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  1. einsteinxx

    Is this a new type of trolling?

    tears are plentiful from this one.
  2. einsteinxx

    Self Kill ?

    LOL. WG has a full customer service team on hand 24 hours a day to listen to all these whine reports. LOL. Free game, this is all there is.
  3. einsteinxx

    Is player support just bots?

    Game is free, automated replies is all you can expect.
  4. einsteinxx

    fix the match making

    So many tears
  5. einsteinxx

    Auto Penalise AFKers

    the crying over this is awesome
  6. einsteinxx

    Tickets for player misconduct

    whiny post
  7. einsteinxx

    CV's are so broken, its not even funny

    My main goal as CV is to hover over DDs until allies burn them down. Anything to make DDs hate the game more.