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  1. American_Ace_96

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    I like the idea and I like seeing whole numbers for the prices. WG if you can round up or down to the nearest whole number for the rest of your inventory, you'll make those who use game cards or refillable cards very happy.
  2. Will the other low tier premiums (Tier 5 and below) be available for coal?
  3. American_Ace_96

    Submarines are Coming

    Keep scrolling. I'm just here watching everyone lose their minds over submarines and challenging the HE meta. Just remember if it can't be HE spammed to deletion, and catch fire every third shell, then it is OP .
  4. American_Ace_96

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.7

    Just to be clear, the SAP shells that the Italian Navy will have, are the same as what the Royal Navy cruisers fire. Yes? No?
  5. American_Ace_96

    Manual Seconadires

    Secondary brawling is the most fun next to playing a mid-tier US dd (in my book at least). I like the idea of every gun available firing on a target instead of just sitting there doing nothing. They do need more TLC though. I'll always say that until WG shows more interest in doing so. On a side note, I get CQC in some of the strangest ships. So far Haida, Emerald, Hood, and St. Louis (USA) have caught me off guard when it happens.
  6. American_Ace_96

    Ark Royal Playtesting Memes & Quick Preview

    The AL memes will fly just like the Kancolle's when Yuudachi is released *cough* Poi! *cough*. There is little doubt Ark Royal will sell. Bundle in her respective AL captain and that's more money made for WG. I will say I don't like her obsession, but I like the concept of a carrier's deck being a rifle/musket, a bow, or a crossbow. Now if only WG would add in Tirpitz and Bismark captains...... As for CVs in general, it would be nice if there were an evasive maneuvers consumable (unlimited charges but a long cooldown no premium) to minimize damage taken over AA, fighter attacks, or during an attack run so higher tier carriers would have another attack or scout in them before being de-planed The animations could be randomized and subjective to either AA or fighters, and the effects could be subjective to tier and maybe equipment based (enhanced engine/flight controls). I'll bet good money, when she's released there will at least be one training room "trying" to recreate Bismark's doomed voyage.
  7. American_Ace_96

    Naval Legends: U.S.S. Cod – Trailer

    I have a taste for fish and chips now. The submarine looks cool with a story to match too.
  8. American_Ace_96

    And also Ark Royal

    DD hunting or DD protecting? (I play too! Hood > Ark Royal)
  9. American_Ace_96

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    I'm going, to be honest. I don't like this. I like the rework since it is a lot less RNG based than the old RTS model, but the constant nerfing is starting to feel unnecessary. Up to tier 8. Yes, the tier 8s are premiums but I'm a collector of sorts. Tier 6 or 8 gameplay goes something like this: top tier - harvest time mid-tier- select carefully but a decent match bottom tier - sees tier 10s and sees a lone tier 10 dd shred any and all planes near it. The only fix I see is to limit the CVs to a 1 tier spread. Tier 8 planes against tier 10 AA is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. Tier 9 isn't much better but still better than tier 10. As for the DD mains who haven't figured out how to counter enemy CVs and are calling for these nerfs, I'm still waiting for the call to nerf German secondaries and hydro, or Royal Navy high explosive and rate of fire, or US Navy dds' rate of fire (cruisers too), Russian radar range, or Japanese accuracy. I'm going to tell you the same thing you tell battleship captains who cry about your torps; learn the ancient art of wsad.
  10. American_Ace_96

    Premium Shop in May: The Hunt for Bismarck

    I like the Azur Lane collaboration. I don't like the fact that the second wave of commanders is double the price of the original wave. I get that it has all those credits, doubloons, and signals but I'd like the option to just have the commanders. Even if the price is just a little (no more than 10 USD) more than the original AL commanders pack on offer now. I'd roll the crates but I don't like duplicates unless I can convert them into something a little more useful like commander exp (like I can convert them to enhance other ships in AL). I'm going to put more thought into this before I open my wallet. Hopefully, WG will release a regular pack of the second commanders by then.
  11. American_Ace_96

    PSA: Azur Lane packages on Premium Shop now

    I'd like to take part and was looking forward to the bundles for once. Then I saw the prices. 7 captains for 45. That's the cost of the original group and that is a reasonable price. 7 captains for 90? That's for the new ones. Sure it's also bundled with credits, signals, and doubloons but I'd like to just have the same set up as the first wave. I'll give it some thought though.
  12. American_Ace_96

    What is up with auto pilot????

    So far the only issue I've had with CV autopilot is if the point is at a sharp enough angle away from the ship, said ship will sail full astern (reverse for landlubbers) towards it. Not the fastest speed out there when running from a falling flank.
  13. American_Ace_96

    Stukas / Graf Zep

    I am a little disappointed about the lack of Stukas but considering I'm more engaged in playing CVs than before (didn't like the heavy RNG reliance). I'll also say I miss the A1 Skyraiders from the Saipan since I had a family member work on those. Any chance WG could bring those back?
  14. American_Ace_96

    Azur Lane Collaboration Part 2

    Personally, I like the idea of it being a model on a stand. Kind of like those huge six-figure (maybe seven) models that you see in museums. If it were possible, I'd like to see a shelf in the background that holds all the ships a player owns - or at least the most common ships owned in the game.
  15. American_Ace_96

    Azur Lane Collaboration Part 2

    I like the look of the port and the new commanders (though the EN copy doesn't have either French nations yet). I do ask though, is there a chance we could see Tirpitz, Yorktown, or Amagi? New ships are always a plus, just hope the stats are worth it.