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  1. In West Melbourne myself. Riding it out.
  2. At least I have not had in game reports of rude Corgis. It really has been more of a confusion around if we are legitimate or not. A lot of players think we are a scam because they do not get instant rewards. Some also saying if we were "real" it would be shown in the game launcher like some other in game events. I believe if for future Corgi events this was listed in the launcher , it would relieve alot of stress and confusion around it. Regardless, it has been fun being able to give other people a chance at some prizes. Some people have gotten really excited at the fact of finally being able to get a kill. I hope I have the privilege of being a part of this again in the future. Looking forward to the Tier 4 BB Nikolaigeddon tomorrow.
  3. Besides answering the usual prize when/what question, and congratulating players for the kill; I am mostly refraining from speaking in game chat. Some of the vitrol I have seen towards the Corgis has been... interesting to put it midly.
  4. I have had more people think it is a scam than not. Did not realize how many people do not look at the forums. 14 battles and 8 prizes given. Corgi 124 done for the evening. Good night!
  5. No worries, happens to the best of us. It honestly took me moment to figure it out myself.
  6. You have enough free xp to go through the British BB tech tree and get them all unlocked. You can just move some British cruiser captains over that you will not use. I already have the tier 7-10 ships unlocked, bought and setup with all of the modules. Thank you again Niko for the opportunity to be part of the event. I hope to give players plenty of time to try and get some prizes. They will have to earn them.
  7. Thank you for the opportunity Niko! I look forward to providing players a chance for a Corgi flag and prizes.
  8. As always, thank you LWM for taking the time to help the rest of the community with your honest reviews. Was actually thinking of having this be my first premium CV purchase. Wallet is closed.
  9. If you do not mind me asking, what is your preferred captain skill setup with a 19 point captain and module selection? I did pretty decently in the FDG but I have not been able to make the GK work for me. Just unlocked the 420's. Thank you in advance!
  10. Hey Hellgrunt! Looks like we are going to get the brunt of it in a couple of hours. Already stored my computer. Good luck to you.
  11. Live right in the middle of Melbourne, FL. We certainly appreciate the thoughts. Barricaded my doors with sandbags. Hoping to come out of it as unscathed as possible. Good luck and stay safe to all of my fellow Florida residents.