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    Warships..Duh... Just kidding, but these days it spending time with the kids, pets...etc. Being a supertester and working with a awesome group of guys and playing random battles with random people or clan. :P

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  1. Congrats to those chosen to be the few the proud the Supertesters.
  2. Malarkey_

    Making Femennenly a in-game captain.

    I mean it would be more like the Kappa Cpt or any basic cpt. she wouldn't need extra benefits just cpt and voiceover.
  3. Malarkey_

    Making Femennenly a in-game captain.

    that would be sweet to see the differences
  4. Malarkey_

    Making Femennenly a in-game captain.

    @Skuggsja I agree fully having Earl Grey would be cool as well. they both worked really hard to get where they are now.
  5. The title says it all. Just wanted to see if we might be able to have our @Femennenly an in-game captain. she does a ton of good work for the community and I think it would be awesome to have her voiceovers and such.
  6. Shirt made for the Batfish. https://uss-batfish.myshopify.com/products/pre-order-batfish-crazy-t-shirt-flood-relief
  7. So I just unlocked Jingles and the voice pack seems to have some major bugs/issues. Example is I sunk a cruiser and he said that I had sunk a CV. Also when spotting he would say that I had spotted a submarine. @TheURLGuy
  8. Look nice overall. Might have to take some time and look into my stats a bit more.