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  1. Yes, I understand is more action on the front line, the only thing that added that is good is the manual attack system but they lowered the effectiveness and the damage that you can do with a CV too is the same as they did with the artillery in the WOT , before a GWTG of a slap down any t8 and ruined the t9 and t10 now any standard t8 does the same average damage as an artillery t9 in the wot and the difference is that a gw takes 45s. in charge and any t8 12s. is the same just ruin the game and because they put a camera that brings you closer to the "action" they say it is better ... for that reason stop playing the wot ... 7 years in the trash ....
  2. ... did you read the last line? I have said that I use a translator, my English is not good enough to write such a paragraph, and I do not care about that language because between my country and England, there were issues that lead us not to love that language and that particular country. also thanks for the correction send it to google to fix that disgusting translator
  3. Are you really saying that you play better with the new mode? not really no, I had an aircraft carrier and I want to keep having aircraft carriers not loose squares, the old form was fine, did not you realize not only are you restricted in terms of firepower? also in tactics and support, you went from being a primary and dangerous target to a mere support that does not do more damage than a CL? before I could sink a battleship with only one attack well put now you can spend a whole game trying to sink a single boat
  4. please take a step back in controlling the aircraft carriers. the new method of playing with an aircraft carrier is horrible in many ways, they reduced all the aircraft carrier commanders to mere squadron pilots, it is impossible to manage 2 joint squads, they took away the livertad from making tactical attacks with our squads and created the GREAT problem of not being able to control exactly what your aircraft carrier does while you are operating the squadrons, the methodology that we have been forced to adopt is stupid in that world at war a squadron of torpedo planes that value their lives launch of a single torpedo? the squadrons of bombardment the same, it seems that they forced us to lose planes, only in a world of CHILDREN things would be done like that, there is no way to understand that an aircraft carrier does not have fighters, it is impossible to practice historical attack tactics like the tactics of attack on both sides an enemy ship with torpedo planes, please return to make an aircraft carrier an aircraft carrier not a solitary attacking squad with stupid mandatory forms of attack. the problems they created are horrifying, 1: it is impossible to manage 2 squadrons together, an aircraft carrier in the 2gm co-ordinates many more 2: the method of attack of the squads is simply stupid only a CHILD would do 3 passes with a torpedo squadron with 3 planes to shoot 3 torpedoes when the full squadron can launch the torpedoes in a single pass saving more planes and the pilot's own life, the same with the squads of attack and those of bombers is idiot what they are doing with these methods they make a war game and but it seems that they play with dolls. Sincerely, it is an insult to all the players what they have done with the aircraft carriers. 3. it is impossible to manage the direction of the aircraft carrier and the squadron at the same time, we have been told that the AI, would do the job but it is extremely bad, it goes in reverse instead of turning the aircraft carrier is against the coasts and simply is stuck there is no maneuver uses the consumables in a very bad way, when receiving an attack with torpedoes as soon as the first impact uses the damage control consumables and when it hits the second or third leaves the ship sold to the flood, when manually we expected to receive the impacts to then use the consumable to not go by eye. (go by eye is a marine terminology in which the ship sinks from the stern) 4 it is impossible to direct the squads to a specific point separately to initiate a joint attack with torpedoes and bombs, previously the tactics that I used were two squadrons of torpedo planes plus the one of bombers, each squadron of torpedo planes attacking by one side of the ship, that is to say a lardbabor and a starboard, and the squad of bombers attacking at the same time that the tormedos impact a task very difficult to coordinate but functional and effective now you can only throw a torpedo by past as a mentally retarded .. . now we go from command an aircraft carrier to throw loose torpedoes to the water, as useless and can not do anything but take a squad and see her commit suicide. I used a translator do not be horrified of the possible and surely existing grammatical errors