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  1. this for the Shinonome
  2. for anyone just curious or don't know the difference between TBF and TBM is just who made it. TBF if it was built by Grumman TBM if it was built by General Motors and night ver of this seem only built by GM them self
  3. and SURE those accounts are actually true to the word or been edit to fit one argument? thank about that now. umm as in active? being use right now, where? if your talking about places like Auschwitz, there reason why it still here other like it, Tto remind us the horrors of genocide.
  4. Trusting you make it any better? so part of that group that also thinks "Pear harbor was inside job", or "moon landing were faked", or better yet "JFK was assassinated by our own government" Yea no thanks
  5. Then change the thread name as saying "Graf Zeppelin is OP" is asking for it to be nerf. which last thing it needs.
  6. at that point maybe nerf AP bombs to be not soo OP but then again Big E AP bombs are just as bad tho so idk here, it however needs it torpedo bomber back, or make were get one or the other for load outs
  7. um excuse me but i'm a Enterprise kind of guy, so... and this thread in public section of the forums more less so no it not really that exclusive, unless it was in it special spot that was exclusive to Graf Zep owners then yes but it not it not entirely impossible see something like that but as Graf stands, saying OP is last thing to say about it
  8. she not sale anymore(reason why) you have to wait three month to get her again after the balance reworks are done( so wait like 6-8 month more like)
  9. Then the results are not relevant to issue at hand and dose not prove it scale of OP as everybody clams to this thread, anybody with any T8 carrier can do that if not better in a PvE setting as AI in this game are predictable.
  10. Now try that in PvP see get same results.
  11. After a very long, painful and no fuel to spare campaign on E7 to rescuing Ark Royal, and one repair goddess used, it paid off, finally and got a Warspite out of the deal, think this win/win deal...now...... what to do.
  12. The fact the Graf avg damage is lower than Lex(Lexington being worst of t8 carriers, Graf making Lex look better as it sits) is saying something about it, as it it really bad and need to be reworked to be usable in a competitive environment, no body cares what it dose in PvE environment as bot in this game are kinda dumb at times. Stop defending what effectively is the worst premium vehicle that WG as ever release and beats alot Wot bad tanks in terms of being crap
  13. the only real company doing that is Sony ATM, if i'm told correctly they want release there new "console" in 2019 as Sony predicts that at that point there be a 50% adoption rate for 4k TVs (something along those line)
  14. Well....so far got done with E4, not sure gonna do more but i'll try to get e7