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  1. American_Ace_96

    For AzurLane and WoW Fans

    I don't want to flood this with all the ships, but the ships shown plus those marked as "primary" ships have their respective shipfu in command of their ship. I also have Yukikaze but not her ship nor tech tree counterpart (right now she's in command of the other meme boat - Yudachi - poi) . I couldn't get behind the idea of loot boxes for other commanders so I have since missed out on the rest of the commanders (mostly missing out on Biscuit, Tirpitz, and NJ). Would've been nice if WG sold them individually at a lower commander level and let others risk it for a 10 pointer on the crates.
  2. American_Ace_96

    Torps for Hood and Repulse.

    Five years ago WG said they would never add subs nor would they add underwater torpedo armament. They said subs were too hard to balance and underwater torp launchers were either unfair to players or not possible to balance. You're probably right but I'll keep my fingers crossed just a little bit longer.
  3. So with the main gimmick of the British Battlecruiser line being their unique underwater torps (as well as the few launchers above water), can we give Repulse and Hood their torps? And I actually mean the ships already in the game, not another model created/cloned and sold like Belfast and Belfast '43.
  4. American_Ace_96

    Does Viribus Unitis need buff?

    VB is a fun ship to bow tank in. I just wish her guns were a little more consistent; even if it were just the verticle dispersion.
  5. Please hold all torches, pitchforks, bricks, and other angry mob tropes until the end of the post. We all know that WG recently came out with the idea of support CVs. Their load-outs were bad, to say the least, but the idea isn't without merit. The idea would bring back old and somewhat forgotten odd-tiered CVs, and I'm for bringing back some old friends (even if they stayed in port most of the time). The way I see a support CV is with the following gimmick; Majority Anti-Air with minor anti-ship abilities. They would have three different flights like their even-tiered counterparts and even share rocket planes for limited anti-ship abilities. However, the other two slots would be filled with controllable fighters and depth-charge planes. They would control as they sound. Fighters would be able to strafe enemy squadrons/flights while depth charge planes would be able to attack subs. The only downside is that this idea would work best with 2 CV games. 1 CV games could work but with obviously lopsided effects and an angry CV captain. Thank for reading my TED talk, you may proceed with the angry mob.
  6. I would be all for this, and if it hasn't been mentioned before, it has been done in the Battlestations games so there are examples for WG to use as a guideline. Having said that I do ask that secondaries are afforded the same luxury (to beat a dead horse, WoWS Blitz has that feature), and unlocked with a commander skill. Using the commander skill method of manual AA and secondaries would be the better option as it gives players the choice of having another key to use or ignore at their discretion. With subs on the way, a similar argument could be made for having a manual hydroacoustic search skill, but I'll wait until subs have been in for one patch and the forum fires are less intense.
  7. American_Ace_96

    Premium Ship Review - Canarias

    Caveat emptor indeed. I get the feeling I briefly opened the flood gates of some long-held resentment with the handling of premium ships in this game, and I don't blame you. Everything you said is right. As an addition, a lot of players have been asking for the T7 Belfast to come back now that radar is common for its tier and matchmaking, and in response, WG comes out with Belfast 1943. Then there is West Virginia 1941. We all expected her post-Pearl Harbor refit/repair/overhaul complete with the dual mounted 5"/38s (and potential to be a brawling ship) and what we got instead was a stock colorado knocked down a tier, with the promise of a post refit coming in the near future. We are still waiting. I really doubt they'll change their ways anytime soon; if at all. Seems like they're releasing new ships or lines every month now. Today Pan-Asian cruisers, tomorrow Italian destroyers, and Royal Navy Battlecruisers (took them long enough), by the end of the year. Don't forget a dockyard event or two. Here's to the future but I doubt it will see much of an improvement to the older models (not even from the Art department). Thank you for the reply.
  8. American_Ace_96

    Premium Ship Review - Canarias

    Since WG has made it clear with a disclaimer about adjusting premium ships for balance purposes, do you think we might see a buff or two (with a balnce nerf elsewhere) for her or Dido? After more data is collected of course. A faster reload for the slower ship acceleration (Dido) or the option to trade engine boost for heal (Canarias).
  9. American_Ace_96

    British Cruiser Premiums

    I'd rather it be an Emerald with a super heal and gun reload booster.
  10. American_Ace_96

    British Cruiser Premiums

    I'm always open to more mid-tier premiums, especially if they're placed under their Commonwealth names. I'd also like to add HMS Enterprise. Sister ship to HMS Emerald. She could be the equivalent to the twins, USS Omaha and USS Marblehead.
  11. Hello Captains, Commanders, Admins, and everyone else. What I have is a great idea that shouldn't be too hard to program for this year's April Fools event. If it is, then it could still work for next year. Take a good look at the Firepower Crates. They have all the basics needed for a warship. It has main battery guns, a pair of secondary guns, and some token aa. Now take the crate itself and put it into the game. Everyone starts as one with a 21 pt captain, but when your (small) HP hits 0, it's not an immediate back-to-port. It's a randomized premium ship and the battle continues just like a normal battle. It would be 100% random as to what kind of ship you get, and the 21 pt captain (that would be permanently assigned to the crate) would have the default/recommended skills for that particular ship. The list of premiums would be all of them. You could have great rng and get a high tier ship or you could have really bad rng and get a low tier ship. As an extra twist, it could be set up to where there wouldn't be any duplicate ships on either team (there is more than enough for this to work.)
  12. This and especially since the CV rework practically neutralized Hood's Defensive AA gimmick. Besides, they said that ships with underwater torpedo launchers would not have access to them in-game, but we'll have submarines soon which are exactly that. Underwater torpedo launchers. Maybe they could give Hood another gimmick/consumable to the player could swap for at their preference. Engine boost/reload booster/ or something borrowed from Tanks; improved rations/fuel that are always active and work alongside the signal flags. Give Hood "the best tea-making facilities ever put to sea" (Yuro,2017) that improve the overall stats of the ship by 5-10% and make it a Hood exclusive. You could give them the Italian dd set of SAP and HE only. Or just SAP. Or HE only (internally screams for even suggesting more HE spamming skilless gaming).
  13. Maybe this could be reason enough for the Royal Navy to be the first nation to get a second cruiser split. Have it branch off at Tier 6 and go on down the line. Either way, I'm still going to aim for her because of historical and anime reasons. Azur Lane for PC collab when WG? Preferably without the loot box gimmick. I wonder what LWM has to say.
  14. American_Ace_96

    British DD Split

    I like this idea but on the condition that these ships get an engine boost. The Royal Navy DDs already feel sluggish and there have been plenty of times where I wished I had an engine boost or a small speed buff. I'd even accept the new Italian engine boost gimmick.
  15. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having a problem with the Buffalo. I can't get it to work right. The reload isn't good enough for anything really, the damage is great if you can actually hit something, but having to choose between faster reload (with a slower traverse) or more range reminds me of the phrase "danger close". And danger close in a cruiser is a bad combination at tier 9. As for Neptune, I actually enjoy the ship. So much so, that I didn't even realize I had enough exp to research the Mino with room to spare. Her concealment is a mild issue (both in and out of smoke), but then again, I've had better luck with her than I have with the buffalo. At this point, I am tempted to burn 185k free exp to skip her and get the Des Moines (Should I?)