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  1. Bringing Corgis back from the grave

    Been sailin all night my hands wet on the wheel!!!!
  2. POI or Show Us Dae Wae

    💩 Oh wait!! that’s POO!!!
  3. And +5% Capt. XP’s IIRC. I also Run Alpha flag that has +5% xp and Capt. XP’s
  4. Also the capt. That came in the HSF Spee can be used in both German and Japanese ships .IIRC
  5. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Jan 16th, 2018

    Also a return capt to last boat option like crews in tanks . So you don’t always have to look around for a particular capt.
  6. May starve!

    Half pack ramen add 3 Vienna sausages. 2 tablespoons frozen peas. Can add peanut butter to thicken into a sauce if needed. enjoy.
  7. DoY campaign messed up

    Ships aren’t crappy only Captains .
  8. Redeemed . Thnx 😎🤘
  9. Battle of the North Cape, Mission 4, Task 2

    DOY is far from garbage in my game experience in it .
  10. HSF Harekaze packages

    Make sure you sign in sometime ultimate packages don’t show if you don’t.
  11. Even though I dont like the reload time of the DOY . I still beat in heads with it . Just need to adapt your gameplay. Adrenaline rush is a must take damage and reload goes down.
  12. The POINT is he would LIKE to have the flag (as would I . Have owned this ship since it first came out). Stats on a flag aren’t the ONLY thing some people worry about in this game. And it may be a non -issue with you. But it is an issue with Mr. Maine. Myself included. I almost would buy this bundle for the xtra but I already have over 600 days premium time and 33 k dumb bloons . Thnx. Carry on .
  13. Tier 10 (battle)cruiser Stalingrad?

    About like a Moskva.?
  14. Survivability is already gimped because you get 1 less heal than other BBs of the tier.