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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Baltimore is the only line 9 I’ve ever considered keeping. More of a foregone conclusion for me really. I’d keep her and sell my Minotaur to pay for Des Moines. Full disclosure, I suck in mini but somehow have 57% for last 100 matches in Baltimore.
  2. I sense minds blowing... Well said RC.
  3. Damn. Frag. Sheet. I REALLY like my Baltimore just the way she is right now. Sounds like it’s gets beat to a pulp in this split.
  4. which line comes after USN CLs?

    Russian submarines and then Russian carriers.
  5. In randoms? 3 often enough. 5 a few times. 6 a couple. Never had 7 or more.
  6. Guess it’s a good thing every single match isn’t a one sided curb stomp then.....
  7. Depends. Been doing the cruiser thing a lot lately so I will base my response on that. If it was a potato fest of random yolo’s and broadside snipers that threw the game in 8 mins then I prob ended up running around in circles trying to figure out who I can help and watching them all die faster than I can do anything. I’ll fight as well as possible as long as it has some economy. Once it’s just me ve 10 red ships I usually go dark and sail to the edge because the clock/score is gonna run out before I can do anything else. This is more or less me giving the team the finger. It’s petty, I know. If it was pretty competitive then I’m prob in a position where I was mid range or close range supporting bb’s against cv or dd. In this case I prob can’t go dark and am about to be focused by several reds. I go full berserker mode. It’s a loss no matter what? Well it was prob pretty close until the tipping point was reached and we have given the reds 15 minutes of hell. I’m gonna set the world on fire. I’m gonna sink whatever almost dead ship stupid enough to show themselves to me. I’m gonna rack up as much damage as I can. I’ll do it either by kiting for time or by using cover to break their spotting. I’ll delay and reset new red caps. I’m gonna Radar for any greedy dd’s and nuke them. They are going to win but they are gonna pay a lot of xp for it. You know how you caution team mates that the win is locked up and there is no need to push or chase? Yeah, I become the reason you tell people that. Lol. It’s my favorite part of the game. This is what’s going thru my mind...
  8. Flag for Vet Family Members?

    Ah yes. Part of some new-fangled warrior ethos. Lol!
  9. Flag for Vet Family Members?

    Seconded. Rusty prob just busting chops. He has a high regard for all branches I’m sure. Zero offense meant I’ll bet. on the other hand , this Air Force comment is completely unwarranted and offensive. I’m declaring this a “green dot” situation and using of the 3 s’s by alerting the moderators. no, not alerting moderators nor offended. Lol
  10. Flag for Vet Family Members?

    Freaking brilliant. Almost shot coffee out my nose. also, see the littoral combat vessel fiasco. Lol. also see the new German multi purpose corvette/frigate disaster. Rofl.
  11. Zero. I was afk. Got a call after match started to help handling funeral arrangements. Still got paid 250k. I love my miss.
  12. Flag for Vet Family Members?

    I don’t know. Good question and I hope she asks. I remember her talking about one thing in one conversation and the other in another conversation. I dont pry if you know what I mean. Sweet girl with incredibly rotten luck. With the rate they are pumping kids thru technschools you’d think they could find another person to take the slot who didn’t get out and wasn’t getting divorced and had a kid and a job. Lol. That’s just how contracts work I guess.
  13. Flag for Vet Family Members?

    Recalled? Oh man... awww... grrrr.... man.... sheet I really don’t know what to say to that. Absolutely sucks. I would say thank you but that doesn’t even begin to account for so much azzpain. on a related note I know somebody who did 3 or 5 (don’t recall but she took early out) got out a little less 2 yrs ago. Got married, had a kid, bought a house, got hired on civil service, got some cars, started life. A letter arrives telling them to report back to active status this summer. The kicker is th is person has 40% disability for bad knees, spouse is a serial cheater, they are getting divorced after agreements to open marriage exploded on social media and this person (the faithful one btw) will prob lose custody because 48hr shift schedule and upcoming deployment. Not a comparison. Just showing there is plenty of manure going around.
  14. Flag for Vet Family Members?

    Well you wanted to compare. I thought that was a bit childish actually which gave a younger mans vibe to the rest of your post. I take what folks say about their service at face value. I wouldn’t know if claims are inflated or not. However, when somebody clams something and then says something contrary or out of whack to those claims... I mean, maybe it’s a misunderstanding or a poorly written post but I might seek clarification. For example, you said something like yada yada high rank wife barks at low rank troops for hat off outside. Again, sounds like beefs held by younger folks. i sought to share my experience which was part in relation to yours and part different from yours. I know what you said is true. It just wasn’t the whole picture is all and what was said reflected poorly on the military in my opinion. That may have been all you experienced in base housing and if so that is regrettable. I also did not mean to sound like you were inflating claims. Sorry if I did. Anyway, sounds like you and I prob have a lot in common. I often can relate directly to what you post or at least understand your point of view.
  15. Flag for Vet Family Members?

    Nope. Interesting question with slight overtones of that elitism you detest. Not sure you meant it or not. You might be surprised if we did. barracks are a beast. No doubt. Lol. Something you wrote struck me as something you might hear in a dorm or single base housing. IE: “So told that Colonel he could shove it” as the rest of the E2’s looked on in admiration... Military spouses in military housing. From what I remember you better not have prettier flower garden than the commanders wife. Everyone better watch what they say because the spouses can have a job almost anywhere on base or off and don’t wear name tags. And the nightmare clique mentality of a sorority house just got cranked to 11. I feel your pain. Truely. It gets way better off base. If you haven’t made the move, do it, ASAP.