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  1. 33% win rate in 42 games

    Had similar experienc yesterday. I have a high 60% win rate in a borderline OP tier 5. It’s my go to relaxation boat. I’ll play it 3-4 times a day for kicks and it never lets me down. Well, yesterday I could not buy a win in it. For weeks now in that ship I’ve been top 5, usually top 3, often top 1-2. All that went out the window yesterday. I played 10 matches and only broke 50% wr for the session in the last 4 matches. It was loss after loss. Heck, I had connectivity issues during one match and started 7 minutes late but still sat in the top slot on a match that ended with a cap out loss early!! Had another match where me and 2 nearly dead guys in tier 6 dds had 2/3 caps and an 80 point lead, all we had to do was stay dark and live for 3 minutes, but they wanted to spam HE at the sole surviving enemy ship and got nuked one after the other for it. With 1 minute to go and using my team mates smoke cloud the enemy ship took the cap and the lead!! Having lost my spotters I could do nothing about it. Very agro! Last night was pretty rough as well but still much better. So things ebb and flow and we just gotta grit our teeth and get through it.
  2. I’m all for increasing indirect and non damage rewards for players, particularly DD. I think careful consideration should be given to how or what for. For instance capping, particularly in the early stages of a match, is mostly risk and seldom reward. Radar boats may not have been killed off, dd with even lower concealment may be present or an as yet uncommitted and unseen squadron of perma spotting fighters could be in route. I’m not sure we want to encourage suicidal strategies by offering enhanced rewards for capping. I think those rewards, especially for solo capping are good enough. I DEFINATELY think spotting damage needs a boost and new ways to richly reward enemy fleet disruption and area denial (wherein enemy fleet is fo cesare to retreat or dramatically alter course such as a coordinated push) should be developed.
  3. Is It Just Me, or are all non- carrier ship types easily countered by DDs? FIFY
  4. DD's high tier game is bad

    False. They do have heavy influence. Whether by direct or indirect damage, situationally aware, resourceful, non potato, non suicidal dd who plays to the types strengths is the most influential ship asid from a decent carrier. You know this. Everybody does. The problem, and you misinterpret this every single time a thousand times over, is that the indirect damage and utility they provide the team is not adequately rewarded at all. Many posters far more astute than you have said this in several threads. DD can potentially do enourmous direct damage and get huge rewards but torp hits are low, on purpose. Therefore you have lower skilled dd’s literally killing themselves taking stupid risks to increase the odds of causing damage. This is rediculous. DD ought to be able to capitalize low concealment and high speed in indirect ways like spotting, disruption and area denial AND BE REWARDED very well for it.
  5. Broken game

    Hi. Boring whine post. Contributes nothing. Try candy crush. Bye.
  6. Was driven down to 14 in my gallant. Got hit twice more for zero damage before concealment kicked in. Then got hit again for zero damage. Survived last 4 minutes running away. It’s not the lowest number you will hear about. Fish stories, lol. However, it happened just this morning and its most memorable because of all the zero damage hits that kept coming afterwards. My buttcheeks are still clenched. Lol!
  7. DD's high tier game is bad

    Despite radar cruisers have it even worse than dd. Full stop.
  8. It’s not wrong. I’m not selling them short. Their strengths are not in mobility, improved over tier 5 as it is. Their strengths are in extra firepower and survivability and both increase at tier 10. So pretty much zero sum. Good power but poor mobility. They have better mobility than before but still the worst of all types and th largest and easiest to farm of all types. They have better firepower and survivability than before and are still highest potential of all types not accounting for rare torp spread or concealment.
  9. Let me see if I can help. Help you avoid a “bigblue buys the Minotaur” mistake. Bottom line is you want a strong tier 8. It’s going to see a lot of tier 10. This is a long term investment and should be looked at as such. First thing is doing some personal homework. You need to look at your performance in various ship type types. Which ship type favors you? Which line have you had most success in? Second thing is doing some research. Look at some server stats. See which tier 8’s have best numbers. Try to quantify a Plan A and a Plan B. Think back on various ranked seasons. I remember seeing certain ships a lot more than others at ranks 10 and less. Do you already have a chappy, Edinburg, Bismarck, North Carolina, Amagi, z23, Kagero? If not, why not? Ok, so, I’ve either muddied the water or illuminated a few other choices. Sorry, I’ve made a few regrettable ship decisions in this game and just wanted to step back a little light up all the avenues for you. Baltimore at tier 8. Balt was my favorite ship in the game when it was tier 9. It’s a little different now but still a strong ship IF you do well with US style heavy cruiser play. If you don’t *really* know what I’m talking about then I’d prob grind this line instead of free xp. Leads to DM which is a staple of T10 game play. This might be a good long run choice KGV at tier 7. Was my favorite tier 7 B.B. Eclipsing even Scharnhorst IMHO. Decent speed, fantastic agility for a B.B., good gun range and dispersion, great HE and ok AA. Only downside to this choice is it leads to Monarch. Lol. Several folks hate Monarch but I thought she was fine. On the upside of Monarch is Lion and Conquerer which are fantastic. This is definitely a good choice long run. mahan/benson at 7-8. Solid gunboat dd with great agility. Torps disappoint. I think the American dd line in general has been power creeped into irrelevance like the IJN dd lines. Stand outs are Clemson and Fletcher which are still excellent with great guns and good torps. Fletcher smoke is very useful for defensive fleet concealment but radar negates it’s offensive utility and firing from smoke ain’t what it used to be. Gearing is a pig. I can’t believe how sluggish it handles. Gearing is crap as a gunboat. The rainbow arcs cancel out the ROF. It can burn stuff but most of that damage is repairable. Torps with upgrades and skills can go fast and reload decently quick but they don’t hit very hard. I have gearing, z52, khab, and Chung mu. Personally I would push you to consider YuenYang, Groz or Z52. They are much more capable at tier 10. Gearing is not a good long run choice. Lyon/Rich at 7/8. Personal experience is a little rusty here but I’ll share what I can. I loved Lyon. Best cruiser killing B.B. for tier in the game. It’s as high as I have gone so far in that line. French guns are goooooood. From what I have seen Rich is a beast. Alsace is a beast. Republic, played well, is a beast. Actually hard to go wrong with any tier 10 B.B. in my opinion. I will finish grinding the French line eventually. I expect it will be a pleasure. I think Lyon/Rich would be a good long run choice. Tldr, out of your list I would do Brit or French B.B. Hope this helps.
  10. New xvm mod now working?

    Fark this. Toxicity inbound. For real. My gosh. No better way to ruin a game and kill the population than for 10% of players to shame 90% . Truely the height of dumazzery.
  11. How is Worcester?

    Nice! Some folks rattle cages. BFK throws tosses grenades into them. Lol.
  12. How is Worcester?

    My sarcasm sensor has the legendary module upgrade and its pinging hard right now. I like your style. Lol.
  13. How is Worcester?

    Yes. Have to have DD levels of situational awareness in Wooster in solo randoms. Very vulnerable ship. I find the Hindi and zao to be better overall in clan wars. They are good at all ranges of engagement and can either take a beating or dodge one. I have more fun in Wooster during random solo just because it is challenging and putting all the tools she offers to good use can really benefit the team. However it can’t really dodge because it’s so big and it certainly won’t take much of a beating being a pop can.
  14. Wasn’t aware we were opponents. I have no beef with you. Curious way to look at a discussion where nobody seems to be disagreeing with anyone else. Seems to be more a nit picking over phrasing than anything else. Tldr: B.B. are more mobile at tier 10 than tier 5. YES, generally. HOWEVER, so is everything else and the threats facing all ship types are also greater. Thus, the power struggle of strengths and weakness continues with no actual relief for anyone up or down tiers.
  15. B.B. and mobility in the same sentence. Think about that. It’s all relative. They are still huge and still have enormous turning circles and slow rudders. Goes with the territory. Yes they are more mobile at 10 than at 5. Well, Kurfürst and Yamato may think differently, lol. They still aren’t gonna river dance around everything that gets thrown around them. Not sure where you think I’m complaining. Just starting the facts. I’m OK with it all.