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  1. Pirate Hunter Flag

    Shivver me timbers it be a Great Flag!!!! Thankee!!!! From Pirate 34
  2. Is 15k Coal Super?

    Yup I got one also.
  3. The Username Awards

    CaptKirksNipples Hands down favorite.Havent seen him in ages though.
  4. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 9th, 2018

    Same!!! U505 area is really cool now that they built a structure over it. Multimedia presentations also.
  5. What are these things

    Was it captained by Cheech or Chong? lowrider fuzzy dice they look like or Pokeballs for players that have to collect em all!!!
  6. Corgi flag? Or not...?

    I received 2 corgi flags for being a corgi capt. Last time .
  7. Bringing Corgis back from the grave

    Been sailin all night my hands wet on the wheel!!!!
  8. POI or Show Us Dae Wae

    💩 Oh wait!! that’s POO!!!
  9. And +5% Capt. XP’s IIRC. I also Run Alpha flag that has +5% xp and Capt. XP’s
  10. Also the capt. That came in the HSF Spee can be used in both German and Japanese ships .IIRC
  11. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Jan 16th, 2018

    Also a return capt to last boat option like crews in tanks . So you don’t always have to look around for a particular capt.
  12. May starve!

    Half pack ramen add 3 Vienna sausages. 2 tablespoons frozen peas. Can add peanut butter to thicken into a sauce if needed. enjoy.
  13. DoY campaign messed up

    Ships aren’t crappy only Captains .
  14. Redeemed . Thnx 😎🤘