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  1. Does anyone remember if the Monaghan personal assignment had an expiration? I logged on and noticed it was no longer in my assignments anymore; I thought I had more time to complete it.
  2. Cruisers have hydro to detect "skill walls", so poor argument?
  3. I think a rebalance could be useful... maybe improve the concealment of all ships and then nerf the concealment skill and module so that in the end, the max concealment stays the same but the other tier 4 captain skills and modules are more viable.
  4. I bought a set of containers because I calculated that on average, the special flags would have been a better value than converting doubloons to free xp (the special flags net you a ton of commander xp and ship xp). Somehow I managed to get all the ship quests even though I did not really care about them other than the Kidd (already had the Atlanta and Cleveland). I only received about 80 Ouroboros flags; I would have preferred 100 of those.
  5. Radar has ruined dd play

    Before the influx of radars, DDs were probably the most active and exciting class at tier 8+. Games were often heavily in favor of good DD players who could control the caps. Now it seems like the better DD players play much more passive and games are often decided by radar cruisers hiding behind islands and radaring the first DD that grows a pair and tries to cap. Very fun and engaging.
  6. Radar has ruined dd play

    Problem with that is that many tier 8 DD do not have good torpedos to "range snipe".
  7. Radar has ruined dd play

    DD gunboats are fun right now. Floating shell USN cruisers can't hit a 40+ kt gunboat at 11+ km.
  8. Radar has ruined dd play

    DD play is completely centered around stealth... radar completely negates stealth... with enough radars on one team, DDs are useless.
  9. Radar has ruined dd play

    Just got out of a match with like 6 radars... couldn't do anything other than throw torps.
  10. I found Ultimate Frontier easier than the Raptor mission.
  11. A "Indianapolis Marathon" is also on the EU calendar starting June 1.
  12. I've been preferring the Budyonny over the current Cleveland.
  13. Asashio is so OP it's not funny

    I bought one. It isn't overpowered because it is so weak to other DDs and cruisers, but it is cancerous aka anti-fun like artillery from WoT pre-nerf. The ability to sneak to 5.4km of a BB and then delete them with torpedo booster is pretty toxic.