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  1. DarfTarts421

    The CV Re-work: A one act dark comedy by WG

    And yet we can still see the effects on a battle that a good carrier player has on a battle versus a poor player. Granted, carriers were reduced from "Major Grievance" to "Pain In The [edited]" with the rework. However, there's still a very wide skill gap, which the entire purpose for the rework was supposed to reduce. So, mission failed, Wargaming?
  2. DarfTarts421

    Last stand needs to be changed

    Don't lump me in with this nitwit.
  3. DarfTarts421

    Please Get Rid of Dreadnaught and FireProof!

    I've managed to earn those two medals in my Prinz Eugen, by playing up front and in the enemy's face. That's how you're supposed to earn them. They're far more common on my Großer Kurfürst though.
  4. Executor-class Dreadnought, thank you very much.
  5. DarfTarts421

    The Naked Cruiser (call it "streaking")

    How lewd.
  6. DarfTarts421

    "seemingly" Random free PEF for some players

    Now, you see, this grinds my gears something fierce. I could understand them EARNING the ship from the campaign. Hell, I bought the P.E.F. the day she was released because I wanted her that badly. But this? THIS? They get the ship for free without doing ANYTHING? What the hell?
  7. DarfTarts421

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    I feel for the guy. He's stuck between an unstoppable force (the playerbase), and an immovable object (the development team). It vexes my mind to no end when people talk to forum moderators and community figures as if they have any say at all in what the devs put in the game. If the devs want to stretch out our buttholes, well, the most we can hope for is for them to at least use lubricant.
  8. DarfTarts421

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich need buff only 2 things

    Really, all I feel P.E.F. could use is just 1 knot increase in speed, and a 25 second reload. Her reload is two-tenths of a second faster than Großer Kurfürst's 420mm guns with Main Battery Mod 3. Dealing damage isn't an issue with Prinz Eitel Friedrich. It's delivering follow up shots that is.
  9. DarfTarts421

    Thanks for the memories!

    See you in a few days, mate.
  10. DarfTarts421

    Freaky Friday!

    While not nearly as... unusual looking as some of the previous entries, I've taken a bit of a liking to HMS M33.
  11. DarfTarts421

    Thunderin' Thursday!

    Bismarck. Why? Because Bismarck. She's gorgeous, fast, and deadly.
  12. DarfTarts421

    14 Days into playing, my $0.02....

    14 days and already at Tier VIII? It took me about 4 MONTHS to get to Tier VIII. Granted, I was in a situation where I could only play a couple of battles per night, but still. Just slow it down a bit, mate. Take your time to learn as much about the game mechanics as you can.
  13. Shadow Lurker camouflage. Seriously Wargaming, add it to the arsenal so I can buy more. Please.
  14. DarfTarts421

    Black Cammo and Saturation

    I actually like the Shadow Lurker camo. Großer Kurfürst looks absolutely gorgeous decked out in black. I really hope WeeGee adds it to the arsenal for purchase with coal.
  15. DarfTarts421

    My First Hackusation

    Just got out of a loss where I managed to Dev-Strike an enemy Zao for almost all of his health. I was in my Grosser Kurfurst, 420mm build. He kept going on and on about how the "kill an enemy in a single salvo" was taken out, and I was about to say right before the match ended, "Mate, if you sail broadside to a Grosser Kurfurst, you have to expect to get paddled." Honestly made me feel a little bit better because I've just had the most godawful string of battles lately. Completely obliterating my WR in the GK. Urgh..