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  1. Peggy_Canadian

    For Jake. I`m sorry.

  2. Peggy_Canadian

    Hey Hapa

    Hey mods i put this in the wrong spot can ya move it to General???
  3. Peggy_Canadian

    Hey Hapa

    I offer my soul a bottle of Candian Club whiski, a bottle of polar ice Vodka and my Eternal slavery if ya'll put Satsuma in randoms (and a bottle of Bourbon for Artur)
  4. Peggy_Canadian

    This is the end.... Soviet CV's Announced

    I keep doing bomb runs on their safe space with my cv's
  5. Peggy_Canadian

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    I christen thy Kearsarge class USS Meatballhead :P
  6. Peggy_Canadian

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    I agree and this to me seems something more fitting for the Russian Black Sea Fleet. but hey if it works, one request can we get the original midway tiny tim rocket dispersion????
  7. Peggy_Canadian

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    lol sup Meatballhead
  8. Peggy_Canadian

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    ^ that looks better though
  9. Peggy_Canadian

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    Ok I dont normally harp about things but lets some fact checking done here. A- this wasnt a US 1930's design, if it was probably a damn good reason it never made slipway (after the designer probably got tossed off said slipway) THIS is the Kearsarge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Kearsarge_(BB-5) A crane ship, not this, THING.......................... Iowa and Missouri are hurling in digust, Montana and Vermont are laughing, North Carolina just went what the flying F-------k. Pretty sure Nimitz and Halsey are cussing from their graves. I mean if shes good, ok, But that flightdeck sandwich between the bridge and super structure, this seems like something a drunk and stoned russian would come up with.
  10. Peggy_Canadian


    excuse me sir do you have a moment to discuss our lord and saviour the Kansas?
  11. Peggy_Canadian


    Why u so mad?
  12. Peggy_Canadian

    Confession Booth- Canadian

    I'm a cv main and BB main.. and I enjoy the ise. That is all. I'll go to hell now
  13. Peggy_Canadian

    CV Improving idea.

    So recently ive been heavy on the thought of Giving American Bb's their stand out flavour compared to the others. I figure giving the fighters a short burst Radar consumable would help with spotting, especially those dirty ships Like Smolly-pop and Minolol. short burst and short range? could be a way to nerf rockets and still keep the fighters useful. I'll wait by the airlock in case ya'll wanna toss me out.
  14. Peggy_Canadian

    Abuse Of The Testing Privilege

    joins in 2020 thinks hes a testing expert. Get educated so you dont look like an [edited]. this is part of testing. get over it.