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    Warships..Duh... Just kidding, but these days it spending time with the kids, pets...etc. Being a supertester coordinator and working with a awesome group of guys and playing random battles with random people or clan. :P

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  1. I know I missed a ship or two from the last sale. I hope they bring back all the ships so I can correct that.
  2. Malarkey_

    [ALL] ModStation

    I noticed that you have the "Battle Expert" mod and wanted to know if you could add the centered version? I know there is one on Aslains and I would love to have just mod station, but that mod really keeps me on Aslains since he does have it. If not I understand and thanks for your time.
  3. Malarkey_

    How addicted are you??

    Absolutely! I love this game and play it the most out of my library of games.
  4. Malarkey_

    [ALL] ModStation

    In the combat interface section there is a mod called "Battle Expert" under the Navigator section. I know there is a centered version and was wondering if we could get that added as well. Thanks for your time.
  5. Malarkey_

    Fair Winds and Following seas.

    See You Later Alligator
  6. Malarkey_

    [ALL] ModStation

    So just to piggy back on @dbw86 that is are called "Server population & resources". Also one I would love to see is "Banner switcher / Campaigns in port". Those are just two that keep me installing Aslain and if they were moved to Mod Station I would have no real reason to use Aslain anymore. Thanks for your time @MatroseFuchs .
  7. Malarkey_

    [ALL] ModStation

    Side Panels by Hakabase. Its in aslain and it's basically the only mod keeping me from using just modstation.
  8. Malarkey_

    [ALL] ModStation

    @MatroseFuchs is there a option to request a mod be added to the pack?
  9. A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

  10. You will ride eternal shiny and chrome!

  11. Malarkey_

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Having a version issue with the client. posted my example. @Aslain
  12. Malarkey_

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Another review done really well. Thanks for your hard work.
  13. @Hapa_Fodder you are a gentleman and a scholar. thanks for the help on this.
  14. Malarkey_

    Most expensive bundle ever???

  15. Malarkey_

    Most expensive bundle ever???

    largest I could find / remember