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  1. Premium Ship Review: Aigle

    Thank you for the review as always LWM and Lert. Cannot wait to see the comparison between this and the T-61. Keep up the fantastic work.
  2. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Two reviews in 24 hours! I never expected to see this ship pop up at this time of night. +1 as always LWM. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
  3. Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    As always, thank you for taking the time to review this ship. +1
  4. Hurricane Irma

    In West Melbourne myself. Riding it out.
  5. As always, thank you LWM for taking the time to help the rest of the community with your honest reviews. Was actually thinking of having this be my first premium CV purchase. Wallet is closed.
  6. Searching for a competitive clan

    Just wanted to say thank you to all who took the time to respond in this thread, and sent me private messages. It looks like I have some research to do, and some team speak/discord servers to get on to have a few conversations.
  7. GK ideas?

    If you do not mind me asking, what is your preferred captain skill setup with a 19 point captain and module selection? I did pretty decently in the FDG but I have not been able to make the GK work for me. Just unlocked the 420's. Thank you in advance!
  8. Greetings fellow captains, After playing solo since closed beta, I have decided to expand my WoWs experience in order to join a clan. I am looking for an active and competitive group who divisions primarily in the Tier 6-10 bracket. I would like to join a mature group of like minded players who enjoys playing, having a good laugh and improving their ship skills at the same time. I normally play in the late evenings, between 9:00pm to12:00am EST and in the afternoon during weekends. I consider myself an above average player who plays primarily cruisers with a healthy dose of BBs and DDs mixed in. I have a few T10 ships as well. I am willing to listen, and learn in a division/competitive environment. I am aware I have a lot I can improve on in game. I am a US Army vet who is a team player first and will do what is needed to help the division/clan succeed. I welcome PMs and replies in this thread. Thank you for taking the time to read and I look forward to sinking you in game!
  9. To Hurricane Mathew Players

    Hey Hellgrunt! Looks like we are going to get the brunt of it in a couple of hours. Already stored my computer. Good luck to you.
  10. To Hurricane Mathew Players

    Live right in the middle of Melbourne, FL. We certainly appreciate the thoughts. Barricaded my doors with sandbags. Hoping to come out of it as unscathed as possible. Good luck and stay safe to all of my fellow Florida residents.