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  1. StudebacherHoch

    16 losses in a row

    Has been for a year and a half now. There is no murder in paradise.
  2. Yeah, and? They're Russians ain't they? Ever wonder why the MM is so skewed? Ever wonder why the "bots" on you team "disguised as "real players" suck so bad? Ever heard over and over the same unaddressed complaints? It's a Russian, or maybe an Old World thing, I'm not sure, but it seems to be the norm not to address issues but to deflect and lie, and yeah. There is nothing new under the sun, mankind the earth's most corruptible creature. Same stuff "mentality" the GQP wants to bring to the good old U.S.A.
  3. StudebacherHoch

    I'm gonna rage and beat a dead horse

    Lol, deadhorse, lol. There is no murder in paradise.
  4. StudebacherHoch

    A request

    I'm here to request the issuing of a Plastic Jesus to all players. Installed on a players ship, this relic will allow a 5% buff to the players RNG (RNG is of the devil). Smells like victory.
  5. StudebacherHoch

    Who have you seen in game

    I had a game once, with somebody I seen once, but damned if I can remember when or with who. It's the result of having a memory that's shorter than my pecker (sadness ensues).
  6. StudebacherHoch

    With regards to MM always being "right"..

    Never happened, where's the replay?
  7. Nimrod, I never said you were wrong, I said against 2 CV's you had to play smarter................ you was the one that gave up "it's too hard, it's unfair" give me a break.
  8. StudebacherHoch

    What the hell teams...

    Then what happened?
  9. StudebacherHoch

    Tier 1 Premium Ship Proposal

    "Tier 1 Premium Ship Proposal" I'm almost lazy enough for such a critter, OMG what am I saying.
  10. StudebacherHoch

    Allowing Player to Player Ship Sales

    This is one of them bad April fools jokes? You did ask about a "free to play" game allowing users to sell the games components they are playing with to other players? That's hilarious.
  11. StudebacherHoch

    Name and Fame

    Replay or it didn't happen.
  12. StudebacherHoch


    That's hilarious.
  13. StudebacherHoch

    Anatomy of a Top Tier Loss

    This seems like a post meant to express that the "balance" of the game is based on the "players" skills or lack thereof. Without addressing the true problem of a skewed MM. "Game is rigged, yes, but it's rigged for all of us, no it is not.". Seems there are two teams (composed by the MM) in every game, one is the "targeted" consumer, the other is the "target".
  14. StudebacherHoch


    Once again we find ourselves with two schools of thought. One thinks the MM is rigged (which it is). While the other thinks "yeah, but it's rigged for you too" (which it is not). You think after all the discussions on this one topic, people "with a clue" would understand "there seems to be a problem" (and it's not with the players complaining about the uberskewwed MM).
  15. StudebacherHoch

    Team compositions from a ranked battle today

    It doesn't matter how often the topic of the skewed matchmaking system is discussed on these forums, you'll always have the "it's broken" vs the "sometimes if you're lucky it's broken for you too, so don't whine about the everlasting blowouts".