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  1. Fighter "barrage fire" is... silly.

    Ya that is a not a good corner to be in when they come in hordes.
  2. Vote down not available anymore??

    LOL nice mod on the post... I almost fell for it
  3. The option to vote down on a post is no longer available for me. Is this an update or am I being singled out for a specific reason.
  4. Amazing tool, thanks
  5. Thanks Always a pleasure to show how easy games can be if you have intelligence above the common butt scratching monkeys.
  6. Russian premium cruiser Aurora

    Where are the torpedo tubes??
  7. Welcome to my personal epic win archive. Here are screenshots of my victories. In most battles if not all battles I am the Alpha. It's not the ship nor my higher intelligence. It's all luck. And luck depends on the participating players effecting the outcome. Badass and far superior then most in real life, I simply bring that to the game and win naturally. Besides... games are for kids so my advantage is overwhelming. Updated daily / weekly.
  8. About the guns... It seems that most ships "share" the gun texture files. Much like the camo is shared between ships. The script that calls for the texture files for a specific ship's guns are can be modified or rather re-directed to a custom texture file. The issue is the modder has to go out of the way much further then just editing a single texture file for the haul. I always skip the guns because of that.
  9. Russian premium cruiser Aurora

    It's not horrible at all. The ship simply sucks when placed in the wrong range. When Wargaming updates adding more ships in the same range the battles will be much better. But at this time with so few ships near it's "range" it falls face-palm first into fail.
  10. Russian premium cruiser Aurora

    Not worse then the Albany. lol
  11. Russian premium cruiser Aurora

    Do us all a big favor and show everyone a screenshot of you and the Aurora in a random battle with a score above 500. You will never produce it. So if you think you are doing well... then it's only your personal opinion. The fact is NO ONE can get a good score with this ship the way Wargaming has it placed.
  12. Russian premium cruiser Aurora

    I will explain once again. The ship is great! The battles are total horse crap. That is because the tier of enemy ships that on average it faces are far superior in most ways. If this ship were in lower tier battles as it should be then it wouldn't even be an argument for me. Ship good. Tier placement in battles is bad.
  13. Tutorial on how to lose a battle

    Everyone wants #10 lol
  14. If you don't follow my instructions to the letter then it's your fault.
  15. Russian premium cruiser Aurora

    8 x 152 mm (6-inch) guns 24 x 75 mm guns 8 x 37 mm guns 3 x torpedo tubes (two underwater) 1917: 14 x 152 mm guns 4 x 76 mm AA guns Machine guns 3 x torpedo tubes (two underwater) A most impressive looking ship and I must say a real beauty to view. The history on this ship is a good read. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_cruiser_Aurora For it's time it was intense. But in Wargaming's world the famous Aurora sucks so bad I can even begin to explain. My first couple of battles it actually made me sick to my stomach. The ship is a tier III but most battles if not ALL battles are with tier IV and V and VI. It's almost like when players make a division to bring a low tier into a higher tier battle. And we all know what happens if that is done. THE BATTLE IS T.U. BEFORE IT STARTS. VS all other ships in the battle... Firing range is crap. The armor is inferior. It turns like a pig. Many guns but they perform like a clipper ship's cannons. This without a doubt in my mind is the worse premium ship the Russian line will ever see. If anyone does purchase do it for display. PLEASE stop taking this wrongfully placed ship in Random Battles. YOU will handicap the whole team. Simply play it in Co-op Battles and Training only. And anyone who doesn't listen to reason blowing the battle for everyone else is a fool.