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  1. from what you are saying as for chess analogy I would go with a fianchetto bishop , waiting for the center open up
  2. I really think the only counter-measures that can be implored would be fishing trollers , that can spread nets or bait to catch the dolphins..
  3. do you realize that the when you play in co-op the ai is an aimbot which I hate playing be cause it to easy to win against the ai
  4. Another Old Man

    62 here and getting older and loving it .......... is here any old guy clans
  5. on a quest

    Hi I'm a 62 year old fart looking for clan that has some friendly people to sail with. The reason I want to join a clan is that my wife will not let me have any more friends and I think my dog just doesn’t like me any more. It maybe because when I say I'm an old fart I literary mean it and it real smell some time and the only way people stand me is to do it on line. I also like it when people congratulate you for killing things out side of hunting and fishing and pc gaming is the only place I know that you are congratulate for killing something. I would appreciate it if you don't ask me how I'm doing because I will have to go find my wife and ask her. Can take orders and criticism because I've been married for 40ty years and reminded daily how imperfect I'm. PS don't tell my wife I'm looking to join a clan thxs deadhole Jesus love you so I don't have to
  6. really wish people who don't play dd stop [edited]about them...... they are getting so hard to play as is, being spotted by planes all the time, give credit to the cv players that will keep a spotter on you . and if they do what they say with the increase of the rudder speed. the only ships you will be torpedoing will be ships that run aground. the dd are fun to play right now stop nerfing them please
  7. Closed Beta Bias

    Please someone tell me why all these people that want to play so bad for a long time. When they could have participate in one of the bata test weekends which was easy to get a key. that would have put in in the bata test automatically. But best of luck getting in on the cb it's well worth it ...
  8. I received an invite on 3/15 2:30 pm cst check for emails on that date hope that helps