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  1. SharkFujishiro

    RN CL (non-Belfast) Premium When?

    I would like to see Exeter as a tier 6 premium. Leander with 203mm guns!!! .
  2. SharkFujishiro

    Royal Navy Guineas

    Did any one notice the prices of the Guineas? $39.99 for 40 Guineas $19.99 for 20 Guineas, so if you buy 2 you get 40 Guineas for $39.98, saving a penny $0.99 for 1 Guineas, so if you buy 40 you get 40 Guineas for $39.60, saving $0.39 Shouldn't it reward you for buying more with a lower price per Guineas? Just a thought
  3. SharkFujishiro

    Should capping be worth more xp now?

    It would be a good way to reward bold play, or punish the stupid! If you increase xp for capping, how about a small increase in xp for defending?