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  1. DarfTarts421

    French Destroyers

    About all you can do is hope you get lucky with the loot crates.
  2. DarfTarts421

    California HYPE

    Show us on the doll where the bad anime girl touched you. Seriously, the part you're complaining about is so damn near microscopic, you'd have to be actively searching for it.
  3. DarfTarts421

    California HYPE

    It could be because of the 'California's history. She served as the flashship of the USN Pacific Battle Fleet for 20 years (1921-1941) before she was sunk at Pearl Harbor, raised, and refitted. But that's just conjecture on my part.
  4. DarfTarts421

    The economy UK grind blues

    IJN cruisers. Their playstyle just doesn't mesh with mine at all. I have the Eastern Dragon Myoko clone, but the rest of the line just doesn't interest me in the slightest.
  5. DarfTarts421

    Scenario/Operation Rotation Schedule

    Grumbles in no Axis-themed operations
  6. DarfTarts421

    What to expect for the future of competitive

    BB? Probably König Albert. CL? Charleston, St. Louis, Bogatyr, or Katori. Can't speak for DDs, but Vampire might be a solid contender.
  7. DarfTarts421

    FdG, my first tier IX ship. How to spec?

    MBM3 actually increases the time it takes for your turrets to turn, but that is largely mitigated by EM. When you're sending the equivalent to a pair of Panzerkampfwagens down range at 810+ meters per second, I'd say it's worth it.
  8. DarfTarts421

    A Tough Decision

    With the approach of the next ranked season, I'm left with a bit of a choice to make. I can either blow all of my coal and most of my steel to purchase Georgia OR Jean Bart from the Armory, OR I can repurchase Fat Freddy the Goober and use my spare AL Hipper captain and squeeze a secondary build out of her. Any input?
  9. Said no-one ever. I can't remember the last time I saw a Gascan in a match.
  10. DarfTarts421

    Underdog Scharnhorst

    Just had a really good battle in the Scharnhorst earlier today. Bottom tier in a Tier IX battle, complete with carriers. Despite my [edited] about matchmaking at the start of the battle, I managed to survive and top the scoreboard with four kills to my credit. https://replayswows.com/replay/58840#stats Scharnhorst is a really good ship. One of my favorites.
  11. DarfTarts421


    HIV is literally AIDS. Nerfs were justified.
  12. DarfTarts421

    Save tier 8?

    Is that a stat shame?
  13. DarfTarts421

    When you hear "you are our last hope"

    "You are our last hope." FULL SPEED AHEAD INTO THE ENTIRE ENEMY TEAM. If I'm going to die, might as well be with my boots on.
  14. DarfTarts421

    Save tier 8?

    Quite a few people over the years have been wanting +/-1 matchmaking, and time and time again the counter-argument has been "BuT mUh QuEuE tImEs!!!", usually followed by "yOu JuSt NeEd To GeT gUd!!!"
  15. DarfTarts421

    Looking for a good T6 ship for scenarios.

    @Crucis I fear you might have misunderstood me. I love the P.E.F. for operations, and I can usually perform quite well in it. Hell, in the revamped Raptor Rescue, it's absolutely cathartic being able to shoot down 20+ planes with its AA suite. I run my 19 point Nürnberg in it because BFT/AFT translate well with both the secondaries and AA. However, because of the slowness of the gun turrets, and the low DPM, I can't recommend it. Someone who isn't prepared for the ship's weaknesses will just get frustrated.