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  1. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    well im not going to go through each ship as the AA and CE (etc) changes apply to ALL of them. Its nice that you are obviously a big fan of WG...but their release history does not tell a good story. I have read and watched reviews on certain ships by "key" players as well, only to find that the ships are not even close to what they were pushed as. I get that this is a business. Its also a game. For a good game to keep making money and bringing in and keeping players you have to keep making more good decisions than bad ones, not just making changes for the sake of change. These are big changes that have implications across the board, not just for CVs. Considering the output that WG has released before that has been apparently "tested", i have little faith on a positive launch.
  2. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    the release changes speak for themselves. Its not rocket science to see they have massively dumbed down the player skill level required and buffed the cv captain skills while nerfing ship aa across the board. how much more specific that obvious do you need someone to be? WG is not known for balanced changes...they make huge changes..wait for the outcry then try to cut it back a little if it suits their agenda. The fact that it took them almost a year to make 1 ship acceptable yet still didnt re release it to the public says enough. Couple that with the large amount of mediocre ships and missions/campaigns being released...IMO WG needs more of an overhaul than the game does. They are running out of fresh ideas and abilities...now they are merely lashing out with broad swords instead of doing the finer work that is needed...They never fixed radar...they instead saturated the game with it. proper ship targeting spots have never been implemented .subs are coming...they are developing game modes that the player base does not want when they have modes that have been proven to work that they continue to ignore. i can go on and on with the idiocy this game has been infested with and there is only more to come.
  3. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    it will have to as they nerfed ship aa. and massively boosted the cv skills. you can put lipstick on a pig and call it whatever you want... fact is ship aa will be less effective and you will see a rampant increase in cv stats as once again WG fails to launch a balanced change.
  4. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    changes to cv play is needed. this is NOT the way to do that. They made so many changes to boost cv play that they nerfed almost everything else. What WG essentially did was the same thing they did with the Graf Zeppelin release. They totally screwed it up, and it will take close to a year to fix. The bigger issue is that they screwed with much more than just cvs. So now the entire game is going to be on its [edited]. You do not fix 1 problem by changing everything else. You change the problem so its workable. The listed changes are far too biased to cv play considering the low number of cv players. IMO cv play was already OP in the hands of skilled players...it needed to be changed to suit the game, not just massively buffed.
  5. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Tried Reworked CV today... And actually enjoyed it!

    This rework will bring cvs from needing skilled players to use properly to idiot players being able to control the map. The entire way cvs are played has needed a change for a long time...but this is not the way to go.
  6. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Tried Reworked CV today... And actually enjoyed it!

    the biggest blunder is going to be the captain skills rework. Yes WG changed the was CVs play. They also nerfed the hell out of many captain skills and the way ship AA performs. Concealment is also being nerfed across the board. Half the captain skills are now geared towards cvs. WG has gone too far...just like the German Cv release that was messed up for almost a year. This update (0.8.0) will end up giving WG the opposite of what they wanted and see a decrease in veteran players. The game will not be as balanced as they are wanting..Just like many other things WG has tried in the last few years...this is a failure before launch. The big issue is this affects the entire game not just one element. WG should have introduced specialized captain skills for cv only captains...instead of screwing with all of the captain skills. I really wish WG would just revamp the skill tree and have 1 set for each ship branch.
  7. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Musashi HSF Camo

    Not sure why i dont have Musashi camo...i have the Yamato. were they not both given out as prizes for missions at the same time??
  8. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    (DEP) Deplorables recruiting

    (DEP) Deplorables are recruiting. NA Server. Preference to players wanting to and are able to play clan battles. You must have a T8 ship to qualify for rentals but we prefer that you own T10 ships. We are not a hardcore group with high requirements. No snowflakes. Must have sense of humor and not get offended by your own shadow. Must have discord for voice chat. Apply in game.
  9. Sorry to say, but no. The ship has to be set up and used 1 way to obtain those stats.... Its also stat padded as the majority of people playing the PEF are doing so in ranked or coop at this time ... now lets see random numbers with a variety of tier ships in the battles. It's a floating turd with crappy guns and decent secondaries (if set up accordingly). The ship will rarely be played after the event. That alone says a lot about a ship's worth.
  10. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Discontinue "Retraining"

    just use the free retrain and suck it up. you cant have everything for free.
  11. The PEF is a giant turd. At T6 its over matched by most T5 BBs. Guns are beyond horrible. Heal sucks. It's helping to screw up ranked battles. Needs a buff. Not worthy of T6 at all.
  12. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Are there always AFKers in ranked?

    should be auto pink if you load in too late for ranked. screws up the game. if your internet sucks that bad you shouldn't be playing ranked anyway. if its you doing something else...either way that's your fault and your decision, which affects all the other players.
  13. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    This ship is a turd. There is no other way to describe it. It just doesnt measure up to even some of the other tech tree BBs at T5 let alone T6. Guns are weak and inaccurate. Not sure what reviewer is smoking saying these guns are "hella accurate" You'd be lucky to hit a brick wall from 20 ft. This ship needs a buff to at least make the guns tier worthy. As it stands, its a turd.
  14. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Biggest premium ship regret!

    buying 3 carriers (that i dont play much) that were on sale instead of using the doubloons i had won to fxp the missouri when it was still in game...
  15. If they made steel somewhat more accessible...random crate drops instead of coal, small amounts for missions, people might not be so anxious to change a broken system. The problem is WG always goes from one extreme to another. Steel ships should be harder to obtain, but not limited to the point that only clan players in upper tier clans can obtain them. That is another broken system that is exploited by a small percentage. All they need to do is make it more accessible, but keep it difficult enough that players need to grind and play, not just pay.