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  1. New Achievements

    After watching Flamu I know I am not alone in wanting new in-game achievements to support better overall gameplay. I know WoT has things such as Defender, Invader, Steel Wall, Scout...etc and it would I believe help overall gameplay if WoWs had a few things like this.
  2. Title: "Anchor & Cannons" Author: Malarkey_ Description: Started with a compass rose and then layered an older style anchor, with 2 brass style cannons crossing behind the anchor. Process: Started off in a Samsung tablet with a rough draft and then moved to my computer to clean up, replace and add a few things and make the lines a bit straighter and add some limited color.
  3. I agree. we don't need anything like this because then players get 'tunnel vision' on stats more than whats going on in game.
  4. Duca degli Abruzzi?

    @Goose21891 thanks for the response. Glad to know I didn't miss it.
  5. Duca degli Abruzzi?

    Duca Degli Abruzzi Was this ship release and I missed it. I keep finding info on it, but never that it was sold or anything.
  6. RN - No skill needed?

    Is it just me or it the RN branch just all gimmick and doesn't have a high skill level?
  7. WG could you please stop selling Premium BBs and stop Making BB lines you are killing the game a bit. Played a few games this week where 22/24 players were BBs. Thanks for that experience.
  8. WG Plz animate Tirpitz!

    hope they fix it. would be great
  9. feedback & bug

    I did attempt that, but still having the overall issue. its a bit lame at this point.
  10. (facepalm)

    yup. still couldn't seem to hit anything but water. The game makes me want to slit my wrists.
  11. 11 crashes in 12 hours. Already did all troubleshooting recommended from support and still an issue. People I play with also report the game just 'kicking them out to the main screen' like I have. it happens 3 times in 1 battle. this is a sad joke. no mods being used... all drivers up to date. no other game having these types of issues and internet not having any issues. @SuperNikoPower @Super_Splash_Bro @Radar_X @Pigeon_of_War don't know who else I need to tag in this, but its getting really old really fast.
  12. (facepalm)

    these days I cannot seem to hit anything... I've looked over vid, forums...etc, but all the crosshairs seem off to the timer. I guess I am just too stupid to play anymore.
  13. POLL: Community Feedback on Roma

    Looks nice with/without the camo. I like either. on the note of Camo is the Makoto Kobayashi Camo ever going to make a return. Some of us got it during the holidays and it would be cool to get that.