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  1. ArmourGhost

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    No I men't I have a 134 ships and there is only about a 1/4 of them, I enjoy to play probably about a 1/4 of them, also now have no upgrades and only 10 point captains, I do not enjoy under T8 at all. hope this makes a clarification now, I only keep'ed these ships either because of snowflakes and I have a huge amount of premium ships from Santana containers , hell I have a bunch of t10s, I haven't even really played because iv been grinding credits for ships for snowflake event Agree'ed with a dockyard mission that must have been terrible Yes and no you still have to Win and believe it or not player's throw to bots and Iv had to hard carry wins with full player teams, one game was a 4 bot vs me t10 game sometimes is very sad state but I don't care its still faster than randoms and allows be to play ships with no worries to my W/R etc since I am trying to fix my account
  2. ArmourGhost

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    I have been playing this game grinding credits back just for ships I sold in the past for the snowflake even, no upgrades no equiptment I still play non zombie like to make sure its a win but Im not going to do it if I have to play in randoms! there are plently of ships I do not enjoy to play and I have 134 of them with a dockyard event as well I don't have the time to do both I have a 134 ships
  3. ArmourGhost

    Credit earning potential Nurf?

    Im sorry but what is Narai?
  4. ArmourGhost

    Credit earning potential Nurf?

    Standard camo with no flags IDK maby Lert is right and I am just crazy lolz
  5. So at the start of my Day on the 0.9.4 patch release it sorta felt I was not earning the same credits I was just hours before server was down, even thou we are no longer pay for consumables, now i am convinced the credit earning potential has been nurfed, here is a game i played in my Lenin, or am I crazy? some one that's good at the math maby can work this out please
  6. ArmourGhost

    Results: Week-Long Recruit-A-Thon

    @Hapa_Fodder Have a shipmate accept an invitation and play 1 battle* So I had this done with one of my ship mates, I got to play a game with him before the end of the event but he left the division before the end of the game not knowing he had to stay in untill game finnsihed, I have the replay if I need a ticket for the game to count, we didnt get to play much as he got to the invite just before I went in to CWs and I got to play a game just after CWs finished toda, question is did I get the points or do I need to make a ticket with the replay?