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  1. I'm personally more annoyed at the complete lack of attempt to fix the old system that WG promised, it's had many of the same issues that it has had since CBT, the whole interface was buggy it loved to spasm and do things that you never gave orders to do and ignore about 40% of the orders you did give. The AA power creep and RNG fighter engagements did not help either, What killed me was the 15-minutes spent in que for me, that was the final straw to all but stop playing CVs in the old system. But even then I simply hung up both tier X lines in a vacuum sealed bag waiting for the supposed over hull of the RTS system that was supposed to come. And it just pisses me off when CCs like Notser get on their knees and suck off WG and make videos with blatant lies in them saying WG has tried everything to fix carriers. Adding in horribly unbalanced AP bombs was a joke, I made like a 5 paragraph explanation on how to balance them out when they were still on the PT in the feedback forums, that went unnoticed, it did include the idea of allowing CVs to change the planes armament while the squads were on the deck so you could have both types but had to land your planes to swap munitions. Then they broke the USN line by fixing what squads you could choose from and left it unfair by leaving the IJN as they were. Then they nerfed the USN line again by dropping the tiers on it's planes... How many people here want to play a Shima with kamakazi torps and launchers? I exchanged my CVs they are abismal compared to what they were, I tried the new CVs they have been dumbed down to almost [edited] levels, and I know people are going to argue that the old system had a large skill gap, and I can explain that a bit. Having a mostly action based game, which people become accustomed to is fine, but CVs unlock at tier 4, unless you first started the game credit card in hand you had to play the action game a fair little bit, it's what you became accustomed too. Then this buggy RTS mechanic is thrown at you if you tried out CVs. Well it got worse when WG decided to remove alt drop from tiers 4+5 this compounds on the fact that tier 6 is when AA starts to get potent and you can start to lose a lot of planes and be removed from the game early on,, here is where an already steep learning curve turns into a clif to the average player. when I started playing CVs back in CB I never knew for a while that the alt drop mechanic even existed, CCs like ichase we're the only source of reliable detailed information, WG never covered in detail the workings on carriers at all and that only makes an existing problem worse. The other side to the RTS system is that people like myself had an initial advantage being a fan of the genre, I grew up on games like Starcraft. I enjoyed the complexity of the system more than action based game play. When I gave up on CVs to paitentely wait for the rework that had been delayed for ages my overall interest in wows dropped, I admit I don't play RTS as often as I used too, mostly because I am odsesed in the world if 4X/RTS hybrids. Looking at you sins and Stellaris. But also because CVs are a moot point in a game now... DD captains have always cried about the CV, well, it's spotting power has been nerfed darasticly and the only reason you are being spotted is because the new CVs are a fad, the new flavor, give it a week. My opinion is CV count will drop to the old numbers they were... WG said CVs we're 4% of the game population wise... 1 in 12 is 8.3% so if WG numbers are accurate you should have seen a CV in every other game. I played today on a Sunday and only saw 3 CVs one was a tier 6 drug into a tier 7+8 game, and funny enough, I was in my Atlanta, ate every F-ing plane that came near me, the old system he could of gotten a couple of drops off at the least, this guy had nothing to show other than maybe 5K spotting DMG. I had zero interest in WoWp and most people don't (their mostly dead servers speak for themselves) and since this game requires as much skill and mental power now as a slomo version of CoD. I think I'll give up on it. Like I said, I've exchanged my CVs for the free xp already. And I'll uninstall wows and just sit back and read the forums and Dev blogs and see if they fix this cluster F, untill then, I'm back to playing Stellaris and Hoi IV. Can't wait for the new Man the Guns dlc