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  1. Kagero with reload Akizuki Mass Enterprise if you're good Maybe Cleve Maybe Lightning
  2. Dude. Do you even Asashio? How is that a buff? I love mine. Leave it alone.
  3. thebigblue

    Need advice for Nelson

    Stay second line. 14-16km sweet spot. Keep cruiser nearby for AA bubble. HE full time unless BB gives you a flat broadside. SAVE YOUR RIDICULOUSLY STRONG REPAIR PARTY UNTIL LAST MINUTE OR MULTIPLE FIRES.
  4. thebigblue

    Thunderor or Georgia

    Georgia 10/10 Thunderer 9.5/10 Nuf said.
  5. thebigblue

    Yoshino or Georgia

    Both. Seriously. I did it. Totally different playstyles but each is an evolution and improvement over it's peers/cousins. Doesn't matter which is first. You can't go wrong either way. If it were me I'd prob get Georgia first with coupon if you have one. Then save coal and use next coupon on the other.
  6. Event sucked. Events over. Hot patch that hot mess away. Your inner Dr Phill is angry that someone's angry.
  7. thebigblue

    American BB Update Needed

    Maybe not quite the same range. Definitely not same turtleback. Definitely no hydro. Still distinction.
  8. thebigblue

    Best Seal Clubber?

    I shoulda double checked. Been a while. Fixed. Thanks.
  9. thebigblue

    Best Seal Clubber?

    Ah yes, the premium advantage. It's not necessarily same thing as clubbing but I guess it is more financially responsible clubbing. Nice! It seems a lot of 9's. Trust me.
  10. thebigblue

    Best Seal Clubber?

    I'm not sure I understand you entirely but I think I have the general idea. I actually considered adding Scharn as well. In my mind, they are sisters and nearly identical save for the main guns. You could club with either but IMHO the 15" mains nuking you from mid or close range might be more "clubber" than several salvos from smaller guns but to each his own. Once you get in torp range they are both incredibly dangerous. Good call.
  11. thebigblue

    Has fire been nerf'd too much?

    No. Fire damage hasn't been nerfed too much. Not by a long shot. HE should kill. AP should kill. Torps and even flooding should kill. Fires hitting metallic or wood veneer over metal and actually magically melting steel (surrounded by water) for kills is freaking stupid. If it should happen, cuz arcade games, it should take a hundred fires and at least 15 minutes.
  12. TK is prob a big reason but the punishment ( self inflicted double damage or death) is so severe it seems unlikely folks would do it on the regular. I bet preloaded torps is part of it. I have gotten a surprising amount of damage and several kills blind firing obvious lanes of traffic in first minutes of game from very long ranges in areas not scouted or spotted Heck, I've dev struck or detonated carriers from 19km totally blind although that is rare.
  13. Cuz shima, asashio and gearing would wreck faces across map in first 2 mins without anyone ever leaving spawn.
  14. thebigblue

    Best Seal Clubber?

    Nikolai is very dangerous. When played to strengths and left alone by CV it's a wrecking ball. Noobs don't mess with nicholai. Albert, meh. It's a super strong for a tier 3 BB but I wouldn't call it a seal clubber because it's so freaking slow AND very short ranged AND wildly inaccurate past 8-10km. My experience has been that opportunities to destroy noobs are limited to them stumbling into me or them having engine shot out most of match so I can crawl within range. In range they are toast, otherwise they are just scenery. I have fun I playing a couple games a session in the Albert but I'd pick something else to club with. Gremy used to be a beast. Hated them. Don't have one, don't see them much anymore and when I do they don't seem to be as mean. Maybe I just got better. Kami, see Gremy comments. Don't own one but based strictly on recent encounters I think this would be a better choice for clubbing. Low tier BB skills are very lacking and this little ninja in experienced hands will slice and dice like few others can. Cesare is one of my 5 fav's. It's an excellent all rounder that's very dangerous for both seals and vets to go up against. Noobs, don't mess with cesare. Add Shenyang for decent gunnery and it's DW torps noobs can't deal with. Add Gnieseneau for the chance to see tier 5-6 noobs with a fast, specialized brawler that's a turtle backed, torpedo shooting , 15" AP in your face, drive by death machine. Good times. Noobs don't mess with Gnieseneau.
  15. Kiyo, I read a lot of your posts. I have found your tone generally inflammatory and comments generally negative. That's not to say you are generally incorrect. I may not agree with you on a few things but I can usually wrap my head around what you are trying to say. You are a person who has said on several occasions they no longer play this game, they walked away, yada yada yada. We are all in the same raft floating in the middle of the ocean subject to the winds of wargaming. You seem to be the least able to accept it. So I gotta ask, when you have 24,514 posts, like 20 a day for almost 4 years, do you really give a hoot about the game or do you just come here to get your rocks off and blow steam? Why berate and disrespect the moderators and CC's? Just wondering what your motivation is because I'd be exhausted if I were you.