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    Warships..Duh... Just kidding, but these days it spending time with the kids, pets...etc. Being a supertester and working with a awesome group of guys and playing random battles with random people or clan. :P

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  1. Malarkey_

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I have wanted something like this for so long. When you have all the T10s for me the game gets a bit boring. Having the chance to get some nice premium ships is really awesome. Thanks WG I really needed this.
  2. Malarkey_

    ST, Birthday

    Can we please keep this port forever? it's too good to be a once only port.
  3. Malarkey_

    Finished the Russian BB grind!

    Congrats Sir. Well done.
  4. @Lord_Zath could I get #50 plz&thx
  5. My Grandfathers medals from WW2. He's going to be 95 this year.



  6. only story I have with this game was my grandfather is a WW2 vet (Airborne) and he used to laugh at the Navy guys because "at least you had a warm bed to go to at night" but he did love watching me play and we would joke around. don't know if that counts.
  7. US Dasha all the way. love the plaid shirt and hair. Really does look like a 'Rosie the riveter" and I love that.
  8. Malarkey_

    Merch shop for NA

    Thanks very much.
  9. Malarkey_

    Merch shop for NA

    So when is NA going to get a merch shop? We cannot even order from the EU cause it won't ship to us.
  10. Really love you ingame name btw. 

    1. WhaleWarrior


      Thank you mate. I appreciate you like it. Yours is interesting. Is it composed by 2 words? Malar, and key? What’s the meaning?

    2. Malarkey_


      Its Irish slang for [edited]. defined as meaningless talk; nonsense.
      "don't give me that malarkey"

  11. Malarkey_

    Premium [Pride & Shame]

    Speak of the devil. yeah we are keeping them caffeinated for sure.
  12. Malarkey_

    Premium [Pride & Shame]

    I do love that. My friend and I have a joke that we are "keeping the lights on for WG" or we are "paying the rent for the WG team"
  13. Malarkey_

    Premium [Pride & Shame]

    I'm with you on that. I play for the joy of the game and that joy of getting big citadels.
  14. Malarkey_

    Premium [Pride & Shame]

    That is a admiral traits right there.