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  1. World of Fire

    I second this
  2. World of Fire

    I'll point out that ship is wood...is it really comparable to a BB made with 12"+ thick armor to burn like a fricking wooden viking longship? Just saying
  3. World of Fire

    Fire USED to be an annoyance in a BB...now they are deadly, especially when getting spammed by and ATL or other cruiser with a comparable rate of fire...I routinely have 3 fires burning and use fire suppression only to be set fire again with three fires as soon as the first set of fires are put out. It is unrealistic to kill BBs so quickly...they have armor to protect them in exchange for losing speed, agility and any other defense against an ATL hiding behind an island and pouring a steady streak of HE rounds at a rate of 1 round every 5 seconds
  4. World of Fire

    This is bullsXXt on stilts. We don't see you, I had a DD torp me from within a block on the map and never saw him in open seas...He left me and hit another BB following in my wake a couple blocks behind and he never saw the DD either...I didn't look but it was likely a Japanese DD tricked out for stealth. DDs can hide in smoke or creep up on a BB in low visibility conditions, or hide behind islands and torp us as we pass....and hitting a DD at long range isn't an easy feat with the arked fire of a BB unless you are firing on a noob who is driving in a straight line at steady speed. Again I'll say this...the idea that a BB or cruiser can set a BB on fire and destroy it in a minute or two with 5 inch guns is a joke. Especially when a BB can do nothing to defend against incoming rounds except varying speed and absorbing the fire.
  5. World of Fire

    I'll point out again that the bulk of people playing now are slinging HE because the overall damage beats AP...might as well take AP out of the game altogether at this point....and we'll all park our BBs in Port
  6. World of Fire

    I'll say it again...it's not that fires can burn up a BB it's that it happens so fast...there is no way a BB should lose half it's hit points from fire in lass than a minute. Again, we have no natural defence because we can't run away, and we cant turn and weave...all we can do is absorb the hits...and burn baby burn
  7. World of Fire

    let me add concerning situational awareness...in random battles, there are so many ships going so many different ways that tactics, cover and evasion is pointless now...I do far better in ranked battles where the number of combatants is limited...that is another of my beefs with WOWs...the number of ships should be limited or the size of the maps should be expanded to accommodate so many ships to make tactics and strategy more of a factor.
  8. World of Fire

    As far as the cracks and quips about me being the one setting off on my own and hanging back on the map goes, There is nothing I love more than driving into the middle of a formation and getting into a one on one slugfest with an enemy BB...but I can't do that any more because I'm always on fire and dead before I get within 10 clicks of an enemy BB.
  9. World of Fire

    The game is suffering because there is currently no tactical or situational advantage to using AP any more...BBs are huge lumbering targets that everyone is focusing HE fire on them. The proof is in the fact that EVERYONE on the map is firing HE at Battleships now, (The very thing armor is designed to defend against), and they don't even bother with AP.
  10. World of Fire

    Let me say this...while I think it is a joke to think you can burn a BB till it sinks, I am not arguing against allowing it to happen...my beef is that it is happening too fast.
  11. World of Fire

    Not initially no...but set three fires on a BB after he's used his consumables and he is at 50% life...and he's dead in short order whil you sail off or set in smoke in obscurity... every ship has it's advantages and disadvantages...BBs give up speed, agility, traverse speed and fire rate in exchange for more protection and firepower. Cruisers combine moderate fire and speed along with maneuverability and smoke in exchange for less armor. DDs use speed, torps, low visibility in exchange for its ability to explode at any second... The way this game is currently configured...all BBs can do is truck along and catch fire....we can't dodge, we can't outrun, and we can't hide from any other ship on the map...
  12. World of Fire

    I think that would be his right eye and how dare you point that out :P
  13. World of Fire

    Bottom line HE should not do as much damage to a BB as AP! I'll say again...the proof is in the fact that everyone has stopped firing AP altogether because they know they can set BBs on fire and watch them burn and explode.
  14. World of Fire

    Sure we are...and it's easy to build silver and exp fast as a BB...but again...there is no way fire on a BB should be more deadly than AP...it's a joke to say otherwise. Cruisers and DDs have smoke, torps, and dodgind capability, all BBs can do is take fire...and flames shouldn't sink a BB...it's silly! and no one ever answers...what's the point of the armour if it doesn't protect you from HE.
  15. World of Fire

    Again, I ask, why spend the extra silver and gold for a BB, deal with the lumbering speed and inability to turn, slow gun traverse speeds and slow fire rate if you gain no advantage against HE? Add to this the inability to dodge torps that Cruisers and DDs fire on top of the fire setting HE rounds. There is no advantage to a BB anymore because we are bigger, slower, less maneuverable and die faster than anything on the map because of torps and fire.