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    Warships..Duh... Just kidding, but these days it spending time with the kids, pets...etc. Being a supertester coordinator and working with a awesome group of guys and playing random battles with random people or clan. :P

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  1. Malarkey_

    [ALL] ModStation

    So just to piggy back on @dbw86 that is are called "Server population & resources". Also one I would love to see is "Banner switcher / Campaigns in port". Those are just two that keep me installing Aslain and if they were moved to Mod Station I would have no real reason to use Aslain anymore. Thanks for your time @MatroseFuchs .
  2. Malarkey_

    [ALL] ModStation

    Side Panels by Hakabase. Its in aslain and it's basically the only mod keeping me from using just modstation.
  3. Malarkey_

    [ALL] ModStation

    @MatroseFuchs is there a option to request a mod be added to the pack?
  4. A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

  5. You will ride eternal shiny and chrome!

  6. Having a version issue with the client. posted my example. @Aslain
  7. Malarkey_

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Another review done really well. Thanks for your hard work.
  8. @Hapa_Fodder you are a gentleman and a scholar. thanks for the help on this.
  9. Malarkey_

    Most expensive bundle ever???

  10. Malarkey_

    Most expensive bundle ever???

    largest I could find / remember
  11. Malarkey_

    New NA Community Manager :)

  12. Malarkey_

    Armada: Orkan

    Thanks so much for making it doubloons. I really needed something to spend those one. cheers and thanks again.
  13. Living the dream getting to help out the community more is awesome 

  14. Miss you buddy

    1. Navalpride33


      Please to see you're around there NIKO..

    2. SuperNikoPower


      Thanks. :) I plan to be around more often now that I am getting back into the game. 

  15. Just as the title says I believe that its detriment to the game overall. I don't want to see the community brought down because of stat shaming or ruining the game when someone says "oh they have a better team" based on this 3rd party app. I just don't want WoWS to turn into WoT (XVM) issue. @Hapa_Fodder