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  1. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    Incorrect. Common business sense does not tell you to constantly raise prices to the point that your customers stop buying your products. Common sense tells you to improve your products and make them available to as many people as possible. Making mediocre products and slapping inflated prices on them does not make them good value for the customer and makes the customer think twice about the next purchase, especially if said customer feels like they got ripped off. The entire money making system is self generated. They control what costs what. There is NOTHING that validates the constant trend of drastically increasing prices over the last year or so. NOTHING. If players aren't buying the crap you produce..then maybe you should take a second look at your employees and start producing something a bit better than more people will willingly throw money at. If a ship that should cost $40 is now inflated to close to or over $100...something is clearly wrong with the way the company is doing things. I myself have passed on many ships in the last year...the cost is just ridiculous on some of them. The most recent of course..Jean Bart. They can shove that ship up their baffle. I want to spend money. I believe in supporting the game. I do not believe in getting screwed over. That is why i started playing WOWs in the first place when i stopped playing that "pirate game" that its developers decided to grenade with stupidity and i had enough of my cc being treated like a [edited]. This mentality is what leads more players to not play and not care what goes on. When you start losing vet players...you start losing the game.
  2. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    I love the way they now do not have comments on the website...so most players wont bother to come here to see whats going on.. First of all WG, HARD PASS on the Jean Bart. Why? [edited] $100 cad for the base ship. Really? Shove that in your baffle. This trend YOU are doing on your own of constantly increasing prices is going to kill the game.
  3. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    You have been disconnected from the server

    same thing. was waiting for clan to cue up and poof.
  4. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Are premium crates getting worse?

    Yep. They have been getting progressively worse for a long time. Mission prizes as well. Seems to be way more work for far less now and getting worse. Yet costs for everything are up with the smoke and mirrors bundled garbage. Ship calibre is nose diving as well. I knew things were going to start turning to crap when they didn't sell the 360 day premium for 50% off last year... maybe we need a fresh batch of devs and decision makers that know how to balance game play and income generation...
  5. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Le Terrible: Coming Soon (not Soon tm)

    So yet another hugely over priced mediocre ship ? i'm just so surprised. Seems WG loves to jack up combos to try to put liptisck on a turd and charge almost double what its worth. Why do you think sales are declining...hmmm . Over saturation of mid tier mediocre garbage and constantly raising prices because players are not wanting to spend money like they used to... WG, try giving the players some VALUE for the money again like you did years ago... Don't believe me? 1. ships are constantly being released that are mediocre to sub par. 2. Mission prizes keep getting worse, with very few exceptions. 3. Crate prizes keep getting worse. 4. Everything is getting substantially more expensive. This is just plain greed and will eventually kill the game. WG, you made a huge mistake with Halloween camo choices..and were extremely lazy by not doing more relevant ships. (i have no desire to buy any Halloween crates this year) I am expecting the same disappointment at Xmas as last year....same same. Ill spend my money elsewhere if the the offerings are still so bad.
  6. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    500 Secondary Hits

    very easy mission. got this done before any of the others...
  7. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    This is getting ridiculous - banned for sayin' 'coop team'

    the auto report system is broken as the radar. always has been. my guess is as they are too damn lazy to actually do it themselves it will remain like it is. You can report anyone for anything. You can get banned because players don't like the way you play...all because they get their friends to report you. IMO if you cant tolerate a little foul language in chat you shouldn't be playing a war game, let alone be on the internet, and do not reproduce.
  8. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Dasha Captain Voices

    There is supposed to be a generic over ride for all the captains. I dont care that its not Dasha speaking...if u cant understand anything she says...pretty much useless.
  9. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Dasha Captain Voices

    Why is there no proper english voiceover for the dasha captains????? If i could have known this i wouldn't have bothered. FIX this please. I am supposed to be able to use the generic english voice for ANY captain...it doesnt work.
  10. Running out of content? [edited]. Stop releasing a watered down ship every week catering to mid level tiers that hardly anyone plays. Fix the issues that have been plagueing the game since inception. (Targetting and radar for starters) put some original game modes that players actually want (the bath tub tugboats were the single best game mode you ever did in this game, but you never expanded on it) Maybe make a tiered event that does NOT rely on clans that can't be manipulated by those who are in a position to exploit the game. Revamp the current daily missions...they suck. The mission take way too long and you get almost nothing. They should be random missions that change everyday...you've had these in the past. They work. Start giving out more free stuff that doesn't suck. Players need motivation...not boredom. Clan battles are fine, but we need a larger mode that can involve everyone that is not tiered...80% + of your player base have no reason to play clan as they have zero chance to get anywhere. Cut the upper class out and make it a totally separate event. I do not wish to play in a system that can be so easily manipulated. WG is not running out of material, its running out of developers that have good ideas and people in charge that are approving the current lackluster content. This game has done everything it can to do variations on ships...but it has not done so with the majority of recent content. In other words, its not the game, it's the people making it that are the problem.
  11. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Go Navy contest shouldn't be about kills!!!

    actually they should have added damage done and kills. Specifically kills to the enemy team (sharks vs eagles). we should have had forced bonus flag to fly for our team and bonus points given for killing enemy ships. (bonus adjusted depending on how the balance is)
  12. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    The New WGC Launcher

    At this point in time. Rumors are that WG will be taking away the ability to launch the game via game .exe in a future release to effectively force players to use this giant pos launcher.
  13. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    The New WGC Launcher

    It's the constant "calling home" for updates and checks. The software is buggy as hell and has caused many issues with many people not even being able to launch the damn game (even on fresh installs) Use it if you want to. Multi launchers like this have proven to be nothing but a pain in the [edited].
  14. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    The New WGC Launcher

    i have heard rumours that they will be taking that option away...literally forcing you to use this pos launcher.
  15. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    The New WGC Launcher

    You don't see it NOW. There is also alot you CAN'T see, and that's my problem with it even when it does run. They cant even get the launcher to work properly without hogging resources and crashing. ZERO reason for it. Players that only have 1 game shouldn't have to install this new pos launcher. End of story.