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  1. Mad_Moff

    Blaming the cat in WoWs

    See her? This is Susan. Susan likes to wait until the least convenient time, mostly when I'm trying to shake off aircraft or dodge danger pylons, before reaching up and digging her claws into my thighs.
  2. Mad_Moff

    Russian Bias: Truths and Myths.

    Worcester is a strong ship, yes, but at least it has the decency to die when I catch it broadside in the open in my Großer Kurfürst.
  3. Mad_Moff

    If you could buff just one ship...

    I've never had a problem with the PEF's turning circle myself. My main beef with her is her absolutely abysmal main battery traverse speed. Yeah, her gun reload isn't the best, her accuracy is give and take at the best of times, and her AP penetration is downright trollish, but I can overlook all that. Her main battery traverse is so poor she can throw off her own lock in a hard turn, and that's just frustrating. Please buff her turret traverse, WeeGee.
  4. Mad_Moff

    Soviets need more (tier 10) ships

    Stop it. Get some help.
  5. No. Bad. Baaad. WeeGee already announed a Soviet cruiser split. Wait until they release them before trying to give them ideas for more bias botes.
  6. Mad_Moff

    Why is smoke so useless

    Don't let the door smack your poor abused tushie on the way out.
  7. Mad_Moff

    HE Spam Issue

    And we're telling you that realistically it doesn't. To use an example, the GK's 420mm AP shells deal a grand total of 13,500 damage per shell, assuming it hits the citadel. A full pen (NOT CITADEL) will deal 4,500 damage per shell. Assuming all six shells hit the target and deal full penetration damage, that comes out to only 27,000 total damage. Again, that's assuming all six shells cause damage, and aren't eaten up by secondary armaments, or turrets, or torpedo belts, et cetera. The lowest health points of tech tree Tier X cruisers is the Zao, at a mere 40,800 HP. Again, these numbers belong to the tech tree ships, not Reward or Premium ships, and this is before taking shell dispersion and active maneuvering on the part of the cruiser into account. Even the Yamato, whose AP shells have the highest damage potential among the Tier X tech tree battleships at 14,800 damage, and with the greatest sigma rating, will only deal 29,598 for six full pens. I make my case with full pens because they're going to be the most consistent means of high-damage shots. Citadels are rare compared to full penetration, and even full pens are inconsistent compared to overpens in terms of raw damage dealt. You base your case on assuming each and every shell in that six shell salvo will deal citadel damage, but that doesn't take dispersion into account.
  8. Mad_Moff

    HE Spam Issue

    Might as well be six salvos to kill a CL. A typical salvo from the Großer Kurfürst against one of the HE spammers could go something like six shells in the air, two of them hit, one of which is an overpen, and the other a full pen eaten by a turret for no damage. Or if you open up your broadside, twelve shells in the air, four hit for three overpens and A DEFLECTION against a broadside CL. Repeat ad infinitum ad nauseum until you get burned to the waterline. Playing the Tier X GK is like playing the lottery. Yeah, sometimes you get lucky and win big, but most of the time, it's a fat money sink.
  9. Mad_Moff

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: Gneisenau

    Gneisenau is one of the few ships I have that I actually purchased tue permacamo for. My WR isn't the best in her, but she's fun. And that's what matters.
  10. Mad_Moff

    Wargaming, I have a conundrum.

    I'm still holding my money for Siegfried, Odin, and Ägir. Maybe Mainz too, if they decide to add a heal.
  11. Mad_Moff

    Your First Kraken?

    I believe my first Kraken was in the Bayern, back in 2017
  12. Mad_Moff

    Battleship with longest secondaries range?

    This thread aged like milk.
  13. Mad_Moff

    Gunther and the German line

    It's not about being "fair" or "perfect". The point that was being made is that it's stupid that the Massachusetts and Georgia have better secondary performance than the ship line that was intended to be known for their secondary performance. I see no issue with fixing up the firing angles and dispersion of German secondaries to bring them in line with the power creep.
  14. As much as I love my Großer Kurfürst, I wouldn't want them taking the 406s away from it just to have 480s.
  15. Except all of the nations you listed all had the industrial capability and experience to potentially build all of those 'fake' ships.