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  1. Seriously WG...this is at least the 3rd year in a row. Rehashing old camos. The things that will actually encourage people to spend money...and you blow it again. Keep churning out those overpriced bundles and keep wondering why your sales are dwindling. WG just keeps disappointing. Cant wait to see what missions and lame "prizes" you have this year...
  2. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Asymmetric battle first impression

    my biggest fear is WG being so stupid as to implement this token currency to play into the normal game...essentially converting WOWs to a pay to play platform. They can suck it if that happens.
  3. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    0.9.6 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    the need to have game center launch to play the game is stupid. Ran just fine directly from the exe. ZERO issues and ZERO impact. Totally NOT necessary. as well, at the very least, if it has to run (which is shouldnt have to) give us the option to shut down when you close the damn game !!!
  4. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    New sounds overwhelming and distracting

    nope. new sounds are garbage. WG needs to step up its game. Stop changing things just to change them.
  5. _Kiss_The_Donkey


    wth WG??? Had all 3 doubloon boosters and 1 token booster...this morning i log in and its all reset. Check your game people. Looks like someone at WG screwed things up yet again.
  6. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Ive been told there are no hacks

    the game is riddled with problems that the devs cant or wont fix. Concealment (although its getting a bit better), ship target points ( visibility on island ends and sand bars etc) are major issues...i doubt they will ever bother fixing them. They are too busy changing things that actually work just to change things...
  7. _Kiss_The_Donkey


    still say they should have capitalized more on her. teach her english so she has a sexy accent and play to her strengths. voice overs suck.
  8. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Military Month Contributer Flag

    still fly mine
  9. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Anyone else bored to tears with Twilight mode?

    Again, WG has a big event with lackluster "prizes".....and it doesnt even encourage actual gameplay...but hugs and rainbows from all the 3 teams...
  10. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Hi Res Monitors... 5120-x1440...anyone?

    2080ti LOL spending that much on a screen kinda throws the penny pincher mindset out the window. Like they say, ignorance is bliss... It will be a huge upgrade cost for sure (necessary ? of course not, but (ask your wife) every inch counts lol .....I'm currently running a 34" ultrawide 3440x1440 using a 1080ti...i might not even need to upgrade the GPU right away..which would be great if i can skip a generation....ive been wanting the 49" as it would be the sweet spot size wise for my setup. The fact that the newer screen also has more features is also a bonus... Main thing is wasnt sure how taxing the game is running almost 4k resolutions.
  11. Thinking about getting the Samsung CRG9...its a 49" 5120x1440 screen...anyone using this one or something close to or 4k? curious as to the perfomance youre getting and what GPU you are using....
  12. Waste of time is what it is. More rehashed Halloween stuff with virtually nothing worth any effort...pretty much WG new style of game development. We have entered the coin generator is more important than the game phase.
  13. Sorry Wg. You want to put on an event? do it IN GAME. im not signing up for all these separate events on outside sites and constantly adding discord channels etc... I guess its easier to farm it out to minions than actually do the work yourself. Now you have more time to release horrible ship lines and rehash 2 yr old missions for special occasions. This game really is going into the [edited].
  14. Not really. for xp you can gain much more in randoms than coop when using flags and camos than in coop.
  15. _Kiss_The_Donkey

    Game loading...so....slow....

    [edited]. Done all that. half of which have zero impact on how slow the game LOADS FROM THE SERVER. This isn't an in game issue. 1. i don't use mods 2. i dont use your garbage game center launcher as it causes more problems than its worth. 3. already ran the check...no issues 4. graphics have nothing to do with the game loading from the server. My settings are just fine. I have more than enough power to run the game. 5. This is not a computer related issue. This is a game server issue. 6. Only if nothing helps contact support...why is that? because they are so overwhelmed with problems because WG doesnt do their due testing and keeps implementing [edited] ideas to the game? Most likely. 7. Thanks very much flow chart jockey tech support level 1. Do you even play the game? Im surprised you didnt ask me to make sure my machine is plugged in and reboot...