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  1. Rommelsbook

    Returning player: How does PR grind work?

    The event is over not sure if you can just spend the doubloons to complete it if u have that option.
  2. I ranked out in Gascogne . Just kited the Tirpitz /Bismarck around as they try to torp you. Also had good success in the Kii
  3. Rommelsbook

    Pirate Hunter Flag

    Shivver me timbers it be a Great Flag!!!! Thankee!!!! From Pirate 34
  4. Rommelsbook

    Is 15k Coal Super?

    Yup I got one also.
  5. Rommelsbook

    The Username Awards

    CaptKirksNipples Hands down favorite.Havent seen him in ages though.