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  1. Sorta kinda reminds me of several dd “mains”... Im pretty sure, or at least certainly hope, this is just a long winded troll post on the OP part.
  2. thebigblue

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Well, honestly, a few of the hard core try hards like that strike me as the same kind of mentality that would have multiple alternate accounts. No doubt he is paying attention some way, some how. Question is, who cares? Lots of good info posted from many perspectives. Just missing out on half the conversation and drowning his own growth in a self imposed echo- chamber.
  3. thebigblue

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I guess it’s supposed to be disrespectful but it really reflects poorly in him. I wouldn’t worry about it at all. I think he advertises it now, more than ever, if only because it’s the only remaining defiance he put up in the face of overwhelming truth. Its like a concert T-shirt. The show is long over, mostly forgotten and beyond care but there is always that guy who thinks it’s important to show other folks he was there.
  4. I identify as pro-Belfast and am offended by your choice of words. “Unfair” is a deplorable word in the current climate. ”exceptional” or “extra-equal” are preferred pc derivatives. Its just a misunderstood ship. Of all it’s siblings the Belfast is the only brit cruiser to be denied torpedos and a line. How would that make you feel? Pretty unwanted and angry I bet... It can’t help how it was made. It doesn’t mean to “insta-kill” destroyers. It can’t help that it has an “I win button” anymore than it can help the dotard-driven dd that’s within 8km of it despite better concealment and a minimap. It certainly doesn’t want to be one of the ships that “kills the game in a month, 6 months ago” and “make it so nobody ever plays dd again”. Let’s not be so judgy about it’s uniqueness. Everyone should go out, find the Belfast near you and give it a hug! Can we get a safe space?
  5. Whoa! Hold the phone. You guys are getting desirable ships from them?? All I got for 90 was a crappy creme and Perth.
  6. thebigblue

    Is Buffalo Good?

    Very good and worth-ish of old Baltimore’s slot. Just don’t going swinging that delicate hind end around unless you are sure nobody aiming at you. Those turret s in back should be considered ornaments first and weapons next.
  7. thebigblue

    Status of Giulio Cesare

    Cesare is one ship I really don’t worry about anything MM related in. In my opinion it’s one of the best (if not the very best) boats, tier for tier, in the game. It’s fast, agile, turrets spin, has good armor and the shells have good penetration, range and dispersion. It has no problem +1+2. Cant believe the sarcasm from my previous posts was lost on so many...
  8. thebigblue

    Status of Giulio Cesare

    IKR? Makes me laugh though.
  9. thebigblue

    Status of Giulio Cesare

    No radar , torps or hydro. Easily the worst tier 9 cruiser in the game.
  10. thebigblue

    What is your lowest-point T10 captain ?

    I have a couple 13 pointers but mostly 17-19 pointers
  11. thebigblue

    What do you guys consider as a bad ship?

    T61, Belfast ad cesare. Bad ships.
  12. thebigblue

    Status of Giulio Cesare

    You don’t want one. When facing tier 7 it can struggle to bow pen angled Colorado’s and it’s secondaries are no match for Gneisenaus torpedos. Oh, and Saipans modestly overpowered planes will overwhelm your AA. Yeah, boat is super weak. Stay away!
  13. $45 on mega crates plus $45 on big crates. krispy kreme perth 2000 gold no coal worthless camo worthless flags WASTE OF MONEY