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  1. Your skype account is sending us viruses, can you fix that?

    1. xS_DEADLY_Sx


      I changed the password, also try removing me from whatever conversations the bot is doing it in or blocking my account (I don't plan on using it)

  2. Brick, where did you get a hand grenade?

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    2. waffles1945


      You've seen anchorman, haven't you. :P

    3. Gijoe297


      brick killed a guy with a trident.

    4. Wake_Island


      Wow that escalated quickly.

  3. Dropped 7 seconds on my 100 Fly today. If I do it 3 more times, I'll be as fast as Michael Phelps. Shouldn't be too hard...

    1. stealth250


      nice work. Are you in a national team?

  4. I learned something new about quantum mechanics today. Easiest. Thing. Ever

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    2. SirDerpOfCamelot


      Learning this in Grade 9.

    3. stealth250


      ???I will learn it next year then


    4. Wake_Island


      Ah atoms!

      Protons and electrons are awesome!

      BA C O N!


      There is a great chemistry song to help you remember the table.

  5. 9000 posts, I get Alpha access now (and can take a break from posting a lot)

    1. stealth250


      NICE WORK!!!


    2. Flakstorm_


      I am so jealous.

  6. High School swimming started up again, it's Speedo time!

    1. SpitZzeRr


      I think I'll stick to my compression trunks XD

    2. Flakstorm_
  7. Why must Alpha come out during the school year?

  8. Guys, guys. I have important news. The Kraken be underwater

    1. SpitZzeRr


      dar she blows! *gets harpoon*

    2. xS_DEADLY_Sx


      Aye aye Cap'n Ahab! This won't end well for you...

    3. SpitZzeRr


      Unfortunate so


      *grabs pipe*


      today we are real fisherman

  9. Victory in the Naval Flag contest has been obtained by me! Guaranteed spot in Beta testing (I hope I don't need it)

    1. Flakstorm_


      you should give the stop to me because you know how awesome i am.

    2. Flakstorm_
    3. xS_DEADLY_Sx


      If you convince the devs to let me fly my flag in the game, I still wouldn't because I asked and I can't give the spot away...

  10. "Among the Americans who served on Iwo Island, uncommon valor was a common virtue"- Chester W. Nimitz

  11. Another image competition, but this time I'll need a few hours to fix the image to my needs...

  12. Question to anyone that reads these: Is my sig link broken, as well as the one in the About Me section, or is that just me?

  13. You know how I told y'all to call me The Captain? Well now you have to call me The Rear Admiral Upper Half

    1. mrlazorz


      Stop posting so much, you're already overpowered as it is!

    2. Wake_Island


      I agree you are way OP.

  14. All this RPing. I guess we're just so excited for WoWs to come out that we can't handle the wait and are trying to simulate it outselves

    1. Wake_Island


      Pretty much...

  15. Aha, 360 rep. I can now create an exceedingly accurate pie chart of the kind of posts that get +1s for me, measured in degrees