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  1. PissedoffBoris

    So I have commited a horrible unspeakable act

    I brought freedom to Rooskie bias xD I give you, the Fremlin I regret nothing
  2. PissedoffBoris

    KWA v. WG (aka Wargaming’s disregard for the EULA): Part 1

    You do realize reposting closed topics is an EULA violation as well. Food for thought.
  3. PissedoffBoris

    please delete thread

    and on ocean cuz it's technically a port, a lighthouse on pontoons?
  4. PissedoffBoris

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    Hey while were on this, how about a customizable hull, ie aa loadouts/secondary loads, and how about the ability to name our ships? if simply just from a list from the names used in the general naming conventions for the ships.
  5. PissedoffBoris

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    The overall consensus says this is a bad idea, now back in alpha someone said my attitude was the problem, well Ev1n seems the entire community across the entirety of wows has just said this is a bad idea, and all you guys up there can do is put out a video saying in quote our feedback was what? cant remember exactly but that it was unreliable or useless, all that time since the start of the game and my feedback is useless, good to know. An idea you could implmenent is give players that ALREADY have the t10's the ability to toggle between grinding free xp or prestigae and tie in the level system to milestones that way, and use the xp values already earned on the current t10's to determine their position in the prestige grind, without this re-learning waste. This idea can be so much better if you gusy read what you said here sit down and think about how bad this sounds. But since I have an attitude this will probably get overlooked anyway. Let me say it like this, when all your cc's are unanimously up in arms screaming bad idea, they maybe trying to tell you something. But this is from an Alpha/ex supertester whos opinion apparantley counts for nothing sincerely xThecanadianx
  6. PissedoffBoris

    Subs you'd like to see in the game?

    Quiznos > all k thx bai ok to be serious German Type XXI as T10 minus the original silent Hunter torpedo bug that made me self torp myself (yes another game I've done that in) or if the wg gods feel really nice size ive been feeding lots of acrifices to rngesus I mean seaQuest would make a great coal sub :P
  7. PissedoffBoris

    So I havent posted a bad joke or pun in a while

    (It's xTheCanadianx) With the announcement of Ohio this seemed appropriate.
  8. PissedoffBoris

    Make room in that 1 mill credit club boys

    Move them fat [edited] trump wagons over so I can shove this here cv into that spotlight....seriously mighty mo get jenny craig! J/k yes I have joined the one mil club (again) with Enterprise I can now say "Boldly been there, boldly did that"
  9. PissedoffBoris

    What is the next Bounty Event?

    Now what do I have to do to get @Femennenly to put a bounty on my head? hmmmmmmmmmmmm damnit QUEMAPUEBLOS WHERE ARE YOU? I need my meme target back bahahaha I could just find fem in a match and brutalize her with my cv's xD j/k (plz no hurt me fem, you look really amazing today)
  10. PissedoffBoris

    Um hey wg....

    shhhhh I'm still trying to dispose of the body **sneaks away making sure no one is looking**
  11. PissedoffBoris

    Um hey wg....

    that would be more then you could handle
  12. PissedoffBoris

    Um hey wg....

    Where did you put my torpedo polishing guy, that torp is getting a little dirty....
  13. PissedoffBoris

    What is the next Bounty Event?

    bring back an old goodie "Hunt xThecanadianx"
  14. PissedoffBoris

    Remove the Karma system from the game now.

    dont worry about karma it does nothing ingame.