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  1. thebigblue

    Ramming... is stupid.

    No. Science tells us there are only two perspectives. My perspective and the wrong perspective. Maybe that's a woman... whatever. Ramming is awesome. Khan tried it and he's a superior intellect.
  2. thebigblue

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    Knock knock. Reality here. just wanted to point out the thread is a week old yet carriers have been here for years and the game isn't ruined.
  3. Narrowed down a little... Kaiser 61 39 eugen scharn tirp all really good and not super gimmicky. Atago harekaze mush yoshino also really good and not real gimmicky. All national trees have some turds thrown in. Be nice to see more good premiums and less gimmicks in general but I dont think the IJN and Germans specifically are neglected.
  4. My original opinion from years ago was that all the russian dd are garbage until Kiev and udaloi. I just reground both lines as part of research bureau and my opinion didnt change one bit. I thought Guepard was gonna be garbage in ranked sprint for a few reasons. Big, sorta clumsy, slow traverse, only 6 torps and no smoke. I couldnt have been more wrong. Turns out in this case 6.8km concealment didnt really matter and the thing just ate everything dumb enough to ignore it at 8km or closer. It guns literally tore enemy dds and cruisers to pieces. I took 15k off a reversing molotov using just front 3 guns and IFHE in about 30secs. The torpedos are strong and reload is pretty quick. It's a tier 6 pre-nerf Khab. Maybe the tier7 isnt as strong tier for tier but if it is... watch out.
  5. thebigblue

    Smolensk and impending nerf

    Plus neither DD has nearly the same pen, damage nor an 18km range...
  6. thebigblue

    Smolensk and impending nerf

  7. thebigblue

    Smolensk and impending nerf

    Sounds about right. Still very powerful but not broken so.
  8. thebigblue

    The hypocrisy of WG and "historical accuracy"

    Operations says hello... Why be in charge of transports? That game is called "Cargo Freighter Tycoon."
  9. thebigblue

    Just ranked out, Warsprite was my best choice

    https://ifunny.co/video/C1a9k7rH5 Like the devil tooted and wished a curse upon it.
  10. thebigblue

    The hypocrisy of WG and "historical accuracy"

    Heck yeah. Drop a charge but another ship floats over it when it detonates? Causes damage comparable to a torp strike? Would be cool.