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  1. Can't sell my Iron Duke

    Made in China. Probably break down 3 minutes into the battle.
  2. I left the game before campaigns came out and only returned 5 or 6 weeks ago. I had no idea you could repeat missions. It is my own fault for not looking deeper into it though. I usually read as much as I can about every game I play but didn't feel the need since I had played before. I stuck mostly to ship changes, the way they play and their stats.
  3. It's this. People in New England mispronounce half the English language and you're preemptively telling us how to pronounce 1 word.
  4. You may have seen it but you don't understand what you're seeing most likely. And when you say crit do you mean citadel?
  5. Oh boy. The patent again. Like this hasn't been brought up a hundred times in WOT over the last few years by people trying to justify their bad stats. The patent exists but (choose to believe them or not) WG says it has never been implemented. And you don't need a rigged MM to make the graph look like that. The fact that half the people lose in every battle does that all by itself.
  6. I was 25 and 5 my last 30 battles. Then I read your thread and lost 5 in a row. It is your fault.
  7. Changes coming 5.1

    I typed in "dev notes" and I got 3 hits all from this post.
  8. In standard battle this was always possible.
  9. The stats they were talking about are strictly the stats of those being tracked on the website. There are less than a thousand from the RU server and over 8 thousand from the NA server. The server average win rate can't be over 50% on any server. The difference you'll see in average win rates across all the servers is determined by the draw rate. There aren't enough imbalanced server dump games to really make a statistical difference.
  10. Show 1 time I have ever whined about CVs. It's a statistical fact. That is all it is. When you're good with CVs you do the most damage and have the most sway over a game. That doesn't mean any moron in a CV can do it.
  11. It's not a thinly veiled whine. Without knowing how he plays, the best advice for most powerful ships is to play CVs. I'm sorry you can't grasp the truth. He didn't ask best for playstyle.
  12. It's not a whine. It's statistically the truth.
  13. You lousy TKer

    You shouldn't be able to enter a match once you're pink. Turn pink during a battle and your damage get's reflected. Once you turn pink you should be stuck in the port for some time. Turn pink again and the temp bans should start if it hasn't been a long enough time since your last incident. And while I get that some don't do it on purpose, you're still hurting your team too often and should be punished for it.
  14. You lousy TKer

    I ran into a pink guy the other day. I know him from WOT where he has 2 accounts banned(pretty sure permanently) for TKing and here he is pink already. I've seen him and his friend that has a similar name TK 8 people in a single match before. If he can't play WOT on this account because he TKs so much and is already pink here, why isn't that account permanently banned from all WG titles? He should have had a very short leash here.
  15. Free exp

    Usually best for upgrading stock ships. Use it to get the important modules and that's it. Of course if you have enough to avoid a dreaded ship you could do that too.