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  1. American_Ace_96

    Premium Ship Review - Belfast & Belfast '43

    The last time I was this early for a Mouse Review, I was putting off an assignment for a class. Somethings never change. Nice to see a two for one review of one of the most meme-able ships in the video-game world. Edit: I'm back with a completed assignment (15 minutes to spare). Now I agree with the smaller observation on how WoWs Blitz has better "camo" from their Azur Lane crossover than Console or PC. Given how the option to disable seeing this for those who see this as a historically accurate game, I don't see why we can't have the same. Could have what Blitz has and add the related ship-girl modeled in standing on the bow or on top of the bridge (depending on the ship class). One last visual note, I wish WG had kept the Union Jack on one of the turrets for the ships that are unlocked after Fiji. Now, Ms. Mouse, I have a question for you, do you think that Belfast '43 would benefit - relative to her tier - from a reload buff, AA buff (equal to her T7 counterpart), or the ability to equip the fighter as a separate consumable or keeping Belfast T7's agility?
  2. American_Ace_96

    USS Hornet aka Doolittle Raiders when?

    This is true and probably one of the few sources of realism WG will not budge on. I have a potential solution. Give Hornet the standard US load out of Fighters and Torpedo/Dive bombers, but have her B25s be a one time use consumable. The attack runs would be split up into eight groups of two (since 16 B-25s were used) and use either high altitude bombing similar to Indomitable or WG's patented skip bombing. It's not the greatest idea I've put on digital paper but since it's just after 1 AM for me, I don't think it's that bad of an idea.
  3. American_Ace_96

    Time to buff the royal navy cruisers

    I think the Royal Navy light cruisers are fine how they are. If you were to give them anything, maybe flatten the arc of the shells, but that's at stretch at most. Honestly, the Royal Navy is long overdue for a short battlecruiser split. (hint hint WG)
  4. American_Ace_96

    ST 0.9.9, new ships

    A small part of me hopes Plymouth is the UKs 1 million free exp ship (I only have a few thousand above that and will gladly use it on another Royal Navy shipfu) As for Strasbourg, I'm not sure. It's a Dunkerque at tier 7 with a main battery reload boost. Tier 7s see tier 9 and if the armor layout is identical (if only a little stronger in a few "key" spots) then I think this ship is powercreeped before testing has even started.
  5. American_Ace_96

    Midway play - the way it USED TO BE

    Depends. Was this before or after they removed all flight mods for the US carries while leaving the IJN alone? There was nothing balanced about being in a US CV with 1 fighter squad to defend against the 2 or 3 the IJN opponent had.
  6. Disclaimer: If this was already common knowledge, I apologize, but in my defense, when I searched it up, nothing came remotely close to this. Okay so I just wanted to make a little comparison on the premium stores across the WG nation. While there is a price fluctuation of around $4 USD, I noticed that the Russian servers have access to one of the most basic qualities of life that 99% of online stores have; a Basket (as translated from my computer). Can someone, anyone, explain? I'm not mad; I just want to know why one server has access to the most requested feature while the rest don't. RU/CIS Server: https://ru.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/ NA Server:https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/ EU server:https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/ SEA server:https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/ If you made it this far down, thanks for looking at the evidence. Was it necessary? I don't know but always back up your questions.
  7. American_Ace_96

    Premium Ship Review - AL Littorio

    I would like to nominate our friendly community mouse for CC of the month. She has saved my wallet a fair amount of money in this and the Rossiya. I will admit that I will be buying the camo for Dunkerque and Atago (as I have the AL camo for the other ships) and leave it at that. WG, I don't know what is going on on the corporate floors but you're reaching EA and Bethesda level of greed. Your friends as Azur Lane are making their end of the deal work out near flawlessly (though that 3 million exp grind per ship is a pain), why are you having trouble with this? As a few other captains have said, there seems to be a disconnect between the art department and the marketing department. Maybe everyone should take a step back and look at the forums and chart out where there is the most negative sentiment and where there is the most positive sentiment. And to the mouse behind the keyboard, thank you.
  8. American_Ace_96

    Secondary guns exist too

    I don't have the mobile version so I can't say how effective they are, but taxing? I would think it would taxing on a small screen but on an actually PC (or Mac for the confused gamer out there) I would think it would be more manageable. The map, is something of a hit or miss on player attention anyway, the secondary guns would be limited in range, and if a DD can do all that you mentioned while dodging radar, hydro, and CVs, I don't see why a BB captain can't handle an extra option to fight back against the HE spammers (or give CV captains an ability to fight back directly) As for the last sentence, that option would still be there. Especially if option 1 was selected by WG. This is just an idea, and seeing the blogs WG has put out, this isn't the worst by far.
  9. As the title suggests, secondary guns exist too. So why would the secondary guns on a tier 8 battleship have just one kilometer of range from a tier 5 battle ship. (Using the USN as a reference). In certain cases a ships main battery shouldn't even be able to shoot a such a short range. In real life HMS Nelson couldn't use her main battery against the Bismarck at one point because she was too close. As a commander who prefers knife fights in destroyers and brawls in battleships, I have two suggestions: 1. Rework the secondary range. I have an idea called 1+1. That is the base secondary range of a ship is equal to their tier plus one kilometer. In the Germans case, since they are known for their range, it would tier plus two or three kilometers. So a tier 8 non-German ship would have 9 kilometers of secondary gun range while a German tier 8 would have 10km. This might make them overpowered so in the case of modules and skills, rework them into durability, rate of fire, and accuracy buffs. OR 2. Give power to the player and let them have control of the secondary guns. This idea would be similar to those who have either seen or played the mobile version of this game. Players would be given the option to switch between main battery and secondary similar to switching between guns and torpedoes on a destroyer or cruiser (or to the gifted battleships). The range however, would remain as it is in the game currently. (Could make this an option AFTER they take the manual secondary skill.) OR 3. A hybrid of options 1 and 2. Take everything you've read in the first two options and put them down here. However, for the range buff do Tier plus HALF of a kilometer for non German ships and 1 kilometer for German ships, while still giving the player the option to switch between the two. As compensation to the overworked destroyer captains, you could bring back an ancient mechanic and make it exclusive to them: stealth firing. For the new players, there was a time when you could fire your guns beyond your detectability range and said range wouldn't change. Then they could contribute with only Hydro, Radar, and CVs to worry about.
  10. This and keep the secondary range the same. The only real change would be secondary guns being a better defense for all battleships, with the advantage in numbers being the deciding factor. You could also keep the shots a little random since you would be dealing with different caliber guns, just not random to where they don't even fly a kilometer from the ship before plopping into the water.
  11. I like this idea. Personally, though I would like to have the option to switch to all secondary guns while the main guns are reloading. Something similar to cruisers and destroyers with their torpedos. I know Blitz has that option so why can't we? It could be an option with the manual secondary commander skill.
  12. American_Ace_96

    A form of XVM now works in game.

    XVM was the reason for a few things going south in World of Tanks. Good players would just throw matches if XVM said the chance of winning was too low for them. Players with bad stats would either be teamkilled or pushed on "accident" in front of the red team. It was also a reason why ALL chat was disabled (among other reasons but it did add fuel to an already (un)healthy fire). Mods are nice WG but if this is allowed then copy your console cousins and disable teamkilling. Keep it an offense by increasing the amount of credits that are deducted from the results something equal to 10% of the ship's purchase price per 2-5k worth of damage or disable their guns for a few seconds or a minute (or something else but an idea is an idea). This game has its toxic moments but they are few and far between (for me at least), but with XVM I'm sure the distance will close to point-blank range in no time. Let the countdown to ALL chat being disabled begin.
  13. American_Ace_96

    The Nagato and the Colorado...

    For these two ships, speed is something WG will never touch. It's the most historically accurate part of this inaccurate game. Having said that, either nerfing the concealment of the Sinop or buff the concealment of the two Big Seven ships wouldn't be a bad idea. Personally, though, I would give them a reload buff and a verticle distribution buff, as well as an increase in superstructure armor and a range increase to their secondaries*. *That buff would be a tier-based buff across the board. With the first low tier ship to have working secondaries to have the range of their tier plus one km. The Germans would either get an accuracy buff or plus 2 km in range. This would be pre mods but there would be a near guarantee that your shells would go at least a kilometer from the ship before missing said target (seriously WG how does a gun with 4 km range and a target at that same range shoot a shell into the ocean less than a kilometer from the barrel?)
  14. American_Ace_96

    Nelson Secondaries

    While I do agree that there should be more buffs to secondaries, in Nelson's case, they need a health/armor buff as most of them are destroyed by almost every caliber HE shell in the game.
  15. American_Ace_96

    WG please give us the RIGHT planes on the CV

    I just want Stukas for my Graf and Skyraiders for my Saipan and (eventually) my Midway.