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  1. The POINT is he would LIKE to have the flag (as would I . Have owned this ship since it first came out). Stats on a flag aren’t the ONLY thing some people worry about in this game. And it may be a non -issue with you. But it is an issue with Mr. Maine. Myself included. I almost would buy this bundle for the xtra but I already have over 600 days premium time and 33 k dumb bloons . Thnx. Carry on .
  2. About like a Moskva.?
  3. Survivability is already gimped because you get 1 less heal than other BBs of the tier.
  4. You ships in Port?

    I have 140 ship iirc . May list em later hehe.
  5. How is WoWs better since 9/17/15

    Not finishing a battle in a DRAW is a plus . I have 97 of those in my WR sadly .
  6. Finally I saw a DRAW!!!

    Ugh I have 97 draws in my WR !
  7. Reload game? Try it may work may not ??
  8. Community Scoop is in!

  9. Thnx much Kapitan. I saw that reward from last time the event ran just wanted to make sure.??
  10. Corgi Capt.123 here . What are the rewards for sinking us in battle?just in case I'm asked. Thnx.
  11. Nelson..Where Are You????

    Here's my Nelson. Was a little less than 375 k free xps.
  12. WoWS physical merchandise?

    I have a WOWS hat that I received at a game convention.
  13. Just buy it cheap asses. I've done really well in it 70% wr.also have had 2 Krakens in it so far. I competed the camo campaign already also lots of goodies as rewards.
  14. Contest link

    i know the number of my post even but the page just wont load