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  1. I need more than screenshots . I think this is fake. What ships? what modes? I question this claim . Look at stats the battle numbers aren't even there.
  2. xDOMIN8ORx

    This is why I quit warships for a year

    Listen FOOLS!!! It's a stupid scoring system and it needs to change and you all know it. You see how WG is needing new players that is why they pushing new recruit harder. Maybe they should address losing long-time players with stupid rank scoring that punishes good players for others sucking. I guess I am asking a lot for intelligence from Russian devs..My bad
  3. xDOMIN8ORx

    This is why I quit warships for a year

    I play a lot .. to many hrs a day. And I started at like 12 .. Top 3 on team MUCH one time losing 2 stars in 2 matches by a combined 16 points.. ohhh so frustrating I fought well but punished
  4. Fought My [edited]off and I get this!! ..Almost at 400 rank battles got to rank 6 , 3 star and the win I needed to get to 5 was a fail thx to an afk in another battle. Listen WG I love the gameplay of this game but the ranked kills it for me..Re do the scoring system PLEASE. NO ONE LIKES IT!!. The limited time makes ranking to 1 imposible for most players because they simply do not have the time. Top 3 not losing a star is fair. Try it! I am feeling another quit.. I need to win 6 battles to get back to where I was 6 days ago.. I do not want to play.. I want to enjoy the game.. Not watch my hard work be destroyed by horrible bad Player/team Or AFK or OP CV. I watch chat and I know many feel the same.A change in ranked scoring needs to happen. Meanwhile, if anyone wants to take a break to join me on 4tknight I am xDOMIN8ORx. Save the world is fun. I gave them a lot of $ instead of ships last time i walked away from this game for a year over this rank [edited]..It was worth it. But after a battle like in this pic .. I am about done with this game again for a bit.. Not the best feeling to leave LONG time customer after 10 k battles .. the game is great fun to play the game but ruined by rank punishment ..which should just be called "Lucky star system" in glorified small team random match. It does not rank skill as much as the luck of team you draw ..which is to different for each person to call it "Fair Competition " . When I would rather take the time to write this instead of playing the game says a lot. I JUST HAD A FANTASTIC BATTLE AND FEELWAS PUNISHED! I just on't get why Warships holds onto this system..