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  1. thebigblue

    Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

  2. thebigblue

    Possible Solution to Radar

    If the shoe fits...
  3. thebigblue

    "it's just a game"

    And you see some kids these days doing some things you wish you never had. Lol! IE- cheap tequila pub crawls buying an Apple computer indoor metal concert with no ear plugs signing up for 4 classes instead of just 3 Early 90’s only white guys from the burbs at a public enemy concert in Detroit wearing sandals, cargo shorts and polo’s no less! Lots of looks but no trouble. Idiot tourists getting off on the Compton exit a few months after riots “just to look around”. Cops escorted us back to highway about 2 blocks later. Ferris wheel at a traveling carnival almost died skinny dipping stoned in a rock quarry at night during a thunder storm registering as a democrat voting as such and then watching student loans take root, tuition skyrocket, China grow, jobs disappear, not one Clinton but three, yada yada yada My elderly mind wanders. So sorry. Anyway, so many mistakes.... lol!
  4. thebigblue

    Possible Solution to Radar

    It’s the same tired #ddlivesmatter argument from the same narrow minded folks. I predict this thread roles over into the dumpster if the anti-radar sideline conversations persist. The Wooster role doesn’t change one iota. The sensor suite downgrade is sad but ultimately immaterial because any dd silk enough to break concealment around this ship is gonna get its face melted.
  5. thebigblue

    "it's just a game"

    Well said skip
  6. thebigblue

    "it's just a game"

    too much ingame grief. too much forum whining. i believe “stay calm and carry on” or the perhaps more apropos in this context “carry harder kid” suffice.
  7. thebigblue

    Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    Both. Duh.
  8. thebigblue

    Why Was the Konig Albert Removed?

    Nikolai is better at tier than konig. Konig is soooo slow. It’s totally lethal at 8km or less and nearly immune to everything but torpedos. However, the match is already almost over by time you get that close.
  9. thebigblue

    Guesses for what T5 ranked will feel like?

    Poor poor poor New York’s..... omahas...lol! is it the furataka? Hehehe.... My Cesare is happy. Just keep the gremy and bombers away.
  10. thebigblue


    Exploding barrels? Not collapse? Conspiracy? The 1792 shed bourbapocalypse. #neverforget1792
  11. thebigblue


    Definitely works on the full stop and sideways campers lol.
  12. thebigblue


    Both almost exactly the same agility. Seriously. Wooster highly allergic to AP. Somewhat immune to torps when hydro is up. Haru highly allergic to torps and anything that it gets hit by. These are very vulnerable ships when caught in the open.
  13. thebigblue

    Buff the Black please

    To crush cha enemies. See dem driven before you. To hear the lamentation of dah veemon. -Conan
  14. I just came here for the downvotes... French are less fictional than the Russians. Either nation, in this arcade game, have some really decent ships. If I were you I’d hold off until Alaska. It’s semi-fiction but should prove to be a lot of fun based on preliminary reviews.
  15. thebigblue

    Buff the Black please