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  1. Congrats again! Sorry for all the Heat and mostly humidity hopefully you won't melt. Just try and stay cool
  2. Main Battery Modification 3 since the -13% to the main battery traverse speed. Doesn't hurt that bad.
  3. Premium Ship Wishlist.

    I can see your point. Its a fair one. Just wish there was a option since not all of us were lucky enough to get into Alpha. I attempted and was passed over same with closed beta so I missed out simply for RNG reasons. At the end of the day not going to lose any sleep over it, just part of my 'wishlist'
  4. Don't be afraid to stop by...

    This was a real laugh. thanks I needed something to smile about.
  5. WG please support BBs who push

    I just wish they had a ribbon for tanking damage. I mean in W.o.T. they have 'Steel Wall' and while I am no game designer, how hard could if be to add something to this effect in W.o.W.S.?
  6. Premium Ship Wishlist.

    well they have sold plenty of things that once 'special' items. The M6A2E1 was a pre-order only tank for WoT and they said the old 'never going to sell' and its been in the shop 3+ times. Also if they did sell the Arkansas I wouldn't want it to have the [Beta] tag just like the Alabama and the [Super Tester] version of Alabama.
  7. Premium Ship Wishlist.

    Do you think they could be added via X-Mas Crates like the Niko/Gremy is? I think that would help keep the numbers low like the Niko/Gremy
  8. Premium Ship Wishlist.

    Figure I would start a hopefully fun topic for the community. Really the question is what would you like to see as a premium rather its something that has been around before and want it back or something new. As a example with the Tachibana Lima that came out I would love to see the chance of getting Iwaki Alpha/Arkansas Beta (in non-Alpha/Beta form) for the community. I wouldn't want to take away the prestige to those that have the Alpha/Beta ships. Just more a open to get a 'normal' premium version Iwaki/Arkansas sort of like what happen with the ST Alabama and the normal Alabama.
  9. Love watching them race up the mountain.


  10. Plays a mix of cruisers (very good) and destroyers (very good) Deals an above average amount of damage Often uses torpedoes (when in ships that have them) Key vehicle - Cleveland Makes sense since I am awful in Battleships. side note. I noticed that I only have 59 CVs game. Guess I should try CVs more.
  11. ...Future of this game?

    I hope it around for years to come as well. I hope more people come to the game I would love to match or beat EU numbers!
  12. ...Future of this game?

    I know right.
  13. ...Future of this game?

    I do appreciate the feedback. Thanks for taking time to type it out and it was the reason I started the topic was just seeing if I was overthinking things. The "paranoid" thing was a bit harsh I think, but overall thanks for typing this up. Again, folks, I am not asking this to start a fight or get the forums upset. I was just asking folks what they think and if they shared my view or not. If I am wrong that's fine I am old enough that it doesn't bother me I am wrong about many things.
  14. ...Future of this game?

    same here.