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  1. Whisky_A_Go_Go

    WG - Wrong Planes on Enterprise

    Fist off pal, the Hellcat was responsible for 75% of all kills in the Pacific all by itself. People talk smack about the Corsair only because of a freaking show they made about it. It was a decent aircraft, but had nowhere near the success that the Hellcat did. The Hellcat, quite literally, single handed won the war in the air in the Pacific.
  2. Whisky_A_Go_Go

    Winning/Losing Streaks last night playing random

    It's a Wargaming game. Every title they've ever made is the same exact way: lose a lot, win a lot, wipeout loss, wipeout win. Rinse, repeat. You'll have to play that other game if you want wins based on merit.
  3. Whisky_A_Go_Go

    CV Rework Feedback

    +1 for the Kurt Vonnegut avatar and Slaughterhouse 5 reference. Billy Pilgrim lives!
  4. When your story keeps changing as you go along, that tends to happen.
  5. That wasn't mentioned at all in the original explanation or by your first explanation either. Only one person was allegedly reported against from battles HE had done earlier that week. This is what the others were talking about: how everything you folks do is a CS nightmare. It sounds and looks as if you are literally making this explanation up as you go along.
  6. Actually, you haven't. They claim the strike was for things the single player had done earlier. Then magically when he gets a ban they all get a ban. I'm sorry, but that simply has never happened. Ever. Or we would have heard about this for years on end. How does one apply a strike to one person and it magically spread over to two others that had nothing to do with a report? The account software doesn't group by platoon, surely, and even if they were, they were looking at the single guy and complaints against him made earlier. How did you even know the other two existed at the time the strike was given?
  7. That. What's more, what are the odds that the strike for things of the past came down at essentially the exact moment that they were platooned and Knavbot one shot Gneisenau013? What's more, you mean to say that a strike applied to one person for things he did a ways back are somehow magically teleported over to guys he was platoon-mates with after the fact? I mean, I've heard of guilt by association, but that's a bit much.