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  1. thebigblue

    A Beta's View on the State of CVs

    That's a broad generalization. I'm sure some do but "they" in a larger sense might not be as accurate. I'm not awesome in carriers. I don't care if I ever am but I am working on them as an exercise to see how easy the "skill" for "AA does nothing" is to acquire. I'll have potato games from time to time in any ship in my port. I'm usually pretty decent and I'll have really good games too. That said , I absolutely cannot tell you I do better in carriers than any other ship type. Im actually probably worse in carriers than any other type. Maybe I'm unique but from what I've seen in randoms few players, even those who do better in carriers, are worth a darn in carriers anyway. Carriers have exposed some problems but I think it's more game design than operator. Would you agree with that?
  2. thebigblue

    A Beta's View on the State of CVs

    I agree. I just don't know what they can do about that aside from skill base carrier MM. Maybe matching carrier to carrier would help a little. Mid vs mid, Hak vs Hak, etc so it's purely skill and team factors and not further fubared by strengths/weaknesses of different carriers facing each other.
  3. I see where you are going. Without going into early, mid late ship positioning... I'd like to see AA changed so that flak is totally random and not sequenced or patterened, so that it isn't ranged by caliber and so that it can be chosen for repair like rudders and engines.
  4. Ah yes. Cvs. Of course...
  5. Take it from you, right? Such a dumb post. Profile? Lol. I'd take Snarg's worst advice before I'd listen to anything you had to say based on this post alone.
  6. OMG... Don't even know where to start with this nonsense.
  7. thebigblue

    A Beta's View on the State of CVs

    Low skill carrier drivers aren't relevant man. They waste planes, waste time, waste a slot and don't know the AA dancing tricks. Aside from accidentally spotting overextended or isolated ships they prob aren't gonna have anymore relevance than a potato BB or DD that died in 3 minutes
  8. Nah man that ain't me. HE spam nerf been a long time coming. Writing on the wall for a while. It will change the way and how often I play several of my ships. This includes my Smolensk. It's fine. I have skin in the game but I know the wheel keeps turning. I just wish it was a ship nerf and not some crazy 1200 skill point mish-mash.
  9. Most virus are named after their origin. Zika, West Nile, Ebola, MERS, etc. A few years ago the WHO, while simultaneously seeking an ever closer relationship with China (big country so makes sense), decided naming virus after places caused unnecessary social and economic damage to the people who live there. Makes sense too. I believe the way the China mishandled the reveal and the facts surrounding the outbreak was both embarrassing to the WHO reps in China at the time and angered the US administration. It became politicized, the term was coined and it stuck with some folks. It's not the "woke" way of naming virus but it shouldn't be political either. However, it does follow an obsolete precedent.
  10. thebigblue

    19pt Captains no more...

    Well said. I understand completely where you are coming from and agree with all of it.
  11. I feel you. That's just Azuma. What about your other 50-90 ships and captains. What about the ships that require very steep investments in captain skills to even be workable? If those skills are no longer available, what are those players to do? Maybe I'm making too much out of nothing, and I am hopeful WG put in due diligence on this project, but I'm not looking forward to this AT ALL.
  12. This seems more like conjecture by a group a math clubbers doing a group exercise in data sourcing and analysis. I'm not that guy but I did read a lot of words throughout this thread. Lol. Whomever said "game is living" hit the nail on the head. Whomever said lots of other good games to play hit the nail on the head. Whomever said the rework skills could drive away players also nailed it. To be honest the futility and tedium of reworking 900 captain skills across my captains seems completely frivolous and is what concerns me most right now as far as the future of this game.