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  1. [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    Also having issues with the minimap mod not displaying the ships names, but that's the one one I have really tested
  2. Usually I have a few that I am grinding. Example I have 4 ships at the moment so I just roll my 4 sided dice and let power of Gygax decide which I play first... or I just play my Gremyashchy. Love Gremy so much I named my cat after that ship.
  3. Very true about the Mikasa. I just made my Cpt for that ship all secondary since it almost the same range as the main guns.
  4. cool either way I mean Mikasa was only sold for like a month on NA and never sold again so a fun little collectors item.
  5. What's you first T10 and why did you pick that line? How often do you still play it? Was it the right ship for you once you got it? I'll start off. My first was the Gearing as per the picture. I play it at least 3-5 times a week and basically all my ranked game for the most part. It was the perfect ship for me. It and the entire US DD line was what made me love playing DDs which even 3+Years later is still my favorite class. Loved the fast pace action and DD knife fights.
  6. Map Mondays - Strait

    it's the old version of the map from a few years back.
  7. Map Mondays - Strait

    I would shift to B/C since our BB and CV are already closest to those caps and with our 2 DDs top I would have 1 scout A to see what's coming and the other go B getting torps ready for D6 Area and just use them to deny the area. I mean to win you only need to caps so why get greedy and try to take them all.
  8. Three-point Thursday - Cruisers

    Well depending on the ship there are a ton of viable combos. I know for the play style I have I prefer Preventive Maintenance because having main turrets, torpedo tubes, steering gears, and engine getting incapacitated during a match can kill you right away. Also I would not want to waste my damage control party on something like steering gears or engine and then have to wait on a cooldown and get caught on fire or flooding and really need it. Adrenaline Rush is my go to on basically all CAs because you become more lethal the lower the health and since we are talking about a 3PT CPT I want to put out as much DPS as I can since I am going to be spotted before a CPT that has Concealment Expert. This skill affects main battery guns, secondary battery guns, and torpedoes so at very least since I expect to take more damage I can help my team with better fire power as I am getting shot at. p.s. there could be a argument made for Expert Marksman, but outside of IJN I think the turret traverse speed really only outweighs Adrenaline Rush if the caliber of the guns is under the 139 mm and with that being said all T5 CAs are over 139mm so you are only getting +0.7 deg/s instead of the +2.5 deg/s and I just don't think its worth it. Where the Adrenaline Rush is solely based off of HP so you are getting -0.2% to reload times of all types of armament for each 1% of total health lost.
  9. Tech Tree Tuesday - The Grind

    I would have to say Colorado was another tough ship with its short Firing Range of 17.12 km and its painful Maximum Speed of 18.59 knots it was a challenge since you could now be in T9 MM and this ship has such a large issue dealing with that MM. Most BBs at that tier simply out range you and you were forced to get in close with a very slow ship so is something bad started to happen you where basically stuck with no escape option to speak of since everything could outrun you. But with saying that once the grind was over you were introduced to the North Carolina and it was night and day so yes the Colorado was a heck of a grind, but was worth it due to the ships after her.
  10. roughly halfway between max and detection range depending on the dispersion of the ship. I rarely go for max range since its not always a big payoff and then I'm detected. With torpedos it depends on the situation. If I am trying to deny a cap then once my torps can cover the entire cap, same with if I am denying a flank ships are coming around. if it's something I am trying to do Damage I would say anywhere between 25%-75% of torp range depending on spotting and type of ship, again very rarely do I drop torps at max range and expect damage.
  11. Tech Tree Tuesday - The Grind

    IV Svietlana. It was a weird ships. Slow, Poor turning circle and meh fire power, but once you got past it to the V Kirov it was well worth the grind.
  12. Mid-Tier Mondays - The Cruisers

    Going to have to go with HSF Graf Spee or just normal Graf Spee. Has a heal at T6 along with German Hydro so you can go around corners where DDs are and know where those torpedoes are. 283mm Guns with 8400 Max AP damage and 3200 Max HE damage. 8km torpedos that move at 65kts with really fun torpedo arcs. I mean I could go on, but its a beast at T6 and even BBs know not to underestimate this ship.
  13. When they first released the AL Cpts they did have the option to get a single one instead of a pack, but they removed it a few months back and now you can only buy the pack. Unsure if they will bring the singles back it's hard to say, but if it's not already in the shop chances are they won't. Sorry
  14. Just wanted to let folks know about the question being asked on WoWs facebook for a 'possible' commanders voice. I don't know about you folks, but I think it would be epic to get @Femennenly or @TragicLoss as a voice for one of our commanders and just wanted to let the forum community know about it. if you have any other sweet ideas please list them here or hop onto facebook and post them there. Cheers All.
  15. "Pirate Bounty" Flag

    Not worried about the flag, but it seems like I have still yet to get my gold and such. Didn't know if I should open a ticket so I figured I would post here first. @Femennenly