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    Football(As in Soccer, Yanks are all wrong!) Warships(I LOVE IT), Tanks, Planes, Physics(I LOVE IT)
    History, School, and Sports.

    On the other hand, my Music interests are either very strange or really good, or meh, depending on who you ask. Mainly old Rock & Roll, Disco (this gets a lolwut from my friends) and older Pop.


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  1. Just finished a short story! Waiting a few weeks to start editing, and I'm hoping to send it out to an agent for publishing! :D

  2. Goodbye Alpha! It's been an honor! :D

  3. School Starting up again for me in 3 days. I feel like punching a wall.

  4. It's mah B-Day! :D

    1. Lennon82


      lol well happy B-day

  5. Faster than a speeding turtle, stronger than a little mouse, more noble than a piece of lettuce, his shield is a heart, he's the CHAPULIN COLORADO!

  6. Mexico lost. I was so angry because we had a good chance of winning, but we lost it in the last 10 minutes :/

  7. Mexico vs Netherlands up next. Mexico, Creo en ti.

  8. Vamos Mexico! 0-0 against Brazil in the world cup! Si se puede!

  9. Mexico is going up against Brazil in the world cup next week. I wonder who will win... Hmm...

  10. They see me alphaing! :D

  11. Straight A's on my finals! All that's left is waiting for that Alpha tag.

  12. Wish me luck on my finals! please

  13. Have you ever had that time when you spend a ton of time drawing something that's supposed to be scary, and a friend walks up and says "That's cute!"? >_>

  14. For all of the people who have died in combat, or who are currently deployed abroad, my best wishes, and those who have died in service: May they rest in peace.