy late for work [edited]

    but he texted me some awesome snapshots of me going by...with a slightly unhappy middle finger salute from his drivers side window and a text calling me a ****nozzle xD thankfully the camera wasnt able to get me in the shot from the engineers seat, and he didnt photo the middle finger salute bit definatley made my day... "you mad bro" xD
  14. so that discovery easter egg

    now thats my Enterprise.... I think I love it as much as my TMP Enterprise! (looking cloesly at the model i think this might be gabe koeners Enterprise they used)